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Yin Yoga Teacher Training

50 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Yin yoga teacher training

Our 50 hour Yin Yoga teacher training is a proven course to prepare you with all the necessary and important tools to teach safe and engaging Yin Yoga classes. This course also provides a safe and intensive learning platform for those seeking deeper understanding of Yin Yoga.

What you will learn

  • You will discover the practice and experience of Yin Yoga
  • You will learn about the history and concepts of Yin Yoga
  • You will learn how to professionally teach this deep and powerful style of Yoga
  • You will gain a deep understanding of the Yin postures, and how to modify and vary them for different levels of practice and flexibility

What you will get

After the completion of the 50 hour Yin Yoga teacher training you will receive:

  • An internationally recognized Yin Yoga teacher certification from a widely accredited Yoga school
  • The confidence to teach Yin Yoga to your students, effectively and efficiently
  • Post course support

Who will be teaching you

Yin Yoga teacher training Lead TeacherRam Jain is a renowned yoga teacher from India and the Director of Arhanta Yoga Ashrams in India and The Netherlands. He has been teaching since 1998 and he is teaching yoga teacher training courses since 2009. He has trained over 3000 yoga teachers in the past 10 years. Born and raised in India, his yoga education started from the age of 8 years as part of his school education. Over the period he has studied yoga and yogic philosophy in-depth from various reputed teachers.

​Ram has studied Yin Yoga from Paul Grilley (founder of Yin Yoga).

Suitable for

  • Existing yoga teachers
  • People who want to teach Yin Yoga
  • Yin Yoga practitioners beginners & advanced

50 hour Yin Yoga teacher training curriculum


  • 7 Archetypal poses
  • 26 Yin Yoga poses


  • Primary Taoist Principles
  • Yin & Yang


  • 14 Skeletal segments
  • 10 Myofascial groups
  • Connective Tissue
  • Fascia
  • Bone Differentiation
  • Compression & Tension
  • Joints and range of motion

Energy Body

  • 12 main meridians
  • Yin & Yang groups of Meridians
  • Yin & Yang organs
  • 7 main chakras
  • Physical and energetic aspects
  • Chakra sounds and meditation
  • 5 Taoist Elements


  • How to assist Yin Yoga poses
  • How to assist different body types
  • How to use props for assisting


  • How to sequence a Yin Yoga class


  • Mindfulness meditations


Residential & Non Residential Training

We offer two kinds of Yin Yoga teacher training courses:

  • A residential Yin Yoga teacher training course which takes place at our ashram in the Netherlands
  • A non-residential Yin Yoga teacher training course which takes place in Velp, near Arnhem

Both courses have the same syllabus but vary in terms of schedule, dates and fees.

Course venues

The 50 hour residential Yin Yoga teacher training are held at our Yoga ashram in Netherlands, Europe. The ashram is situated outside the small village of Varsseveld, near Arnhem, in the east of the Netherlands. The ashram is very well-connected to the Dutch public transportation network and the Dutch International Airport in Amsterdam (Schiphol) is only 2 hours away.  The ashram is situated in a beautiful and peaceful location, surrounded by fields and woods. The non residential course takes place in Velp near Arnhem and does not include accommodation.

Yin yoga teacher training ashram

Residential Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Non-residential Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Arhanta Yoga Ashram
Sinderenseweg 66
7065BL Sinderen
Parkstaete Zalencentrum v.o.f.
Parkstraat 3-B
6881 JA VELP (Gld)

Daily schedule

Residential Yin Yoga teacher training

07:00 am Breakfast
08:15 am How to teach
11:30 am Lunch
12:00 pm Karma Yoga
01:00 pm Lecture
03:15 pm Asana practice
05:30 pm Dinner
07:00 pm Meditation
08:00 pm Herbal Tea
09:30 pm Lights out

Non Residential Yin Yoga teacher training

9:00 am Teaching Practice
12:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm Lecture
2:30 pm Tea Break
3:00 pm Asan class
4:30 pm Meditation


Yin Yoga course dates

50 Hour Yin Yoga - NL

Date Seats Left Location
13 Mar - 19 Mar 2 Seats Left Residential
5 Oct - 10 Oct Available Non-residential

Course fees

Residential Yin Yoga teacher training fees

Accommodation Fees (In Euros)
Dormitory 1050
Double Shared 1150
Single Room 1250
  • the fees include all tuition, accommodation, 3 meals per day and the course manual
  • Our 50 hour Yin Yoga teacher training is registered with Yoga Alliance, European Yoga Association, International Yoga Federation and accredited by all major yoga federations
  • Payment plans are available on request

Non-residential teacher training fees

6 Days Non Residential course Euros 750
  • the fees include all tuition, the course manual and tea
  • Our 50 hour Yin Yoga teacher training is registered with Yoga Alliance, European Yoga Association, International Yoga Federation and accredited by all major yoga federations
  • Payment plans are available on request

How to Apply

Our Yin Yoga teacher training is open to everyone and there is no age limit. We have limited seats, to apply download and fill in the application form and send it to ttc@arhantayoga.org

Note: Registrations are processed on first come first serve basis.

