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8240 Risskov, Denmark 4.38 km
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Randers, Denmark 34.67 km
Silkeborg, Denmark 40.2 km
Silkeborg, Denmark 40.2 km
Silkeborg, Denmark 40.2 km

Yes2Life offers a 4 year program in Integrativ Psychotherapy and a 2 year program in Yes2Life Coaching.
We offer Hatha Yoga for the students and few classes of Hatha Yoga.
Link to classes : https://yes2life.dk/da/workshops/hatha-yoga-quantum-nlp/

Denmark 44.85 km

School: cgrundtvig

« cgrundtvig » is mental and physical coaching. I will help you let go of your blocks ; The fear of lack of money, the voice in your head that wants to pull you down. I will teach you how to deal with your emotions, and not eat on them, how to reach your dreams and so much more. I support you in your own mental and physical growth.
On my retreats I will teach you Hatha yoga, and how you can control your mind and body. I look forward to see you.

Hornsyld, Denmark 50.22 km
Hedensted, Denmark 53.61 km
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Vejle, Denmark 65.2 km

Lifstyle Yoga by Helene Bak Hansen trained at ARHANTA YOGA School in India.Teacher of classical hatha yoga.I offer small exclusive team with only 12 participants where given personal and develop yourself. We focus on flexibility , strength, balance and breathing as an important element of yoga.As part of the course you will gain insight into the  philosophy of yoga as a lifestyle and learn about the benefits of exercises we train every time.

Kløvervej 3, Højslev, Denmark 7840 80.5 km


Skive, Denmark 84.97 km
Odense, Denmark 85.32 km
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