300 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Are you looking for a way to deepen your practice and to improve your knowledge of yoga? Would you like to become an advanced and skilled yoga teacher? If the answer is yes to these questions then you should consider completing our 300 hour yoga teacher training.


The Arhanta Yoga Advanced teacher training course is directed to yoga practitioners who are searching to further develop their training after obtaining their 200 hour yoga teacher certificate. The advanced teacher training is a residential 26-day course at the Arhanta Yoga Ashram in the Netherlands. This professional training is accredited with Yoga Alliance which allows you to register with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher 500 hours after successful completion of the course.


During 4 intensive weeks this course covers a wide variety of topics such as advanced yogic philosophy, practical yoga anatomy and physiology and much more. You will not only learn Advanced Hatha Yoga but you will also learn different yoga styles such as Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga. Improve and broaden your teaching skills by learning how to teach meditation and advanced yoga classes but also by studying and practicing our new and up to date correction and modification techniques.

Highlights of the 300 hour yoga teacher training

  • Teachings and guidance from Yogi Ram and Kalyani.
  • Study advanced Hatha yoga asanas
  • Learn to teach Meditation
  • Learn to teach Yin Yoga (50 hour)
  • Learn to teach Vinyasa Flow Yoga (50 hour)
  • Develop your abilities to customize and sequence a yoga class
  • Uncover a new depth in yoga philosophy
  • Advance your practice and understanding of pranayama and the use of bandhas
  • Register as a RYT 500 (Advanced Registered Yoga Teacher) with Yoga Alliance etc.


Yogi_Ram Yogi Ram is the main teacher and Director of the Arhanta Yoga Ashrams in India and the Netherlands. His ample experience as a teacher since over 18 years makes him highly qualified to lead the 300 hour yoga teacher training. He was born and educated in New Delhi, India, in a traditional and spiritual family. He has an in depth knowledge of the Vedas, Vedanta and Yoga thanks to his education in these topics since the age of 8 years. He has studied under several famous teachers following the lineage of Swami Sivananda, such as Swami Ramananda and Shri Shambu. He began his teaching career in India in May 1998, and after more than 40,000 hours of teaching experience he has taught thousands of students from different backgrounds and different experience levels all over the world. Yogi Ram is also a registered ERYT 500 with Yoga Alliance.

He has vast knowledge of yoga philosophy, asanas, yoga anatomy and physiology. Yogi Ram has studied yoga anatomy and physiology with renowned teachers like Nik Hills and Ted Willemsen. Over his long period of teaching experience he has developed special and unique asana correction techniques which are very efficient, quick and simple. He believes that the goal of the teacher is to help the students meet their goals and for this he needs to understand his students.


Our Advanced 300 hour yoga teacher training course is held at our beautiful Yoga Ashram in the Netherlands, near the city of Arnhem in the province of Gelderland. You can easily reach the ashram with public transport from Amsterdam (Schiphol) and Rotterdam Airports. The ashram is spread over 4 acres of green land and offers minimalistic facilities, which allows you to experience the simple yogic lifestyle, and to let go of distractions and focus on achieving your goals.

Who should apply?

This course is suitable for any existing yoga teacher or 200 hour teacher training graduate. We warmly welcome any practitioner with a thirst to learn about true yoga, and a sincere desire to deepen their practice and knowledge of the life changing subject of yoga.

There are however a few mandatory requirements which should be met in order to apply for the 300 hour Yoga teacher training (Level 2 ATTC):

  • You must have a 200 hour teacher training certificate.
  • You must be willing to adapt to ashram lifestyle e.g. abstain from tobacco and alcohol, attend a strict class schedule, etc.
  • You must have a genuine desire to further your yoga education.
  • You must not be pregnant.
  • There is no restriction, and we do not discriminate in age, gender, sexuality, race, religion or in any other way.

