Yin Yoga Teacher Training Reviews

online yinyoga teacher trainer Posted 1 week ago
very good training, I learn a lot about yin yoga, asana's, philosophy and a for myself a lot to think about.... all aspects of the training are very good explained. on line , I can do the asana's in my own pace and time to learn them well
~ Brigit Zondag
Very interesting Yin Yoga course Posted 3 weeks ago
Very well structured course! Mini medicine study, which I just needed to enhance my knowledge about the asanas, which I have been practicing for several years. The only thing that I think could be improved: We cannot see what is written on the white board when Rami is teaching. This is a pity, so sometimes a piece of information is missing.
~ Regine Heinrichs-overath
Such a great training course Posted 1 month ago
Very well structured andpaced course (we can choose our own pace). The knowledge is being reinforced effortlessly a s wemove forward without skipping anything. Video classes are just like being in the room. Instructor's knowledge pedagogy are of great value. Couldn't recommend it more.
~ Diby Stéphane Kouamé
High Quality Course Posted 1 month ago
Very valuable and detailed explanation. The sequences are easy to follow. And I loved the fact that I can look back at the videos! The teachers focus a lot on understanding and respecting the body. Much appreciation for that. I am really happy I did this course, because now I am even more aware of my own state of body and mind and I am more capable of helping students with their awareness🧡🙏
~ Cristina Rondon-vlieg
Clear guidance Posted 2 months ago
Clear and good guidance for this trainin i have learned so much. it is an absolute must!!
~ Bianca Borsboom
clear, relevant, life changing Posted 3 months ago
I highly recommend it and I will continue training with you
~ Ana Marta Lopes Matos
Very clear online course Posted 4 months ago
I like the online course very much, because of the video's you can play over and over again when needed. I like the way Ram is explaining things in an understanding way.
~ Kayleigh Schilt
I learned a trade, a profession Posted 4 months ago
After 40 years practicing Hatha yoga I decided to obtain a certificate. Especially because I increasingly gave lessons, spontaneously. Knowing Hatha, I chose the Yin training. What a nice addition. An enrichment. Because I didn't know Yin well, but above all, because now I feel more competent as a teacher. It made me more professional. The teachers are great. Nice you can take the time you need.
~ Harriët kappen van Wetten
So much knowledge and good explanation Posted 6 months ago
This course is very easy to follow. It gives you the right amount of tools to learn the different poses. But also teaches you what happens in your body and mind when you practice these Yin poses.
~ Marjolein Leussink
Magic Posted 7 months ago
This is more than teaching,this is a complete yourney through my body and mind. The best course I ever have done,in my 30 years having experience following course in the sports. Thank you for al the support, Shanti shanti shanti
~ Ila Jansen
Yin Yoga Kurs Posted 7 months ago
Der Kurs ist intensiver als gedacht und versorgt mich mit viel Info´s! Ich habe den Eindruck, dass diese Ausbildung "näher am Original" ist, als Ausbildungen aus Deutschland. Wie auch immer: Total empfehlenswert! Falls jemand Zweifel an der Sprache hat: Man kann das Englisch gut verstehen und selbst wenn ein Wort im Vokabular fehlt, kann man es sich aus dem Kontext alles herleiten.
~ Diana Vollmer
Very high quality Posted 8 months ago
This online course has a very high quality, teachers explain very well every movement, how to come into the asana and how to come out of it. You can ask a question every time and get an answer from the teachers team. You really have to study because you have to do a quiz every lesson. You get experience while teaching to 2 other people of your choce. That's great.
~ Sandra Kipchen
Dit is een hele fijne uitgebreide opleiding Posted 8 months ago
Ook als je engels lastig vind is dit een fijne opleiding. Alle materiaal is in het Nederlands te bekijken, behalve de video's maar dat is goed te doen
~ Puur Lydia Hoogma
The most thorough and well-structured course I ever did online Posted 9 months ago
Just do it. Will not regret it.
~ Karen Vuijsters
It was OK Posted 10 months ago
It was OK, it did not blow my mind away and the assignments were redundant It definitely takes more than 5 days to complete it, especially if you are diligent and follow every single video practice that they proposed. Too little on meridians, in my opinion, nothing on Taoist philosophy unfortunately
~ Antonella Capizzi
Good explanation Posted 11 months ago
Love it. Good explanations. Followed multiple online courses with Arhanta. In my own time and space and enjoying it very much.
~ Sabine Janssen
Knowledge was in depth and very usable Posted 12 months ago
I love how the asana, philosophy and anatomy are explained. They are well-rounded, taken almost every case into account, deeply explained and very practical. I can apply these knowledge into my own practice and teaching immediately. Every time I come back to a lesson, something new was found and I gained a bit more understanding of the subject, and so my passion in Yin yoga raised as well.
~ Nguyen Thuc Tien
Everything you need to know and experience to start your yin journey Posted 1 year ago
I have been following the online course and I really like that it focuses on history, philosophy, anatomy but also very practical aspects of teaching - the teachers make sure you really understand principles of each posture and learn a safe way how to get into and out of the pose to be able to pass this knowledge and experience onto your future students. I can complete the coures at my own pace.
~ Katerina Jurickova
Amazing deep experience and learning Posted 1 year ago
I highly recommend this course all information is detailed and deep and clear i love this course and teacher
~ Athari Mohammad
Very well structured hands on teaching style Posted 1 year ago
