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Vivan Grube

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Würzburg, Bavaria, Germany 1.89 km

Here at sameschyoga you are invited to join classes in classical Hatha Yoga and Yoga for special needs. Each class has also adapted exercise in meditation and breathing. Pick the class which fits best to your needs: Resorative, Strength building or After School Yoga (16-24 years).
Also you can participate courses in Classic Autogenic Training and in Progressiv Muscle Relaxation to bring tranquility,clarity and relaxation in your life. Visit my site for more information or feel free to contact me via Mail: [email protected]

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Hanau, Germany 80.45 km

My name is Laura and I am a self-employed yoga teacher. I have completed my Yoga Teacher Training at the Arhanta Yoga Ashram in 2017. As I am also a high school teacher, I currently give Hatha and Vinyasa yoga classes to local school children as well as to private clients. It is important to me that my students can feel comfortable and taken care of in my classes. I therefore always seek to emphasize personal physical, emotional and spiritual goals and needs in my teachings.

Nuremberg, Germany 91.11 km
Dreieich, Germany 92.05 km
Frankfurt, Germany 95.8 km
Frankfurt, Germany 95.8 km
+49 (0)17684652009+49 (0)17684652009
Frankfurt am Main, Germany 95.8 km
Frankfurt, Germany 95.8 km
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