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"In this yoga teacher training course the focus on teaching methodology is excellent.....
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"I learnt and grew beyond my expectations from Arhanta Yoga teacher training.....
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Arhanta Yoga Ashram Reviews & Testimonials

  • Arhanta Yoga Reviews“Amazing experience!! This training is not for those people who only want to do asanas! Be prepared to go back to school and enjoy all the lectures about body mind and soul (+more!). I really enjoyed every moment of the yoga teacher training. I left with lot of new tools that I can use rest of my life! “New thoughts, New directions” Helena Schouenborg, Denmark
  • Feedback on Arhanta Yoga by Megan“During my month here my personal practice has really grown. I am inspired to push myself further and develop my own regular practice of meditation and yoga asanas. I arrived being unsure of whether or not I was good enough to teach, or if even wanted to. Now I am dreaming of where I can teach yoga classes. I feel confident in my ability and perhaps will even open my own yoga studio someday. I was pleasantly surprised by the holistic view of yoga given throughout the yoga teacher training program. I have gained much knowledge in the areas of personal yoga practice, meditation, philosophy, teaching and business: a much wider range of knowledge than I expected, thank you.” Megan Jensen, USA
  • Review by Liz“The Arhanta TTC really delivers on a full ashram experience an authentic  classical training. The course material is genuine and loyal to the classical Hatha yoga practice. I feel now I can return home to teach and live as a true yogi in all areas of my life. The Arhanta network of support extends far after training and the friendships forged here will last a life time. Looking back as when I arrived, I cannot believe how much I have learnt, it takes dedication and discipline but if you want to really push yourselves with teachers who really care about you, Arhanta is the place for you. I can’t imagine a better way to embark on my journey as a yoga teacher.” Liz Wiener, USA
  • Lea's Review on Arhanta Yoga Teacher Training“It was a very inspiring time at Arhanta. The classes were highly interesting, I improved spiritually and physically like I never did before..” Lea Frings, Germany
  • Arhanta Yoga Graduate Review“I loved to have the opportunity to approach to the ancient knowledge of Vedas to understand better about spirituality. The early morning meditation and concentration with the sound of meditation bowls surrounded with the nature was great. I want to thank all the teachers for the interesting lessons in Ayurveda, Bhagvad Gita, Kriyas, philosophy, asanas and teaching yoga. Om shanti!”  Adriana, Germany
  • Review of Kirstin“Arhanta gave me a great life experience and an uncountable number of life lessons which have helped me grow as a person. I know when I go home I will be a  much more positive, thoughtful and happy person, thanks to the yoga teachings, the lifestyle I adopted while here, the wonderful teachers who both inspired me and became my friends, and the amazing people who also traveled here to share this experience. I will never forget my time here or what is has done for me.”  Kristin, USA
  • “The month spent at the Arhanta Yoga Teacher Training pushed me mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It was difficult but I can certainly see its worth. I feel my skills, knowledge and abilities have made steady progress and I am inspired to bring what I have learned here into my daily life. This course has taught me a lot about determination, perseverance, devotion and the Path of Yoga as a way of life. I am grateful for the teachers and the knowledge and skills learned here. I will never forget the month I spent here and feel it is a catalyst for positive change in my life. I look forward to developing my practice and teaching abilities further from the strong foundation Arhanta has provided.” Rebecca, Canada
  • “Yes, it was tough. Yes, it was draining. And yes, I would do it again. I have never learned so much about myself, my limits, and my Yoga practice. This course has made me confident enough to teach anyone safely and correctly. Great people, great experience. I am so happy I chose do this and I am proud of the amazing progress I made throughout this journey.” Emilie, Canada
  • “I feel I have developed as a teacher above and beyond what I had expected. I now have a very solid knowledge – base with which I can start teaching Yoga. The teaching process at the Arhanta Ashram is intense, as there is a vast amount of information, yet the style makes the teaching thorough and complete. Overall it was an incredibly challenging, but rewarding experience.”  Sarah, Ireland
  • “I am leaving this course SO unbelievably excited! I have been so overwhelmed by the high standard of teaching, invaluable and enjoyable content of the course as well as my own personal development in all paths of Yoga. I cannot thank Arhanta enough. It is one roller coaster ride of a month but I have the confidence now to follow my dream career and feel very realistic about how I can and will make it happen.  I recommend this course to anyone who has a real love for Yoga and serious intentions to teach. This isn’t a holiday!” Michelle, UK
  • “The education I received from Yogi Ram at the Arhanta Yoga Ashram completely surpassed all the expectations I had prior to my arrival. I came to India seeking an authentic experience and education, curious to learn about the spiritual motives influencing “Westernized Yoga” back in the States and I am leaving with a new found respect for Classical Hatha Yoga. Through his teachings and clear guidance it became apparent that Yogi Ram’s wisdom on Vedic Philosophy was obtained through direct experience and a dedicated practice. The living conditions here in India define “simplistic”, but they strengthened my character and humbled me in ways I could never have anticipated. I would recommend the Arhanta Yoga Teacher Training Course to anyone seeking a solid TTC. I’m returning to Wyoming with the confidence to teach Hatha Yoga to anyone interested in learning and a clear vision of where my future is headed.” Winsome Williams, USA