The teaching style is very clear and concise, full of practical advice and recommendations both in video and written format. Teacher Ram teaches in a simple and understandable way. I am glad that I enrolled in this course and look forward to continuing further with my learning. Highly recommend it!
~ Morana Smolcic
Yin Yoga 50 hours teacher training Posted 1 year ago
Comprehensive, easy to follow, convenient and informative.
~ Emma Randall
Good recordings, detailed and slow explanation with lots of repetition to understand and remember Posted 1 year ago
I like that the recordings are making you feel you are in the room with the group. It is a detailed course, with many explanations and going slowly through the different topics. Also the repetition allows you to remember
~ Elena Kurz
Learning at my rhythm Posted 2 years ago
The course is very practical. I can schedule myself whenever I have time. The videos are very informative and give good tips on how to perform the exercises. Its very easy to follow
~ Arturo De Santiago Castro
Very informative course Posted 2 years ago
I enjoyed doing this course online, it was clear and the resources are good. Could have more information on modifications for pregnant or differently abled people. But overall good quality course
~ Sandrina Carvalho
Lovely Experience Posted 2 years ago
So far this course has absolutely been a wonderful experience. It is one of my first times doing an extensive online training and I really felt immersed in the program. I have learned so many new things to take into my teaching and practice and look forward to finishing my Yin training with this school.
~ Heather Peterson
I love the way the teachings are presented Posted 2 years ago
... and the flexibility to participate, whenever I have the time and space for it.
~ Marianne Meinecke
Excellent course Posted 2 years ago
Teachings are very clear and alive, easy to follow by yourself.
~ Laurence Merchet-Thau
Wow! I realy enjoyed this online Yin Yoga teacher training! Posted 2 years ago
It was much more than I expected. Ram is a very experienced teacher and all the lessons where great. I sinked in deeply and enjoyed. Thank you much Arhanta team🙏 Namaste 🪷
~ Karin Schomaker
very complete Posted 2 years ago
I liked this second part of Yin Yoga Training very much as it develops new subjects and meantime we go deeper on anatomy and the 7 archetypes, the anatomy is also really linked to the the poses and that makes it very concrete for us to understand the details of the poses. Also liked the details of limitations of the body and what props can be used.
~ Stephanie Roy
so many practice Posted 2 years ago
i like this practice a lot. I wish the whole theory will be also in german.
~ Sonja Scherübl
Great yin course. Posted 2 years ago
Ram is a great teacher. He is straight forward to the point and also very professional in the way he is teaching us about how to be a good yin yoga teacher. This course is interesting and gives you the essential key to treat your students with a yin class if you follow the rules that we have been taught. I am teaching yoga since many years and enjoyed this course. Warm regards, Frédérique.
~ Frederique Duchenne-Burckel.
Ottimo corso. Consigliato! Posted 2 years ago
Corso ben fatto, chiaro e completo. Ram è un insegnante molto competente e trasmette i contenuti in modo piacevole e convincente. Unici appunti: alcuni errori nelle traduzioni (non adatto quindi a chi non conosce per nulla l'inglese) e in alcune pratiche manca la parte relativa alla parte del corpo speculare a quella appena fatta (bisogna interrompere il video per completare la pratica).
~ Chiara Magaraggia
Amazing Teacher, carries true calm through, much laughing good Posted 2 years ago
A new experience, I like the calm smooth sensual aspects of growing good yoga. A good teacher
~ Jordan Edson
Very scientific and correct Posted 2 years ago
Really like the "no bs" approach from Rami, made the course very serious and fun at the same time.
~ Ola Olsén
Best online course have completed for content and presentations Posted 2 years ago
Very well thought out as a online course and very helpful team. Content appropriate and detailed. Very pleased. A variety of presentations of the material to suit all.
~ Lesley Powell
Aanrader Posted 2 years ago
Duidelijk materiaal, veel uitleg en heel praktisch. Ik heb enorm veel vertrouwen in de kennis van de trainer.
~ Marny Franssen
Comprehensive | Great value | Recommend Posted 2 years ago
Loved this course and the contents is so comprehensive. Working through the units at my own pace along with the notes has been great. I have really enjoyed each unit and have learnt so much. I also love the feeling of actually being in the classroom with everyone and learning from others. Highly recommend this course and am already contemplating another one once I have completed this course.
~ Wendy Gibbs
Great class Posted 2 years ago
For an online class, this was great! I felt like I was in the room with them. They always responded to any questions I emailed in.
~ Dawn Reynolds
Ottimo corso on line Posted 2 years ago
Il corso é veramente fatto bene. Spiegazioni dettagliate e moltissime informazioni per capire come entrare e uscire dalle posizioni, inoltre tutti i suggerimenti per usare sostegni e modificare le pose in caso di bisogno. Maestro Ram é molto scrupoloso e spiega molto bene. Raccomando questo corso a insegnanti e studenti di qualsiasi livello.
~ Lise Carassiti
Toller Kurs Posted 2 years ago
Es ist ein wirklich toller Kurs und auch wenn es "nur" online war, fühle ich mich absolut bereit, Yin Yoga Stunden zu geben bzw. gebe nun schon die ersten Kurse. Die Videos sind super hilfreich, auch um ab und an mal wieder nachzuschauen. Auch die vielen Sequenzen sind ganz toll. Kann es nur weiter empfehlen.
~ Corinna Korner
The science behind Yin Posted 2 years ago
I really enjoyed the detailed information about tissues, fascia, and joints
~ Hallie Mayo
Excellent course Posted 2 years ago
Packed with high quality sequences and technical, energetic information to support it. Well worth the investment.
~ Victoria Pye
Very well structured and featured Yin Yoga Online Teacher Training Posted 2 years ago
This was my first online teacher training and I found it very well planned,structure, effective, with absolute professional contents and platform,intuitive and accessible for everyone. Ram is a fantastic teacher,engaging with his students,making us to resonate on each topic so I felt like I was there with them along the entire training!My deepest gratitude to Ram and Arhanta staff for your guide!
~ Mirella Ciccotosto
I really loved it! Posted 2 years ago
I was hesitant a little about trying an online yoga course, but I was honestly really pleased with how it’s structured! The teachers are really kind and Ram is an excellent teacher, thank you!
~ Camée-lya Ferland
Absolut zu empfehlen. Posted 2 years ago
Ich war zuerst etwas skeptisch, da es ja ohne Ende Online- Angebote im Yogabereicht gibt und Rezesionen in Englisch für mich nur bedingt relevant sind. Ich war von der Qualität absolut überrascht und meine Erwartungen wurden voll erfüllt. Ich fühle mich nun absolut dazu bereit, zusätzlich Yin- Yoga zu unterrichten. Ram war stets gut zu verstehen, auch für Nicht Muttersprachler.
~ Manuela Koitz
Excellent teacher, content and platform Posted 2 years ago
Amazing teacher, he explains everything clearly and in detail. The course is very complete. I feel that I have learned more in this course than in my face-to-face 200h yoga course! Also, the platform is excellent, everything is very easy to follow and the teacher replies very quick to questions and assignment corrections. I would recommend this course to anyone (yoga teacher already or not).
~ Paula Lucia huerta Barbera
I enjoyed every minute of that course Posted 2 years ago
Nach einer 200-h-Yogalehrer-Ausbildung wollte ich mein Wissen im Bereich Yin Yoga erweitern, um meinen Schülern auch hier mit Rat und Tat zur Seite stehen zu können. Dieser Kurs hat all meine Erwartungen übertroffen und ich bin sehr froh, ihn absolviert zu haben.
~ Dr. Tanja Lampa
very good explanations Posted 2 years ago
very nice way of teaching, videos with PDF to resume and add informations Raim is clear and simple but precise in his explanations
~ Fabia Boutet-llombart
Worth every moment Posted 2 years ago
Worth every moment
~ Lara Robinson
Yin Yoga TT Posted 2 years ago
An excellent course! Recomendable for every Yoga teacher, who wants to master the Yin Yoga lesson method and add to his her lesson practice.
~ Nataly Moers
Superb course Posted 2 years ago
While recovering from a shoulder injury, I follow this course. I really enjoy the content. Although online, you have the impression of being present as the background is well explained and there is plenty of interaction. Quality of recordings is good. One tip for the Yin practice is to build more time for transition form one pose to another.
~ Jantien brillenburg Wurth
Its excellent Posted 2 years ago
This is course is amazing. Its super complete, its divided in videos that are really easy to follow. Super well organized and the level of knowledege delivered is super high. Im really glad i bought this course 🙂
~ Romina Pons
Un cours complet et très pédagogique Posted 2 years ago
J'ai beaucoup aimé ce cours complet et la pédagogie de Raj qui offre un enseignement ludique et facilement compréhensible. Les séquences de yoga sont super. Je recommande ce cours sans hésitation.
~ Nadia Amar
Excellent Course! Posted 2 years ago
Wow, this felt just like being back at the Ashram. Ram is a wonderful teacher and everything is explained very clearly. I have full confidence to go out and teach yin yoga after completing this course. I looked forward to watching every video and it never felt like a task. Thank you, Ram and Arhanta team!
~ Katie Mcgrath
Excellent! Great for Continuing Education Hours Posted 2 years ago
I was delighted with the on-line Yin class taught by Ram. I am an ERYT who is aging (gracefully, I hope) as are my students. I teach yin asanas in my classes, so the chakra lessons, prop instructions and anatomy portions of Ram’s class are helpful. I especially appreciate the lifetime access to the materials, and you can bet I will take the full Yin class included in the course! Highly recommend.
~ Felice Summers
Great course! Posted 2 years ago
Very detailed, good structure and easy to use online. The support team ist amazingly quick and helpful. An absolute Pro is the option for a lifelong access. I really enjoyed the extra material, which was added with the time! I highly recommend it!
~ Vasiliki Stavrinou
A complete course for everyone who not only want to teach but also understand YIN YOGA Posted 2 years ago
I am really glad that I followed the Yin Yoga course after completing the Hatha Yoga 200 hrs course. The Yin Yoga course is very understandable in meanings of anatomy, poses but also teaching to students which is not always the case in other courses. I really learned to understand the poses and my students when they are in the pose and how they can adjust.
~ Nina Kalnay
Beste opleider Posted 2 years ago
Ik ben erg blij dat ik voor deze online opleiding heb gekozen. De lessen zijn duidelijk en zeer leerzaam. Ik zal de lessen nog vaak terug kijken om de kennis bij te houden. Bedankt! De beste opleiding die er is denk ik!
~ Laura Dammerman
Perfect Posted 2 years ago
I hesitated a lot before buying this class because it's a lot of money but it's worth every euro. The course is comprehensive, detailed and clear. Even if it's an online class, I really felt part of a group thanks to the videos. The supports are well-made. The course is well-balanced between theory and pratice. I now feel ready to teach! I highly recommend it.
~ Amelie Sapin
A very comprehensive online course, I acquired so much knowledge! Posted 2 years ago
I am positively surprised after my first online ytt experience, the time and financial investment are worth it. Arhanta provides all the necessary material and content, not to mention that Ram is a very knowledgeable teacher and has a great sense of humor! The Arhanta customer service has been also very helpful, thank you for your support!
~ Sabrina Caronni
Clear and amazing information Posted 2 years ago
The course is very good. I love how Ram explains the theory and the poses. Good dynamic education even when it’s online with the myofascial and skeletal groups
~ Robin Fredriksz