What to bring – Yin Yoga teacher training

For Residential Applicants

Applicants who registered for Residential course should come along with the following items:

  • Yoga mat (available in the ashram store for a reasonable price)
  • Meditation cushions (available in the ashram store for a reasonable price)
  • Personal toiletries and towels
  • Writing materials
  • Wristwatch (to be used in the How to Teach classes)
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Inside and outside slippers for the ashram
  • Comfortable shoes for morning walks

For Non- Residential Applicants

Applicants who registered for Non-Residential course should come along with the following items:

  • Yoga mat
  • Meditation Cushions, bolster, blanket
  • Writing materials
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Your own meals and snacks

For any questions or more information Contact us

Yin Yoga Teacher Training Reviews

“It has been a very rewarding time for me. All classes were very clear. I have enjoyed each minute. Thank you all so much for the opportunity to learn from you!” Sharron, Switzerland

“The Arhanta Yoga Ashram has a very clear structure and amazing teachers. It felt like a safe environment to learn from true yoga teachers. Thank you!” Guiba, Netherlands

“After my 200 hour teacher training at Arhanta in India, this yin yoga course was a great opportunity to refresh my knowledge and to develop myself further. I have learned a lot about teaching but also about my personal yoga path. Thank you for this wonderful experience!” Linda, Spain

“This Yin Yoga teacher training was an amazing addition to the 200 hour training by Arhanta. Once again Arhanta has taught me a great deal which will help me to improve and expand my yoga classes. Thanks again!” Helma, Netherlands

“It was amazing. I have enjoyed the peace and the food. The accommodation and the walks were also wonderful. But above all, the classes were superb!” Gaelle, Netherlands

“I felt so far away from daily life, both physically and mentally. The yoga ashram offers a good environment to be peaceful, focused and far away from daily problems. The property is very wide. The accommodation and the food were also great. The whole atmosphere was wonderful. I have learned a lot about yin yoga and yoga in general. The teachers were professional, but also caring and helpful at the same time. They really try to transfer all of their knowledge. Now I feel confident enough to start teaching yin yoga, but also to help my students taking their personal limitations into consideration.” Juliet, France

“A wonderful experience! I have learned a lot, also because I am a Shiatsu therapist and not a yoga teacher. I specifically enjoyed the philosophy classes with Yogi Ram and the meditation sessions. The other teachers are also very inspiring. I am also very happy to have met so many new and wonderful people. Thank you Team Arhanta!” Ymkje, Netherlands

“The yoga teacher training was a great experience. I have learned a lot of new things and the teachers were very professional and friendly. The simple lifestyle at the ashram was also a unique experience for me. It has learned me a lot of things that I would like to apply in my daily life back home. Thank you everyone for the interesting classes, the healthy food and the wonderful chanting.” Gwen, Netherlands

“I had a great time during this yin yoga teacher training course. In only 1 week time we have received a lot of detailed information about the benefits of the asanas and their proper alignment. A few classes were dedicated to practicing how to teach, which was also very useful. This course is not for beginning yoga practitioners but for people how have already followed a TTC and who have some knowledge of the asanas and anatomy. I loved the Yin yoga classes with Kalyani and the philosophy classes with Ram were very inspiring and gave a lot to think about. The teachers and volunteers were very helpful and always available to answer questions and offer help. The food was delicious and the ashram environment very beautiful. The dormitories were very cosy and I loved meeting so many likeminded people. All in all a very successful week. Thank you team Arhanta.” Kate, Ireland

“In the beginning I was very nervous to attend the Yin Yoga teacher training, but as soon as I arrived, I was reassured and helped. From the registration until the end of the course: nothing was too much for team Arhanta to provide. The yoga ashram is located in the beautiful Dutch countryside (near the German border), a quiet and peaceful place, perfect for a Yin Yoga introduction. There is no pollution near the ashram, so we could see a perfect clear sky filled with stars when leaving the yoga hall in the evenings or when going for a silent walk in the mornings.
The energy in the class was amazing and I will always remember the laughter and the deep conversations I have had with my class members during this week. Everything is very precisely organized and planned to make sure we remain on schedule, but do not worry: there is plenty of time to laugh and to make new friends. The daily 3 meals were plenty. The breakfast, soup and salad for lunch, but also diner were always delicious. I am pretty new at vegetarianism, and I will definitely take home some new and tasty ideas for delicious and nutritious recipes.
Yogi Ram is an amazing teacher. He takes enough time for everything and teaches us so much more than expected with his amusing stories. He is a master in philosophy and he has enlightened my path with his wisdom. I will always be grateful for that. Kalyani gave the anatomy and Yin asana classes with love and attention. We almost floated out of the yoga hall after her classes. The light in her beautiful eyes shows her love for yoga and for her students. Finally special thanks to the volunteers who have helped us through this week, inside and outside of the yoga hall. You were amazing!” Heidelberg, Germany