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Inspiring Yoga Story: Navanita and Khadro

Over the years we have seen many students go through our ashrams. We have been lucky to see them grow, to be part of their journey and to see them inspire others. Below we share with you the story of two of our students, Navanita and Khadro Sgambato from Switzerland:

Inspiration Saturday: Navanita and Khadro

We are Navanita & Khadro Sgambato

Good friends since 1998, sharing our love since 2008, and married in 2010. We run our own dance school. We have been dancing since childhood and have been practicing yoga for a long time. In 2017, a strong feeling of change took hold of us. At first we could not name it. It was unclear what wanted to happen – we just felt a strong urge inside of us. We wanted to practice more yoga, and also teach it. Quite intuitively we went on the internet in search of a yoga teacher training. We looked at many options, but for more than a week we kept “stumbling” over the Arhanta Yoga Ashram site. With our dance school and also our dance-fitness program Fit&Funky we had a lot of dates in our calendar and were almost always fully booked. But then we discovered a 200 hour yoga teacher training in India, in January 2018 – during a time when our calendar was empty. Not a single booking.

We knew that this was a sign that we were meant to follow this yoga teacher training!

So we signed up and it proved to become one of the best decisions in our lives. At the same time, we were facing another professional change. Since we had a financial bottleneck with the dance school for a long time, we wanted to build up an alternative. So we signed a contract for Network Marketing on the 27th of December 2017 and a few days later we traveled to Arhanta Ashram in India for a month. For the first two days we felt the resistance in us. It was cold, unpleasant. But the desire to complete the training and to settle into the yoga philosophy was stronger. From the third day something changed in us. “Live in the NOW” hit both of us like a fist in the face. Nothing outside of us was important anymore. Only the meal we were eating at that moment, the asana we were practicing, the breath. It was like coming home – inside. We enjoyed every philosophy lesson with Ram, every yoga lesson with Omkar and all conversations with the participants and volunteers.

When we came back to Switzerland, all the problems were still there!

The dance school with the financial hole and our new business were waiting. But our view on the challenges had changed completely. We rolled back our sleeves and focused all our attention on the new job. Just like you do in the asana, when you stay focused and bring your thoughts back to you again and again.

We sold our products and built a new team that wanted to experience this new adventure with us. It was suddenly easy to find perseverance. To remain in a pose and observe which voice in us says you can’t do it and come back to your center as the same observer, was something we had learned in yoga.

And so we built our new business from 0 to 100. Faster and easier than others had done before us. At the same time we started our Hatha Yoga classes at the dance school and soon we received a request from a top-renowned resort in Europe, the Bürgenstock Hotel. We were grateful to be able to teach Yoga as special guests there several times a year. No matter where we arrived with our dance fitness, the yoga lessons were in higher demand. In our new team in Network Marketing we inspire people to look inside. We do this with morning rituals like meditation and yoga. We train them to focus their attention on what they want and to pull it away from what they don’t want.

200 hour hatha yoga teacher training
200 hr hatha yoga teacher training

Because energy always follows attention, work takes on a completely different quality and lightness that many in business have never experienced before.

Life has opened many new doors for us since our yoga teacher training at the Arhanta Yoga Ashram in India and we have realized which ones we needed to close in order to be more focused. We have passed on the dance fitness program and our dance school to young people who find fulfillment in it. Our focus is now on our new job at Forever Living Products as well as on our yoga classes at iChange, and seminars /yoga retreats. We have also started our own podcast Eat Pray Love with Navanita & Khadro for German speaking people who we want to move, motivate and inspire through this channel. Money suddenly flows to us from channels we didn’t even think possible before. Lightness has found its way into our lives and, above all, our open hearts have opened further since our yoga training.

We are very grateful for the wonderful people who run, maintain and bring this ashram to life everyday. Thank you!

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