Great Yin Yoga Training Posted 2 years ago
Very detailed Yin Yoga teacher training that includes it all. I did a lot more than the given 50 hrs as I added on reading a few added books. It's a good thing it is online. You can even go back to some of the material at a later date when preparing a class.
~ Suzi Kali
Great online TT Posted 2 years ago
Thank you so much for the possibility to do this online teacher training. I was very good structured and every part was wonderful explained, so that is was easy to learn and understand and it is also very good organized and supported. I am an certified and teaching bikram yoga teacher and bringing yin and yang togeher is like heaven.
~ Carmen Lubej
Quality Content and Ram is an incredible teacher! Posted 2 years ago
I'm loving the course so far, the content is so well organised and it's so in depth. It is really easy to follow through and because it's been filmed live is so interactive and you feel like you are on the class with the rest of the people. Ram is a great teacher, asking questions, showing examples of everything and my favourite is when he tells stories that helps integrating some concepts.
~ Florencia Silvestre
interesting and instructive course Posted 2 years ago
I always wanted to become a Yin Yoga Teacher, but there were always some reasons why I never started (location far away, family, lack of time…) So I found this online course! And I‘m very happy about it; I could learn on my on rhythm and whenever I want. The whole course is well structured and easy to follow and understand. I can only recommend this online course! Thank you Arhanta team.
~ Liselotte Nanzer
Great course! Posted 2 years ago
I have done some teacher trainings before and this one is by far the best. The simplicity of explenation made me understand everything. I also love it when i choose to pay slightly more and i can overview everything when i need to. Arhanta teachers are allways awailable and ready to anwser all questions.
~ Kristina Medja
Loved it! Posted 2 years ago
Thank's Ram and other members of the team! I really enjoyed the course structure, very good balance of theory and practice, never boring, teachings are very clear. I would definitely recommend Arhanta to anyone who wants to do a teacher training.
~ Catarina Rombo
very complete Posted 2 years ago
Part One of Yin Yoga Teacher Training is very complete and gives a good understanding of both what is Yin Yoga and how to do the postures, what it targets and how each person can find variation to suit his or her body.
~ Stephanie Roy
Very authentic and lovely expereince Posted 2 years ago
Thank you so much for the wonderful course. Ram is a great teacher! I really enjoyed the Yin Yoga TTC and learned so much. I love the authenticity of the work and Ram´s style and care is wonderful. The support and communication from Omkar and others is lovely. My partner and I lived in India for many years and this was like going home 🙂 I look forward to sharing this with others. Namaskar
~ Leigh Taylor
the course seems perfect for me, we have all the elements to become a good guide for our yoginies Posted 2 years ago
I like the liberty that the course give us to follow the differents steps at our own rythm. And paradoxally, it's hard for me to find enough time to do my exercices and to follow the lessons regularly. I like the humor of the teacher, and it's very easy to follow for a not English. The supports in French are also very useful.
~ Laurence Ermel
really enjoyed this online course Posted 3 years ago
Learned a lot, am exited to teach
~ Esther van Schagen
Wonderful!!!! Posted 3 years ago
i like it very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Caroline Isabella Ritter
Great transfer of knowledge about Yin Yoga Posted 3 years ago
I have been wanting to do the Yin Yoga Teacher Training for a long time. When I saw this online offer I took the chance and I must say: It was the best decision I made last year!!! Yoga teacher Ram has such a great way of transfering his knowledge about Yoga that I have gained so much throughout the online lessons. The lessons and Rams's teaching were my daily highlight. Thank you so much for all!
~ Stefanie Mielnik
Very qualified course for yoga teachers! Posted 3 years ago
I loved the Yin yoga teacher training online. The explanations are easy to follow and there is enough lesson material to support you. The fact that the course includes Yin yoga sequences is very helpful when you don't have much experience teaching Yin.
~ Doriana Vélez Saldaña
The teacher is very thorough! Posted 3 years ago
I am learning so much in this class and am thankful for how much the teacher goes into detail to help you understand. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in a deeper understanding of Yoga philosophy and Yin yoga.
~ Michelle Saporito
so complete Posted 3 years ago
Even I perform the online course, the number of tips given by Ram are incredible. It is very complete and in my opinion remains in the tradition of yoga as far as the advices are given. I recommend this training at 300%
~ nadege cretin
This course helps get to the roots of the Yin philosophy Posted 3 years ago
This was a great course with lots of wonderful resources and information.
~ Stacy Lund
Flexible Zeiteinteilung Posted 3 years ago
Auch wenn ich zwischendurch 2 mal 2 Monate Pause machen musste, war es einfach wieder einzusteigen, und in den Lektionen voran zu gehen. Die englischen Erklärungen sind einfach zu verstehen. Für manche Videos hätte ich mir deutsche Untertitel gewünscht, dann wird nicht so störend, wenn man dazwischen manche Vokabeln nachsehen muss. Ansonsten kann ich diesen Online-Kurs uneingeschränkt empfehlen.
~ anne gottfreund
don't know, i've just begun Posted 3 years ago
anyway the first impression is good
~ Mario Miriani
Loved it! Posted 3 years ago
This is a great, complete and clear online training, I highly recommend it, I’m practicing Yin Yoga since 2 years now and I’ve learned so many new things thanks to this online course, especially about fundamentals, philosophy and anatomy. The team was always very helpful and quick to respond my message, this was a great experience! I feel very happy and confident to teach Yin Yoga now… Thank you!