  • “The Arhanta Yoga Teacher Training was an incredible experience. If you are looking for a challenge and to be pushed to your extreme limits, physically, mentally and emotionally, then I definitely recommend it. The schedule is intense and the days are long but the standard of teaching makes that worth it. I feel my practice has improved greatly and I will be returning home with the confidence of knowing I can teach.  I have had to break many boundaries throughout my time here but I was surrounded by wonderful people who were sharing the experience with me and I have made friends I will have forever.” Lydia, Ireland
  • “Being young and having never traveled alone before, together with being unsure if I truly had enough Yoga experience, I was a little apprehensive about joining the Yoga TTC. On arrival however I was met only by welcoming and friendly teachers and students alike. Yogi Ram and all the teachers openly shared their vast knowledge both during and outside of class times and I have gained more knowledge, experience and confidence than I could have imagined. I now feel excited and ready to begin my journey to bring Yoga into my own and other’s lives.” Roza, USA
  • “This program allowed for very rapid growth in personal practice and teaching skills. I’ve definitely learn a good deal about myself and feel that I have a brand new outlook on life. I came here as a beginner and without much prior knowledge on Yoga and it’s philosophy and I am very grateful for everything I have learned.” Martina, USA
  • “The quality of teaching on the course totally surpassed my expectations. My personal practice has improved massively and I also have a very good understanding of how some of the advanced postures work (even though I haven’t yet mastered them myself). I’m confident that I could go home and begin a career as a Yoga teacher as well as continuing to improve my own practice. The schedule has felt grueling at times but the group of students here have been amazing and I’ve received so much fund and support from them. I’ve definitely made some new friends for life.” Victoria, UK
  • “It was a great course. I had to work hard but I got so much back for it. I really feel that I’ve learned enough to start teaching at home. Everything that you get here is simplistic; the food and your room. You have to be prepared for that. It also makes you grateful for the things you have at home, which is a pretty good thing.” Nadieh, The Netherlands
  • “Very intense month! I chose Arhanta Yoga because I found the curriculum very complete and it did not disappoint me. Philosophy lectures and insights were extremely interesting and they were always explained in a very clear way. Yoga classes and teaching practice were demanding and teachers kept pushing us through, which was essential for our growth in the limited period of time of 1 month. Best asana classes I have ever had! I also enjoyed the excursions and the time spent in the temple chanting, since they provide you with the opportunity to come in touch with other aspects of the culture out of study time. It was a precious experience that I had dreamt of for a long time, and that I am sure will stay with me forever”. Lara, Spain/Japan
  • “My time at Arhanta Yoga Teacher Training Course has given me many opportunities. I believe the teachers were well balanced as a team.  The course content was well structured. I learned a lot of new concepts as well as the continued practice of similar ideas and beliefs. I believe I can come away from the TTC with the confidence and ability to teach asana classes on my return to my home as well as the possibilities to go even further and build a complete business and lifestyle around the Five Points of Yoga. I was encouraged to remember my vision for the future and was given measurable goals to attain that vision. I am very excited about this vision. I also met many new friends through my fellow students, many of whom I will continue lasting friendships with”. Carol, USA
  • “I would like to thank my teachers because during this month here they taught me many things. The first two weeks have been really hard and stressing. I did not expect such an intense work, physically and emotionally. However, every day I felt motivated and encouraged by my teachers and I did my best to follow the pace. The asana lessons have been amazing and even if I struggled a lot. I can tell I have improved my practice very much and learnt a lot of new things about my physical  as well as spiritual strength. I am glad I came!” Laura de Felicis, Italy
  • “When signing up for this TTC I just wanted a break from my life, time for myself and time to detoxify. Also of course I wanted to work on my Yoga practice and wanted to become a Yoga teacher. However I received so much more than just exercise classes. I learned so much about life and why I am the way I am. I feel much lighter and more optimistic about life an much more confident in my Yoga practice”.  Amanda, USA
  • “The course was intense but extremely interesting. I had the chance to understand better lots of aspects of Yoga and alot about myself”. Stefania Ceolin, Italy
  • “Really a once in a lifetime experience!  I learned so much, improved my level of Yoga and teaching Yoga. Food was also very nice. Teachers are good, very professional, friendly and know a lot and really seem to enjoy to share this knowledge”.  Guido van Wielink, The Netherlands
  • “I had a great time; developed a lot personally here, it was very inspiring. The pace is really fast, which I like and I learned everything I expected. Really nice place although I get a little freaked out by everyone wearing the white clothes, also uniforms are creepy”  Mikkel Lykkegaard, Denmark
  • “I have never attended Yoga classes before coming here, and I don’t have any teaching skills or background. I always had stage freight and considering to become a Yoga teacher was a big challenge for me. After working in the airline industry for more than 10 years I realized that there is no growth and decided to quit my job and become a Yoga teacher, against all odds. Here with the help of my dedicated teachers, I have come out of the shell and made the impossible – possible. My teachers have given me tremendous support during the entire course. Today I became a Yoga teacher and I learnt that “Where there is a will there is a way.” It was a life changing experience. Sawmte, India
  • “I really enjoyed my time here. Teachers were very nice and caring. I have practiced Yoga for about five years but I was not ready to teach it. Now after this course I have confidence in my own practice and I feel I have the knowledge and I am ready to teach other now. Thank you Arhanta for this wonderful experience and the knowledge you gave me.” Anneli Naarits, Estonia
  • “I feel the course is very  nice, the teachers are attentive and the content of the c ourse is extremely  good. I wish Arhanta Yoga can have classes in Indonesia soon”.  Anita, Indonesia
  • “The course was very good. Yogi Ram is an excellent teacher. His knowledge and professionalism were above expectations! I highly recommend this course to anybody who wants to become a Yoga teacher!”  Beatriz, USA
  • “After reading so many positive Arhanta Yoga Ashram reviews I decided to come here. I learned a lot more at Arhanta than I would ever had expected to. My practice deepened immensely as did my knowledge on what yoga truly is and all of the aspects that surround it. I learnt a lot about myself, and I found that my mind is much clearer now. The teachers are all wonderful and very knowledgeable, on their subjects. I am more than satisfied with what has come out of my experience while staying and studying here. I am extremely grateful that I chose to come here and the opportunity I was given. Now I look forward to pass the knowledge I have acquired on to others, thank you.” Ashleigh , USA
  • “I really enjoyed my experience at Arhanta Yoga. The teachers were professional and patient. The “no frills” environment of being in an ashram enabled me to focus on my goal of becoming a certified yoga teacher.” K.Ditty, Canada
  • “It was a very intensive month with little time for myself  but I can say it was a great experience. Now I have a better understanding of what Yoga means and I can’t wait to learn more. I really enjoyed all the philosophy classes and I am glad I tried to keep an open mind while hearing about new concepts and perceptions. Really useful were the pranayama and meditation / concentration classes as well; at first it was difficult to sit crossed legs for long period but it got easier and easier and I had chance to truly enjoy these practices.” Georgia, USA
  • “This is a course that maintains a 100% commitment to developing excellent Yoga teachers. Before the course, I was unsure whether I had the ability to become a good yoga teacher, but I leave Arhanta with confidence in my ability to pass on the knowledge I have gained during this relatively short time.  From philosophy and meditation to the practical teachings of Asana, thanks to the consistent dedication of the teachers here, I have learned more than I ever expected and leave with a deep understanding of Yoga and inspired to develop my career with it.” Geoff, UK
  • “Thinking back on my time, doing the Arhanta Yoga Teacher Training Course in India, I have to recognize that it was one of the most influencing phases in my life. Each of us had to face ups and downs and it was not always easy. However I am convinced that most of us will realize the major par of all the various positive effects when we are back in our daily lives. I want to thank each single member of the Arhanta Yoga staff and especially the main teacher Yogi Ram for contributing to this exceptional experience.”Lennart, Germany
  • “When I decide to do my teacher training in Yoga I didn’t have any experience in yoga. I am a fitness instructor and I wanted to do it for myself and not for any job. I decided it is better to go to the source and not to be misleaded doing it back home. I chose this course of a very full curriculum, so basically starting from nothing being completely virgin in my mind. I made a lots of discoveries, at the beginning yoga was for me was just a way to exercise. Here I discovered the philosophy aspects of it and how deep it is. In one month here I learnt more than I could learn in Europe in many years. Offcourse it is just the beginning of my path, there are unlimited questions that I will look the answers for, but I am extremely happy that doing this course made me ask these questions and have so many discoveries of myself and the world around me.” Anna, Russia
  • “I had been practicing Yoga on and off for five years before I came here and I can truly say I never learnt so much as I did in these for weeks.  The how-to-teach class was really intense but thorough and I feel confident about going home and beginning to teach yoga.  The philosophy class was well taught and structured and has given a totally new angle to access Yoga. On a personal level my practice improved enormously and I have really enjoyed taking this month to develop my skills and knowledge.” Elisabeth, Ireland
  • “Before coming to India for the Arhanta Yoga Teacher Training Course, I haven’t practiced Yoga for long. After reading Arhanta Yoga ashram reviews I decided to come here. The result was a tremendous improvement I my practice, thanks to amazing teachers. The program gave me the autonomy and self confidence I needed to practice Yoga by my own. It was also a great experience by meeting new people and learning more about myself.” Florence, France
  • “The Yoga TTC has been a very intensive and positive experience for me. First, I really liked being at this peaceful place, surrounded by nature and fresh air. The structured days full of interesting new inputs, the basic lifestyle, the daily yoga practice as well as the inspiration of the Vedic philosophy led me to find inner peace, new energy and anew ideas for the future.  I improved a lot in my Yoga practice and feel ready to realize the dream to become a Yoga teacher. The course is well-organized, interesting and includes a lot of praxis-oriented aspects but also insights of the Vedic philosophy and culture. I can recommend it to everyone who is motivated and determined to become a Yoga teacher or who wants to have an unforgettable experience.” Nina Kass, Luxembourg
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