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Nov 12

Hypnotherapy Techniques for Holistic Professionals & Yoga Teachers

By Arhanta Yoga | Energies/ Pranayama/ Chakras / Ayurveda , Yoga and physical / mental health , Yoga Teachers Training

Hypnotherapy is a deep form of guided meditation that can be used to reduce stress, heal a variety of emotional and mental challenges, enhance creativity, and expand someone’s spiritual experience of consciousness.
Next to being a form of transformative therapy in its own right, it can also be utilized in group settings and private yoga sessions. Unfortunately, many holistic practitioners don’t realize they can use hypnotherapy (guided meditation) techniques to enhance their existing practice.

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Oct 16

The Four Seasons of Life: How to Adapt and Thrive Anyhow

By Arhanta Yoga | Inspiring Yoga Story , Philosophy , Uncategorized , Yoga and physical / mental health

one of my teachers also taught me the importance of understanding the seasons of life (as explained by Jim Rohn in his book and famous speeches) and how to use them wisely. Because just as nature, so do we experience different seasons in our personal life. These different seasons can be likened to life, winter, spring, summer, and fall.

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Sep 16

The Ultimate Guide to Yoga for Strength and Flexibility

By Arhanta Yoga | Asana Tutorial , Yoga and physical / mental health

There are two qualities noticeable when you observe the practice of an experienced yoga practitioner: A seemingly perfect harmony of strength and flexibility. Most people think flexibility is a requirement to practice yoga, but this is a misconception. Learn why yoga is one of the most effective disciplines to develop both strength and flexibility.

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Sep 15

Hormonal Health: Yoga for a Healthy Menstrual Cycle

By Arhanta Yoga | Energies/ Pranayama/ Chakras / Ayurveda , Yoga and physical / mental health

Throughout history, menstruation has been seen both as impure and sacred in different cultures around the world.  In cultures where the period was seen as sacred, there was a lot of knowledge about how to balance the menstrual cycle with the help of herbs, yoga, and diet. Only recently menstruation has become something to be completely ignored by both men, women, and the whole culture around it

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Mar 11

Experience of a Student – How Ashram Life Positively Affected my Diabetes

By Arhanta Yoga | Inspiring Yoga Story , Yoga and physical / mental health

Experience of a Student – How Ashram Life Positively Affected my Diabetes  As an introduction, an ashram is a secluded place where yoga and meditation are taught in austerity. A lifestyle to which, as an insulin-dependent diabetes patient for more than 25 years, I devoted myself for a month. So here I am back from a 200-hour […]

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Mar 05

Yogic Ways to Build Stronger Groups and Relationships

By Arhanta Yoga | Philosophy , Yoga and physical / mental health

As a yoga teacher or coach, chances are you are often working with groups. And in other areas of your life, you are part of groups as well, such as your family or friends. How can you bring a new dimension to the groups and teams that you work with or just make part of, by using principles from yoga? How can yoga help to build a stronger connection with others?

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Feb 07

Chair Yoga: How to Teach Yoga for Restricted Mobility

By Arhanta Yoga | How to Teach , Yoga and physical / mental health , yoga styles explained , Yoga Teachers Training

One of the great benefits of yoga is its accessibility for different levels, including elderly people and people with restricted mobility. For this group, Chair Yoga offers a large range of possibilities for following a full yoga class. Do you want to teach yoga to people with restricted mobility, yoga for elderly people or yoga that is accessible to people with disabilities?

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Jan 08

8 Tips to Make New Students Feel Safe in Your Yoga Class

By Arhanta Yoga | Yoga and physical / mental health

The question how to guarantee that your students feel safe in yoga class is a hot and happening topic in the yoga scene – and with good reason. Firstly, because of a number of incidents of sexual abuse among yoga teachers reported in recent years.Secondly, there is increasing awareness of the potential healing effects of yoga for trauma-related health issues. Therefore, people coming to your class might be more trauma-sensitive than the general population.  

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