Arhanta Affiliated Studio – Zoi Yoga Milan

Our Mission

Zoi Yoga Studio Milan consists of a passionate and motivated team committed to improve people’s lives by nurturing their body, mind and spirit. To accomplish that goal we have built a strong network of collaborations. We share our brand with a vegan restaurant and we have contacts with highly qualified osteopaths, massage therapists and personal trainers. This allows each one of our students to find the solution to a vast range of needs.

Each member of the Zoi Yoga team happily works towards this mission, which can easily be summarized as followed:

To be ourselves at our best, making other people feel good.

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Our Philosophy

  • Respect for the traditional form of the offered disciplines while making it suitable for contemporary needs
  • Ecology and environmental care: we are committed to waste recycling and limited use of water and energy. We only use eco-friendly detergents and recycled paper.
  • Social obligation: we cooperate with and contribute to humanitarian causes in our region
  • Vegetarianism: respect for animal rights and non violence

What we offer

We offer a wide range of classes in order to respond to different interests and needs:

  • Traditional Hatha Yoga (for adults, teenagers, children, pregnant women)
  • Yin Yoga
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Other complementary disciplines such as Pilates and T’ai Chi Ch’uan
  • Workshops and seminars (related to yoga, nutrition and specific training sessions)

Zoi Yoga Studio Milan Affiliated partnerZoi Yoga Milan Affiliated studio

Our Team

Zoi Yoga has a strong team of passionate and motivated certified teachers.

Lucia Ilaria Seglie (Studio Founder and Co-Director)

  • Hatha Yoga: 500 hour Arhanta Yoga certificate (200 hour TTC + 300 hour ATTC, both in India)
    Yin Yoga: 50 hour Arhanta Yoga certificate (Netherlands)

Marzia Bendotti (Studio Co-Director)

  • Hatha Yoga: 200 hour Arhanta Yoga certificate (200 hour TTC Netherlands)

Michal Durak (Studio teacher and ZOI Restaurant Chef)

  • Hatha Yoga: 200 hour Arhanta Yoga certificate (200 hour TTC India)

Simona Marta Girardi (Studio teacher)

  • Hatha Yoga: 200 hour Arhanta Yoga certificate (200 hour TTC Netherlands)

Matteo Maserati (Studio teacher)

  • Hatha yoga: 200 hour Arhanta Yoga certificate (200 hour TTC India)

Join our team

We welcome teachers from other disciplines who share our mission and philosophy to join our team. To maintain the high quality of Zoi Yoga, we only accept certified and highly qualified specialists.

Affiliated yoga school Italy Milan


For more information about Zoi Yoga Studio and for contact information, please visit: