If you are planning to become a yoga teacher you will see that there are variety of courses available. Does not matter if you want to do a Hatha yoga teacher training or a Vinyasa yoga teacher training. These courses range from 10 hour to 1000 hours. Some schools offer long term courses like 2 – 5 years whereas some schools offer teacher training courses of just 200 hours. You must be wondering what are these 200 hour yoga teacher training courses  and what is the difference between a 200 hour course and 2 year course. Read on to get your questions answered.

What is a 200 hour yoga teacher training

A 200 hour course is these days an international standard of a professional yoga teacher training program. Lately many schools started to give 200 hour yoga instructor certification with very short courses like a short 3 day weekend course of 15 hours. Obviously you can not learn enough and develop skill required to teach in 3 days even if you have a very good self yoga practice.

So some yoga associations like Yoga Alliance & Yoga Federation started to ask for minimum of 200 hour of certification in order to register with them. They found out that a serious yoga teacher training course needs at least 200 hours of training to cover and teach the important skills and knowledge.

200 hour yoga teacher training

200 hour breakup

Yoga Alliance 200 hour Teacher certification Standards:

Techniques, Training and Practice: 100 Hours

Teaching Methodology: 25 Hours

Anatomy and Physiology: 20 Hours

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers: 30 hours

Practicum: 10 Hours

International Yoga Federation 200 hour yoga teacher training standards:

Techniques :130 hours
Teaching Methodology : 20 hours
Anatomy and Physiology : 10 hours
Practical Teaching :40 hours

Why a 200 hour yoga course

There a many benefits of a 200 hour training over a traditional long term training of 2-5 years.

Teach worldwide: A 200 hour course will give you internationally accredited certification, which means you can teach anywhere in the world.

Save time: You can get certified as soon as in 26 days instead of 2 years of a traditional certification program

Cost effective: Generally a 200 hour yoga teacher training costs much less than a long term training.

Relevant: As the time is less these courses tend to be more relevant and to the point.

200 hour Accreditation benefit

Having 200 hour international standard  certification makes sure that you can buy yoga teacher insurance in your country. These days most of the insurance companies insist on providing at least 200 hours of training certification before giving the insurance.

Register with Yoga Alliance to get 200 hour yoga certification

With a 200 hour yoga certification you can also register with any professional yoga association. All associations like Yoga Alliance, International Yoga Federation, CRKBO, European Yoga Association require that you have completed a registered 200 your yoga teacher training. Benefit of registering with these associations is that you are seen as professional and a serious yoga teacher.

Is a 200 hour yoga training enough?

A common question is that if a 200 hour yoga training  instructor certification be enough to learn to teach yoga. Instead of the number of hours you should focus more on the course content, teachers and the accreditation. A two year course which takes place once a week for three hours will cover total of 300 hours of training but as the training will spread over a long period it will not be as effective.

We ourselves tried with weekend training’s where classes took place for 14 weekends for 6 hours each day. But we noticed that when students came back following weekend they had forgotten most of what they learnt last weekend due to the distractions and hectic lifestyle during the week. So in reality the first half day of the every weekend went in to revise what has been taught last weekend. Imagine how that will work out with once a week class over the period of two or three years.

So if the training is followed in an intensive style, in one go it is definitely more effective and sufficient. Other important question is what do you do in those 200 hours? If you spend those hours talking, chatting, having fun or even just practicing yoga class together, you will not be ready to teach afterwards. But if your 200 hours course spends the time covering and practicing hands on teaching, understanding and applying anatomy then you should be definitely ready to teach right after the course. We at Arhanta give guarantee that our graduates will feel ready to teach immediately after the finish of the course.


The requirement for joining the course depends school to school. But most of schools accept student from all experience levels and all ages. For example, we at Arhanta accept students from 14 years as minimum age with no upper age limit.

Duration of a 200 hour yoga course

These courses are offered in various duration ranging from 24 days to six weeks. Most common are four week yoga teacher training. six weeks can get too long. A four week course will be intensive but well spread.

Our 200 hour teacher training courses are spread over 26 days / 4 weeks or 1 month.

Our 200 hour yoga instructor certification

At Arhanta we offer Yoga alliance, International yoga federation, CRKBO, International yoga association accredited 200 hour Hatha yoga teacher training courses. These courses meet the criteria of 200 hour standards. The courses are intensive and thus you can learn a lot in a short period. You can follow our yoga teacher training in India or our yoga teacher training in Europe.

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