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Arhanta Yoga Ashram, The Netherlands

Arhanta Yoga Ashram in Netherlands

The Arhanta Yoga Ashram in Europe is situated in the beautiful region of Gelderland in east of the Netherlands. The ashram is spread over 4 acres of lush green land outside the village of Varsseveld near the city of Arnhem.

Just like in our Ashram in India we also organize 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified Yoga teacher training courses in our Yoga Ashram in the Netherlands.  After the course you will be confident to teach Yoga and you will have built up the discipline to continue your personal Yoga and meditation practice back home.

Why follow a 200 hour Yoga teacher training course at the Arhanta Yoga Ashram?

An Ashram is the ideal place to study and grow. During the four weeks, you will be staying at the Yoga Ashram. You can be  fully immersed in the course and you can concentrate on your personal development, without any distractions of daily life.

The facilities at an Ashram are simple, but clean and comfortable. Students can chose between shared rooms and and double shared rooms. The toilet and showers are shared.  Three pure vegetarian meals are served every day and students participate in one hour karma yoga daily.

The only goal during your stay will be to focus fully on your yoga teacher training and to really experience the yogic lifestyle. The beautiful nature, the extensive study schedule and the interaction with the teachers and the fellow students will be a life-changing experience.

Accommodation at Arhanta Yoga AshramAccommodation

Yoga Ashram Rules

  • 100% attendance is mandatory.
  • Students are expected to follow all classes and activities.
  • Alcohol, tobacco and any other drugs are strictly forbidden during the course and on ashram premises.
  • It is not allowed to bring any non-vegetarian food onto ashram premises.

Upcoming Course Dates

Date Status Total Costs
2014 Dormitory
Double shared room
Single room
April 28 – May 28 Waiting list € 2150 € 2350 € 2500
June 23 – July 20 Last seats left € 2150 € 2350 € 2500
August 18 – September 13 Available € 2150 € 2350 € 2500
March 30 – April 24 Available € 2150 € 2350 € 2500
May 18 – June 12 Available € 2150 € 2350 € 2500
June 29 – July 25 Available € 2150 € 2350 € 2500
August 17 – September 12 Available € 2150 € 2350 € 2500

Please note that dates shown are actual starting dates of the course. Students are expected to arrive on the first day of the course and can leave on the last day ater 11.30.

How to get to the Arhanta Yoga Ashram Netherlands:

The Arhanta Yoga Ashram is very well connected to public transportation. There is a bus stop right outside the ashram premises.  If you are planning to arrive with public transportation, you can plan your journy on www.9292.nl/en

If you are coming by airplane, you can also chose to take public transportation from the Dutch national airport Schiphol (www.schiphol.com) to the Ashram. But you  can also chose to make use of the Schiphol travel taxi. The Schiphole travel taxi is a combined taxi that brings you from the airport right to the ashram. The more people book the travel together, the cheaper it becomes per person. You can reserve your taxi, by following this link.

Arhanta Yoga Ashram Netherlands
Sinderenseweg 66
7065BL Sinderen
The Netherlands

More information and registration

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