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How To Become A Yoga Teacher

So you want to know how to become a yoga teacher. According to Yoga Alliance, more than 12000 new yoga teacher registered in 2017. So one thing is clear that the career as a yoga teacher is becoming more and more popular. Yoga teaching is a very good career these days. The demand has shot up as the number of yoga schools have more than doubled in the last years only. The experienced teacher suggests to ask few questions before jumping in.

Why do you want to become a yoga teacher?

The most important question before you start your journey is why? Why do you want to do what you want to do? If you want to be a yoga teacher, what is your motivation. Do you want to take it up as serious career and earn good money with it or you want to spread the knowledge and practice of yoga to others so you can get feeling of fulfillment by helping others. Do you want to do it because you don’t like your present job because it is very demanding and hectic. And you would like to have a lighter and more positive lifestyle.

Part time or full time?

Do you want to be a full time yoga teacher or part time. Many yoga teachers these days work as a part time yoga teacher because then they don’t have pressure to make money with yoga. If you choose this way you will need to have a part time job which pays your bills and you can spend your energy and time to develop as a good yoga teacher without being money minded.

If you choose to become a full time yoga teacher you will have to know how much money you need to earn every month and accordingly how many classes you will have to teach. For many people full time works better because then they can invest their full energy and focus on yoga teaching.

You can also combine it. In beginning you can work part time and when you have enough students to pay your bills or enough savings, you can turn it full time.

Working at other yoga studios or your own yoga school

Another question is to ask if you want to be a yoga teacher at another yoga school or if you want to open your own studio.

Working at other yoga schools is a suitable for you if you just want to be a yoga teacher. Many people don’t like the behind the desk work like administration, marketing, coordination etc. Some people also have there mind set on how many hours they prefer to work per day or per week. If you think you are also in same category then you should plan to work for other studios. This way you can focus completely on teaching. However keep in mind that these days most of the yoga studio owners prefer yoga teachers who are multi talented and are willing to help in the over all growth of the school.

Having your own school has its own pros and cons. Having your own studio means you are going to work long days without counting the hours. You will have to be ready to work, reply emails, work on website, marketing, cleaning or do whatever and whenever it is required. Because as the studio owner the buck stops at you, you become the sole responsible person.

What skills will you need to be a yoga teacher


To be a good yoga teacher, you will need to have good knowledge of yoga, yoga philosophy, yoga anatomy and basic paranayama exercises. This can be agained from following a good yoga teacher training course.

Teaching skills

Your success as a yoga teacher will highly dependent on your teaching skills. Our yoga teacher training in India covers 40 hours of hands on teaching practice. This process of daily teaching under supervision helps to develop skills like art of instruction, voice modulation, skill of correction, knowing when to modify etc.

Personal Practice

Your own practice should be reasonably good if not picture perfect. A good teacher should be inspiring and students look up to their teacher as a role model.

Yoga Styles

We give specialized teacher trainings in various styles like Classical Hatha yoga, Yin yoga, Vinyasa yoga & Yoga Nidra.

Different courses

To start with you should start with a Hatha yoga teacher training to make a solid foundation for teaching yoga asanas. So you can follow our 200 hour yoga teacher in India or our 200 hour yoga teacher training in Europe. After completion of this 200 hour course you can follow various 50 hour courses to learn more yoga styles. We offer 50 hour yin yoga teacher training, 50 hour Vinyasa yoga teacher training. Once you have gained some experience in teaching you can also follow the advanced level 300 hour yoga teacher training course.


We teach in traditional gurukula system. This is the ancient system of immersion based learning. Our courses to become a yoga teacher take place in our yoga ashrams. Our yoga ashram in India is located outside world heritage city o Khajuraho in central India. Our yoga ashram in Europe is located in the scenic region of East Netherlands.


I recommend this course to anyone who is looking for how to be a yoga teacher and is serious about learning and mastering yoga. It is heavy, fun, confronting, and diverse, a full package. I am sure I will do my 300 hrs and any other course through Arhanta only. Ram & Omkar gave us the best of them. Marijke en Karen filled in and helped us through growth. 10/10 stars!! I will be back and maybe support where I can, thanks guys, love. Sherman, The Netherlands

What an adventure, so grateful to be here surrounded by real professional yoga teachers. I really enjoyed every class and i am definitely going to miss the wisdom of Ram during philosophy class and Omkar his teachings under the big “ Mahua” tree. Thank you all for pushing me and taking me out of my comfort zone. I have learned so much during my stay at the ashram an I feel like l have found a little piece of my true self. Thank you for believing in me! I wish you all the best and hopefully we will meet again. Lots of love, Inès, The Netherlands

Although my main goal wasn’t how to become a yoga teacher, I feel now confident enough as a yoga teacher. I have learned a lot during the course. The teachers have very much knowledge and they teach in such a way that you have to participate. Besides the fact that I have learned a lot about the theory/philosophy behind yoga & alignments, it was also a very nice setting to get to know yourself better. The program is intense but there was enough time to laugh, which I really liked. Very grateful for this beautiful month full of learning. Amazing how many goals have shift after one month. Thank you! Tessa, The Netherlands

Teacher Training Costs

Course Fees India

The course fees include all tuition, accommodation, 3 vegetarian meals per day, 2 pairs of uniforms, Arhanta yoga teacher training course manual. Complementary pickup and drop in group is provided to students to Khajuraho airport / train station on first and last day of the course and all taxes.

Accommodation Total Fees (Inc. Taxes)
Double shared room € 1750
Single room € 1950

Course Fees for The Netherlands

The course fees include all tuition, accommodation, 3 vegetarian meals per day, 2 pairs of uniforms, Arhanta Yoga teacher training course manual and all taxes.

Accommodation Total Fees (Inc. VAT & Taxes)
Dormitory € 2640
Double shared room € 2840
Single room € 2980


To register for our yoga teacher training courses.
To apply and register for the Yoga teacher training Europe please fill out the application form and send it to us by email to (Download here:  DOC / PDF ).