A sample schedule for a day at the ashram:

05:00 amPranayama
06:00 amMeditation / chanting
07:15 amBreakfast
08:00 amHow to Teach
11:30 amLunch
12:00 pmKarma Yoga
01:00 pmLecture / Philosophy / Anatomy
03:00 pmAdvanced Asana Practice
05:30 pmDinner
07:00 pmMeditation / others
08:00 pmHerbal Tea
07:00 pmLights out

What will you learn during the 300 hour teacher training

The Advanced yoga teacher training covers a wide variety of topics and is composed of 270 contact hours and 30 non-contact hours. After successful completion of this course you can register with Yoga Alliance as RYT300 or RYT500. Yoga teachers who have followed a 200 hour yoga teacher training with a school which is not recognized with Yoga Alliance will not be able to register as RYT500 but they can register as RYT300 after this advanced training. The course certificate will also allow you to register with International Yoga Federation, International Yoga Association and European Yoga Association.

advanced 300 hour yoga teacher training india 2015attc

The following topics will be covered during the 300 hour yoga teacher training:


  • 84 advanced Hatha yoga asanas
  • Advanced asana variations

Vinyasa Yoga (50 hour)

  • Principles of Vinyasa Flow
  • Vinyasa sequences
  • Vinyasa instruction
  • Correction & adjustment techniques
  • Principles of Vinyasa sequencing

Yin Yoga (50 hour)

  • 20 main Yin Yoga poses
  • Yin yoga instruction techniques
  • Yin Yoga philosophy
  • Yin Yoga anatomy
  • Principles of Yin Yoga
  • Sequencing Yin Yoga
  • Structuring Yin yoga classes
  • Adjustments & corrections


  • Regular practice of 6 Pranayamas.
  • You will practice Nadi Shodhan and more pranayama / advanced breathing exercises on a daily basis
  • Regular practice of Bandhas or Locks


  • Bhagavad Gita
  • Overview of the Patanjali Yoga Sutras
  • Six ancient Indian philosophy streams
  • Profound understanding of the concepts of yogic philosophy

Yoga Anatomy & Physiology

During the course you will study yoga anatomy and physiology. This in depth understanding will help you to improve your personal practice as well as develop your teaching skills. The anatomy classes cover the following topics:

  • Detailed information on musculoskeletal system
  • Anatomy of classical Hatha yoga asanas
  • Physiology of some of the main yoga asanas
  • Physiology of breathing
  • Physiology of stretching
  • Frequent injuries of yoga practice
  • What to do to prevent injuries
  • Techniques to provide your students individual modifications
  • Frequent back injuries and how to deal with back injury during yoga practice
  • Endocrine or Hormonal system
  • Anatomy of Chakras

Advanced yoga teaching

  • Techniques to teach advanced asanas
  • Learning how to build up a yoga asana class
  • Techniques to sequence a yoga asana class
  • Techniques to customize a class
  • How to provide advanced modifications
  • How to organize workshops


  • How to teach meditation
  • Different techniques for teaching meditation
  • Techniques for classical meditation
  • Purification of chakras
  • Five elements purification
  • Tantrik meditations


  • Mantra initiation
  • Mantra chanting
  • Mantra meditations

Upcoming course dates

The Arhanta Yoga 300 hour Yoga teacher training in the Netherlands will take place at the Arhanta Yoga Ashram Netherlands from:

2019May 3 – May 31Available

Course fees

The course fee for the advanced yoga teacher training course in the Netherlands include all classes, vegetarian meals, selected accommodation, course manual, complimentary registration as RYT 500 with European Yoga Association / International Yoga Association.

DormitoryEuros 2700
2 person shared bedroomEuros 2900
Single bedroomEuros 3200

How to Apply

To apply please complete the Application Form and send it by email to [email protected]. Within 2 working days you will receive a response.

If you have any questions or you would like to receive more information, please contact us on [email protected].


300 hour advanced yoga teacher training india 2016 Nicol “I really enjoyed this 300hr ATTC program. We learned many poses in hatha, yin and vinyasa yoga. We learned yoga nidra which was great to maintain team work and the idea that we are all in this experience together. The owners did a great job of maintaining the integrity of the ashram + the Indian culture of yoga. I would recommend this program to anyone wanting an authentic experience. This was an intensive program but well worth the travel and time.” Nicol, Canada

300 hour yoga teacher training india 2016 Elke“I would like to thank Ram and Kalyani for all their efforts and personal interest in each one of us. It was a good experience, I loved walking under the night sky to pranayama at 530am. It was good being surrounded by nature and being away from so many distractions. I loved to learn about yin yoga, functional anatomy and yoga background and practice.” Elke, Germany


300 hour teacher training india 2016 mariaTo be here was amazing! The best experience in my life to learn yoga. I can’t believe it! I did it and I am very proud because it was very hard for me, but it is worth a lot. I learned a lot. The best choice for a yoga teacher training. How to teach was very detailed. Right now I feel a lot of confidence in myself to teach yoga. It changed my life. Thank you so much Arhanta yoga team! Maria, Mexico

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