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Mar 05

Yogic Ways to Build Stronger Groups and Relationships

By Arhanta Yoga | Philosophy , Yoga and physical / mental health

As a yoga teacher or coach, chances are you are often working with groups. And in other areas of your life, you are part of groups as well, such as your family or friends. How can you bring a new dimension to the groups and teams that you work with or just make part of, by using principles from yoga? How can yoga help to build a stronger connection with others?

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Feb 11

Sthira Sukham Asanam – Deepen Your Practice with this Ancient Principle

By Arhanta Yoga | Energies/ Pranayama/ Chakras / Ayurveda , Philosophy

For centuries the sutra (verse) sthira sukham asanam from the Raja Yoga Sutras of Patanjali has been a guide to understanding the deeper nature of yoga asanas. But due to the lack of detailed explanation in the Patanjali Sutras, often teachers relate this verse to only seated postures as preparation to pranayama & meditation. But this verse is just as relevant to all other yoga postures. In fact, this famous verse sums up the entire concept of yoga asanas.

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Dec 12

What is Hatha Yoga?

By Arhanta Yoga | Philosophy

Do you ever wonder what the ancient principles of yoga are? What is yoga really about? And what is the difference between modernized yoga styles and traditional Hatha Yoga? This blog gives you an overview of the underlying philosophy and the traditional practice of Hatha Yoga.

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Dec 05

Karma and Dharma: Are You Doing It Right?

By Arhanta Yoga | Philosophy

 ‘What goes around, comes around’ is a saying that many people compare to the notion of karma. What does karma really mean in Indian philosophy? Did you know there are different types of karma? After reading this blog, you will understand the difference between the types of karma, what Karma Yoga means according to the Bhagavad Gita and how this is relevant in our life.

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Nov 13

6 Scientifically Proven Life-changing Health Benefits of Meditation

By Arhanta Yoga | Philosophy

Spiritual practices such as meditation and science, even a decade ago this combination would have raised some eyebrows. The concept of a body- mind connection is relatively new in the modern, scientific approach. What are the benefits of meditation? In recent decades this questions has become a subject of increased research. Scientists and medical professionals have started to realize that merely treating the physical symptoms is not enough. They have started to understand that the human being is so much more complex and interrelated than what was believed.

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