~ Raphaele Steiner
Indepth yinyoga course Posted 3 years ago
This course is very well structured. A good background in theory of how the person in percieved in yoga (physical, astral and spiritual body) The poses are all detailled explaind in the video's in a consistent way, wich makes it easy to remember and variate. Intresting class video's. The online learning environment is userfriendly.
~ Marlies de Jong
Informative and useful course Posted 3 years ago
I am happy that I got this course. It was informative, useful, interesting. I like the teacher's manner which is easy, playful and with a sense of humor. This course will be really helpful for me for my teaching. And I will be able to return to it again and again. Besides the sequences help me to have my own practice and time to relax. This is very important too. Thanks to Ram, Omkar and the team!
~ Violeta Golendukhina Aismintas
A very complete trainig Posted 3 years ago
Video supports of all classes as if we were there. Detailed written courses on all subjects seen during the classes. Quizz exercices after each chapter to evaluate our understanding and knowledge level. Explanations are very easy to understand for everyone. The teaching method is simple and clear. I highly recommend this 50 hours Yin Yoga training.
~ Florence Vanderstraele
Very great teacher Posted 3 years ago
An amazing teacher. Thank you so much. The courses are very interesting and well done. The support written in French is very practical. Too bad sometimes that there are sound issues or things that you cannot see in front of the camera. And I dont know why but I had to practise yin sequence practise at the end and not every class day. Maybe it is a bug. I dont know. Thanks
~ Camille Constant
I am lucky to have found this course. Posted 3 years ago
I am an RMT. Part of my job is to teach my clients how important maintaining postural alignment throughout active daily life is. Through my years of treating, I have noticed most people have no idea what correct postural alignment FEELS like. This course helps relate to my clients how to become aware of their OWN bodies and to align themselves to balance according to what their OWN body needs!
~ Thera Jordan
Deep clarity Posted 3 years ago
In these deteriorating times of world, a system plunging into the mystic wisdom teachings of the world, and especially an yoga teaching so profound, as taught by Ram, can fill gaps which should have been filled long ago. Being an Amchi (Tibetan doctor) to me this teaching honors the backbone of universal healing. May numerous people benefit from it! Namasté.
~ Gerry van den Brekel
Unglaublich gut aufbereitet Posted 3 years ago
Ich habe mich nicht gefühlt, als ob ich eine Online-Ausbildung machen würde. Durch die Qualität von Rams Unterricht hatte ich das Gefühl, live dabei zu sein.
~ Cornelia Stiegler
great course Posted 3 years ago
learned a lot and so happy to start teaching soon
~ Olga Elnikova
resting in oange zone Posted 3 years ago
Without having any expectations, i was very pleased, that i had the feeling of sitting in course with other members. The Guideline is perfect. i did not expected an online course beeing as present as it has been.
~ Barbara Schön
Un plaisir renouvelé !!! Posted 3 years ago
J'avais déjà suivi ce programme en 2017....beaucoup d'améliorations ont été apportées (notamment les traductions en français,...) et je ne regrette pas d'avoir renouvelé cette expérience en 2021 !!! les vidéos sont un plus et apportent beaucoup dans les ajustements de postures... Un très beau programme de formation, très fluide...
~ Françoise Coton Monteil
Well structured and designed course Posted 3 years ago
As a professional educator and a course designer, I can unreservedly recommend this online course. Of course, the responsibility rests upon a learner on how diligently s/he will follow the course, but the way this program is organized offers you everything to delve into the subject matter. On my side, I am complementing the online study with practice and additional literature. Thank you.
~ Lela Mosemghvdlishvili
Yin for everyone! Posted 3 years ago
Ttt was really detailed and all topics well explained.Simple and with all necessary knowledge available both in video and contents.Super!
~ Maria Aurora Di Pietro
A wonderful course Posted 3 years ago
It's been a pleasure all along. I am really greatful and I strongly recommend the course. As soon as I can I'll jump into another one. Namaste.
~ Pascale Raine
Thank you!:) Posted 3 years ago
Very thankful for this course! I was a little afraid I wouldn’t learn so much because its online, but if you kick your own ass and stay dedicated its a really great learning experience with a great teacher as well! Loved it, a deep dive into so much wisdom!
~ Luca Marie Kusenberg
Loved this course!! Posted 3 years ago
Thank you Ram! I loved learning about Yin. I have always been worried about the amount of anatomy in Yin courses, but you made it fun and easy to understand. The support is great and assessment turn arounds were very quick. I can't wait to do more with you and your team! Warm regards Rhys
~ Rhys McInnes
Yin Yoga 50 Hours TT Posted 3 years ago
Great teacher training! I've learned so much. I particularly appreciated the amount of suggestions about modifications and the anatomy .
~ Gloria Miele
Yin Yoga Teacher Posted 3 years ago
Very good training ... I learned a lot. Kind regards from Vienna!
~ Nora Hlous
Yin yoga Posted 3 years ago
Formation très bien faite bien expliquée j en referais une autre merci 🙏
~ nadine ROUSSIN
Great experience Posted 3 years ago
Thank you Ram and the team to make that e-course so complete and interesting. I felt very happy to learn more about Yoga philosophy and especialy about Yin. As beeing Vata Pitta its just perfect for me. I feel more confident and exited to share that to my friends at first and slowly to my guests. Namaste
~ Geraldine Grand
Formation au top! Posted 3 years ago
Je suis ravie de cette formation adaptée en sous titre français. Je recommande, le professeur est super et explique clairement les cours points par points. Merci
~ Amanda Johnson

