Yin Yoga Teacher Training Reviews

Fantastic Course!!

Thank you Ram for a wonderful online Yin Yoga Training Course. I have wanted to do my Yin training for a while, but was sceptical about training online, as I enjoy learning more practically. But this course was perfect. Easy to follow, very informative and Ram is an amazing teacher. I have now booked onto Yoga Nidra!!!

by Stacey

Brilliant Course

This is the first online yoga course I have done and it exceeded my expectations, brilliant video's and great communication and support when needed. I'll will totally do another one at some point soon! Thank you so much

by Lucie

Amazing Experience

The course is well organized, professional, and exhaustive.

by Claudia

Great Experience

This course is very informative, well structured and composed. A valuable element is the way of conducting classes referring to the structure of traditional teaching - mantra before and after the session, wearing a uniform by the tutor, it all adds value to the overall experience. I am very satisfied with the content. I will definitely recommend to anyone interesting in discovering Yin Yoga.

by Beata

Beyond Expectations

The online Yin Teacher Training is clear, professional and complete. Each argument is carefully explained and the most important topics are repeated to ensure the student has well understood. Each question is answered patiently and the teacher is very invested in helping his students. The bonus contents are a great instrument to start teaching feeling more confident. I recommend this TT!

by Silvia

Amazing Experience

The formation is well organized , professional, and exellent !

by Virginie

A Really Good And Qualified Education

I thought I studied already before a lot about anatomy, philosophiie and so on, but it was much deeper and sometimes from a different point of view than I experienced before. Thanks a lot!

by Silke

Excellent Teacher Training

All I can say is that im so happy, that I chose this Yoga School! The training was amazing! The structure, the teachings and the whole set up is very professional. Ram is a amazing teacher, he explains everything very good and clear, he is repeating his teachings a lot, which makes it very easy to learn and remember. Im already participating a other course :). I can highly recommend it!

by Jessica

Geweldige Yin Teacher Training

The Yin was very complete, well organized with great video's. It contains so much extra information. I surely recommend it.

by Christina

Best Yin Teacher Training

I was already certified 200h by Yoga Alliance before starting Yin Yoga. This Training is complete, rich and very interesting. I recommend. Top! Thank you

by Lante

Great Additional Module

I am a 200hrs qualified yoga teacher. This is my second course with Arhanta school The contents are complete and concise. The written material that you keep covers everything so you can come back to it any time afterwards. The theory is expansive and the course is supporting strong practice. The Arhanta courses have been a great way to expand my knowledge and improve my teaching.

by Sandrine

Perfect course

I searched a lot online before deciding to enroll in this course and I'm so happy that I made the right choice. I enjoyed every bit of the course. All the lessons were informative and well prepared. The course made me wish that I attended the classes in person

by Ruba


The teacher, Mr Ram Jain, is superb. Professional, patient and very clear about explanations. He has nothing to do with new age teachers and I appreciate it a lot, finally a serious teacher, I love this. I think I will go on studying, I hope in India when I can travel again. Thank you Ram Jain and thank you to the technical staff, you have a perfect organization. Surya Gayatri (Patrizia Tavasci)

by Patrizia


I volunteered during the yin yoga course at the ashram. Afterwards I enrolled in the online training. I can confirm that the online course is a very qualitative course that you can follow at your own pace at home. I highly recommend their courses.

by Lilith

Great Course

Very good course, full of updated information and Ram is an excellent teacher.

by Romina

Thank You & Fully Recommend This Course

A great professional online course for deepening & understanding knowledge of Yin Yoga & to be able to teach it effectively. Ram is a fabulous teacher & makes the lessons easy to understand.

by Aruna


This is the most professional online-course I have come across so far. Very structured, helpful and knowledgeable. I truly learned a lot and am so grateful!

by Eva

Very Good Course

The course was very interesting and complete, and the teacher is clear in exposition and demonstrates a huge knowledge about yoga in general. I am fully satisfied and absolutely recommend this course to anyone who wants to deepen this beautiful discipline of Yin yoga.

by Samantha

Highly Recommendable!

