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Mar 10

Hypnotherapy for Healing and Prosperity

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Emotions are born to be experienced. When they are, they dissipate. When they aren’t, they get trapped in the body and the subconscious mind. There they will live, like little creatures, desperately wanting to complete their life cycle. If we continue to ignore our emotions and stuff them into the subconscious, the emotions will start to create scenarios where they can be experienced. It won’t take long for us to see repeating patterns of the same pain over and over again.

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Dec 17

Relationships in Light of Yoga Philosophy

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Humans are social beings.  Our relationships directly influence our happiness and health. There are numerous studies that show that people with a supportive network of loving relationships live longer and healthier. At the same time, most relationships also challenge us. Learn about the wisdom ancient yoga philosophy offers us for creating happy relationships.

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Oct 16

The Four Seasons of Life: How to Adapt and Thrive Anyhow

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one of my teachers also taught me the importance of understanding the seasons of life (as explained by Jim Rohn in his book and famous speeches) and how to use them wisely. Because just as nature, so do we experience different seasons in our personal life. These different seasons can be likened to life, winter, spring, summer, and fall.

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Sep 15

Clinical Hypnotherapy – a Method to Assist Healing, Creativity and Spiritual Growth

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Clinical Hypnotherapy is for anyone longing for personal healing and spiritual awakening. If you have a passionate interest in meditation and/or spirituality, this method is something to look into deeper. It is interesting for healthcare professionals, think of  Yoga Instructors, Psychologists, Counselors, Energy Healers, Naturopaths, Hospice Care Providers, Hypnotherapists, Reiki Practitioners, or any professional working in holistic and wellness related careers, who want to supplement their practice by incorporating techniques of this magical, life-changing modality.

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Jan 08


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