Fantastic Course!!

Thank you Ram for a wonderful online Yin Yoga Training Course. I have wanted to do my Yin training for a while, but was sceptical about training online, as I enjoy learning more practically. But this course was perfect. Easy to follow, very informative and Ram is an amazing teacher. I have now booked onto Yoga Nidra!!!

by Stacey

Brilliant Course

This is the first online yoga course I have done and it exceeded my expectations, brilliant video's and great communication and support when needed. I'll will totally do another one at some point soon! Thank you so much

by Lucie

Amazing Experience

The course is well organized, professional, and exhaustive.

by Claudia

Great Experience

This course is very informative, well structured and composed. A valuable element is the way of conducting classes referring to the structure of traditional teaching - mantra before and after the session, wearing a uniform by the tutor, it all adds value to the overall experience. I am very satisfied with the content. I will definitely recommend to anyone interesting in discovering Yin Yoga.

by Beata

Beyond Expectations

The online Yin Teacher Training is clear, professional and complete. Each argument is carefully explained and the most important topics are repeated to ensure the student has well understood. Each question is answered patiently and the teacher is very invested in helping his students. The bonus contents are a great instrument to start teaching feeling more confident. I recommend this TT!

by Silvia

Amazing Experience

The formation is well organized , professional, and exellent !

by Virginie

A Really Good And Qualified Education

I thought I studied already before a lot about anatomy, philosophiie and so on, but it was much deeper and sometimes from a different point of view than I experienced before. Thanks a lot!

by Silke

Excellent Teacher Training

All I can say is that im so happy, that I chose this Yoga School! The training was amazing! The structure, the teachings and the whole set up is very professional. Ram is a amazing teacher, he explains everything very good and clear, he is repeating his teachings a lot, which makes it very easy to learn and remember. Im already participating a other course :). I can highly recommend it!

by Jessica

Geweldige Yin Teacher Training

The Yin was very complete, well organized with great video's. It contains so much extra information. I surely recommend it.

by Christina

Best Yin Teacher Training

I was already certified 200h by Yoga Alliance before starting Yin Yoga. This Training is complete, rich and very interesting. I recommend. Top! Thank you

by Lante

Great Additional Module

I am a 200hrs qualified yoga teacher. This is my second course with Arhanta school The contents are complete and concise. The written material that you keep covers everything so you can come back to it any time afterwards. The theory is expansive and the course is supporting strong practice. The Arhanta courses have been a great way to expand my knowledge and improve my teaching.

