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Feb 17

What is Yoga Nidra?

By Arhanta Yoga | yoga styles explained , Yoga Teachers Training

The practice of Yoga Nidra leads us into a state of harmonious, restful being. From here, we can heal, restore and awaken to our true, blissful and eternal Self. This sublime practice is gaining popularity all over the world as more and more people experience its healing powers while ongoing research continues to prove its effectiveness. But what is Yoga Nidra actually and by the extension of that, what isn’t? Read on to learn more about what is, and what isn’t Yoga Nidra!

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Feb 07

Chair Yoga: How to Teach Yoga for Restricted Mobility

By Arhanta Yoga | How to Teach , Yoga and physical / mental health , yoga styles explained , Yoga Teachers Training

One of the great benefits of yoga is its accessibility for different levels, including elderly people and people with restricted mobility. For this group, Chair Yoga offers a large range of possibilities for following a full yoga class. Do you want to teach yoga to people with restricted mobility, yoga for elderly people or yoga that is accessible to people with disabilities?

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Nov 29

Yin Yoga versus Restorative Yoga – What Are the Differences and Similarities?

By Arhanta Yoga | Yoga and physical / mental health , Yoga Teachers Training

Yin Yoga versus Restorative Yoga – What Are the Differences and Similarities? “Between stimulus and response, there is a space and, in that space, lies our power and our freedom” – Victor FranklIn this age of so much stress, we desperately need to find our center and reconnect with our power and our freedom. The freedom […]

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Oct 26

12 Reasons Why You Should Do Your Yoga Teacher Training in India

By Arhanta Yoga | Yoga and physical / mental health , Yoga Teachers Training

Are you thinking about following a yoga teacher training? You will discover that there is a myriad of possibilities to choose from. One of the most important question is where would you like to do your teacher training: back home or abroad? If you want to do your yoga teacher training abroad, the most popular destination is India, the birthplace of yoga.

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Sep 27

Tips for Busy Yoga Teachers: How to Keep-Up With Your Personal Yoga Practice

By Arhanta Yoga | Yoga Teachers Training

Many yoga teachers struggle to keep up their personal yoga practice. Are you a yoga teacher and do you feel you’re too busy to take the time for your personal yoga practice?

Think about why you wanted to become a yoga teacher in the first place. You probably started to teach because of your own passion for yoga. Maybe even because you of your first-hand experience of the balancing effects of yoga.

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