by Sandrine

Perfect course

I searched a lot online before deciding to enroll in this course and I'm so happy that I made the right choice. I enjoyed every bit of the course. All the lessons were informative and well prepared. The course made me wish that I attended the classes in person

by Ruba


The teacher, Mr Ram Jain, is superb. Professional, patient and very clear about explanations. He has nothing to do with new age teachers and I appreciate it a lot, finally a serious teacher, I love this. I think I will go on studying, I hope in India when I can travel again. Thank you Ram Jain and thank you to the technical staff, you have a perfect organization. Surya Gayatri (Patrizia Tavasci)

by Patrizia


I volunteered during the yin yoga course at the ashram. Afterwards I enrolled in the online training. I can confirm that the online course is a very qualitative course that you can follow at your own pace at home. I highly recommend their courses.

by Lilith

Great Course

Very good course, full of updated information and Ram is an excellent teacher.

by Romina

Thank You & Fully Recommend This Course

A great professional online course for deepening & understanding knowledge of Yin Yoga & to be able to teach it effectively. Ram is a fabulous teacher & makes the lessons easy to understand.

by Aruna


This is the most professional online-course I have come across so far. Very structured, helpful and knowledgeable. I truly learned a lot and am so grateful!

by Eva

Very Good Course

The course was very interesting and complete, and the teacher is clear in exposition and demonstrates a huge knowledge about yoga in general. I am fully satisfied and absolutely recommend this course to anyone who wants to deepen this beautiful discipline of Yin yoga.

by Samantha

Highly Recommendable!

This course is well structured, clearly laid out, easily comprehendible and fun. The two assignments really push you to get into teaching Yin Yoga. I was also impressed by all the detailed information you get at the beginning of each new topic. The different Yin Yoga sequences you are encouraged to practise doing the course are varied and so helpflul! Thank you for your support

by Beate

Good Online Course

Very good online course. easy to follow and notes are in al languages.

by Janet

Good Course For Learning The Basic Of Yin Yoga

The course is well structured and provide enough of materials to get one started teaching Yin Yoga. The many sequences provided in this course were very useful. However, it would have been better that the online was given live for online, instead of "copy and paste" from the recording of live sessions. Sometimes, I felt like I have missed something from a video which ended abruptly.

by Seok

Very Good And Detailed Course!

The course was very informative, a lot of bonuses that other courses don't have. The teacher Ram is very thorough when he explains with a homours twist sometimes:). I can strongly recommend to take this trainer class!

by Monica

Un Enseignement Clair Et Enrichissant

Suivre ce cours donne réellement la conviction que des bases solides sont posées en soi. Le discours, savant et simple, l'atmosphère sérieuse et détendue des cours, le séquençage des enseignements, tout contribue à maintenir la motivation de l'étudiant.

by Sophie

Yin Yoga Teacher Training 50 Hour Online Course

Awesome course to say the least! This is my second online teacher training experience and it far surpassed my expectations. I would highly recommend this training to anyone. The technical and administrative support are outstanding. The price of the course was fair when compared to others. The videos are professional, well scripted, and easy to navigate.

by Kathleen

Very Good Quality Course

I really enjoyed this Yin Yoga Training. There many reasons why I would recomend it : - quality is very good, everything is explained with details, with either texts, videos, or filmed classes. - the plateform is great; you can follow on the Laptop or print in a syllabus. - content is forever - I study I my own pace (3 month for me) - many exemple of classes and sequences to practice at home

by Lesecq

Very Enjoyable And Informative.

I had no preconceived perceptions on this course having never undertaken an on-line course in this type of subject. However the course was excellent and I learned a great deal which will add pleasure to my Hatha and Yin Yoga practice. It has also given me a small understanding of my bodies anatomy and spurred me onto gaining greater knowledge of how Yoga positions effect our bodies. Excellent.

by David

Love The Course

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Yin course. Ticking off each section & watching the percentage increase as I worked may way through each section. A really good way to keep motivated. The videos have been informative, interesting & fun feeling part of the online class! There has been great support from the tutors via email. I have really loved it & have been kept busy during Lockdown! Thanks Anna X

by Anna


Thank you very much! Our teacher explained yin yoga poses, philosophy, and how to be a teacher deeply. It was easy to follow, and included all the necessary information. Asking my questions with messages helped me a lot. I wish all the Yin Classes were like topic 6 under Sequencing module, full lenght class with our teacher. Approach was based on anatomy rather than meridians. Namaste!

by Canay

Loved It!

This course is great and easy to follow, and you can study at your own pace. Even if I'm not planning to become a yoga teacher soon, it is nice to know the fundamentals so I can practice yin yoga at home

by Ismael

Excellent Training

Learned a lot! I love the movies with Ram. His way of explaining really works! The dance makes you never forget. I love the lessons as an inspiration and to do over and over again! Petra Barte

by Petra

The Course Was Very Good.

The course was very good. I learned so many things also for my general yoga practice. The videos of Ram teaching the poses are very nice to watch and he has a good sense of fine humour. His English is despite his unique accent good understandable. I hope that there will follow other courses than the ones which are still online. Thank you very much!

by Oliver

So Useful

So useful. It rekindled my passion for yoga. Ram is a great teacher, a true guide. Many blessings.

by Liza

Great Teacher

I was thinking about taking this course for some time, but always hesitated because of having no time (thanks to Covid19 now I am having more than enough of it!), and because I am not an English native speaker. I assure you: Forget these excuses! In the comfort of my own home I could really study whenever I wanted to, and the Units were well structured. The lectures were fun, and Ram isnt a native English speaker too, so that means he is speaking slowly and easy English, I am really grateful for this. He is a great teacher, I loved his funny examples, and he always is coming to the point. This is an art - I appreciate it. I learned (hopefully) a lot and feel prepared to teach yinyoga. Thanks!

by Monika

This Course Was Very Helpful

This course was very helpful for me since I already have YTT 500H Yoga Alliance. It can be a good start for beginners but I don't agree someone being qualified to be a Yoga teacher only by on line courses. The presential course should be a requirement.

by Cristiane

Very Good Teacher

Very good teacher, very clear instructions. It helped me a lot having a Yin Yoga TTC online version during Corona Time. Thank you Ram. I will recommend your academy and maybe I will be back for a Prenatal TTC. Kind regards Josiane from Luxembourg

by Josiane

Very Good Course

It's a very complet course, the material is very good. Exactly what I was looking for.

by Alejandra

This Was A Very Enjoyable Course

This was a very enjoyable course with a range of diverse content. I felt it was very comprehensive and the practice and teaching required embedded the postures very well.

by Rachel

Great Option To Learn From Home

I liked this course because it offers a lot of interesting information related to the practice and teaching of yin yoga. I liked the sections of anatomy and philosophy, the course showed me how to apply this concepts to the practice. All the yin poses are nicely explained and offer many options to modify them according each body situation. I understand that the way to teach a new style is challenging and it needs time and discipline, the course is confortable in the sense you have all the tools to start practicing teaching. The next step is practice practice practice and I know I can ask Ram if I have any doubt.

by Karen

An Excellent Course

An excellent course - very thorough and logical to follow. Would enjoy more teachings from Ram. Am delighted with the experience. Regular updates and support available at all times. Thank you.

by Annalisa

This Course Was Well Build

In times of covid 19 it was a really good chance for me, to study yin yoga online. This course was well build, had a lot of information and had a large share of practice. afterwards i felt well able to teach yin yoga Thank you!

by Kirsten

I Have Enjoyed Learning Yin Yoga

I have enjoyed learning Yin Yoga through Arhanta Yoga. It suited me perfectly to do it from the comfort of my home and at times it suited me. I am looking forward in starting to teach in 2020. Thanks Karin

by Karin Hagberg

Highly Qualitative Information

I’m glad i started this training! Highly qualitative information and the live classes with Ram are a big source of knowledge. If you want to start teaching yin yoga and cannot travel to be trained this is an amazing opportunity.

by Alexandra Sesen

Clear Explanation

Clear explanation, much info about adjustments and when & why to make which adjustments (very important!), basic explanation of chakra's, meridians and body-skeleton. Ram is a very good and patient teacher. Very happy I took this course! Thank you!!

by Ankie De Wert

This Is My Very First Experience To Online Course

This is my very first experience to online course. And that too 3 yrs after my Hatha ttc. Lots of learning from ram sir's adjustment and how to teach class. Meridian concept is still hard to understand in deep. My overall experience was good with the online ttc. It will be beneficial for me if you can send some of the video present in online or share link in mail. Thanks for wonderful teaching.

by Gayatri Kamat

Well Organized And Structured

Well organized and structured. Simple to follow but complete. The course is very exciting. I would participate in other online courses from Ram. Namastè

by Francesca Maurigi

I'm So Glad I Found This Course

I'm so glad I found this course. The material is easy to understand and to remember with the quizzes that are following after each text or video of theory. Highly recommended!

by Nadzeya Yenot-Sinitskaya

I'm Very Satisfied

I'm very satisfied with all the information I've learned with this course. Well explained and easy to understand. I was not sure about the online method, but I really liked it. Thank you!

by Marina Masó Buxeda

Very Good Content

Very good content and clear concise notes. Easy to follow and very useful to have access to information afterwards.

by Doreen Smith

I Feel Blessed For This Opportunity

I feel blessed for this opportunity. Arhanta Yoga provided this course for someone like me whom could not make time for travel and sitters. I had gotten my 200 hours in Buffalo, Ny 2017. I had hoped to continue learning and advance as a teacher and student. Gratitude to Arhanta, All the lovely people who came together to create this course. Blessings to All.

by Nicole Corso

Amazing Teacher Training

Thank you for this amazing online teacher training! I really liked the structure, the material and also the videos. Namaste!

by Gergo Aradi