This course is well structured, clearly laid out, easily comprehendible and fun. The two assignments really push you to get into teaching Yin Yoga. I was also impressed by all the detailed information you get at the beginning of each new topic. The different Yin Yoga sequences you are encouraged to practise doing the course are varied and so helpflul! Thank you for your support

by Beate

Good Online Course

Very good online course. easy to follow and notes are in al languages.

by Janet

Good Course For Learning The Basic Of Yin Yoga

The course is well structured and provide enough of materials to get one started teaching Yin Yoga. The many sequences provided in this course were very useful. However, it would have been better that the online was given live for online, instead of "copy and paste" from the recording of live sessions. Sometimes, I felt like I have missed something from a video which ended abruptly.

by Seok

Very Good And Detailed Course!

The course was very informative, a lot of bonuses that other courses don't have. The teacher Ram is very thorough when he explains with a homours twist sometimes:). I can strongly recommend to take this trainer class!

by Monica

Un Enseignement Clair Et Enrichissant

Suivre ce cours donne réellement la conviction que des bases solides sont posées en soi. Le discours, savant et simple, l'atmosphère sérieuse et détendue des cours, le séquençage des enseignements, tout contribue à maintenir la motivation de l'étudiant.

by Sophie

Yin Yoga Teacher Training 50 Hour Online Course

Awesome course to say the least! This is my second online teacher training experience and it far surpassed my expectations. I would highly recommend this training to anyone. The technical and administrative support are outstanding. The price of the course was fair when compared to others. The videos are professional, well scripted, and easy to navigate.

by Kathleen

Very Good Quality Course

I really enjoyed this Yin Yoga Training. There many reasons why I would recomend it : - quality is very good, everything is explained with details, with either texts, videos, or filmed classes. - the plateform is great; you can follow on the Laptop or print in a syllabus. - content is forever - I study I my own pace (3 month for me) - many exemple of classes and sequences to practice at home

by Lesecq

Very Enjoyable And Informative.

I had no preconceived perceptions on this course having never undertaken an on-line course in this type of subject. However the course was excellent and I learned a great deal which will add pleasure to my Hatha and Yin Yoga practice. It has also given me a small understanding of my bodies anatomy and spurred me onto gaining greater knowledge of how Yoga positions effect our bodies. Excellent.

by David

Love The Course

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Yin course. Ticking off each section & watching the percentage increase as I worked may way through each section. A really good way to keep motivated. The videos have been informative, interesting & fun feeling part of the online class! There has been great support from the tutors via email. I have really loved it & have been kept busy during Lockdown! Thanks Anna X

by Anna


Thank you very much! Our teacher explained yin yoga poses, philosophy, and how to be a teacher deeply. It was easy to follow, and included all the necessary information. Asking my questions with messages helped me a lot. I wish all the Yin Classes were like topic 6 under Sequencing module, full lenght class with our teacher. Approach was based on anatomy rather than meridians. Namaste!

by Canay

Loved It!

This course is great and easy to follow, and you can study at your own pace. Even if I'm not planning to become a yoga teacher soon, it is nice to know the fundamentals so I can practice yin yoga at home

by Ismael

Excellent Training

Learned a lot! I love the movies with Ram. His way of explaining really works! The dance makes you never forget. I love the lessons as an inspiration and to do over and over again! Petra Barte

by Petra

The Course Was Very Good.

The course was very good. I learned so many things also for my general yoga practice. The videos of Ram teaching the poses are very nice to watch and he has a good sense of fine humour. His English is despite his unique accent good understandable. I hope that there will follow other courses than the ones which are still online. Thank you very much!

by Oliver

So Useful

So useful. It rekindled my passion for yoga. Ram is a great teacher, a true guide. Many blessings.

by Liza

Great Teacher

I was thinking about taking this course for some time, but always hesitated because of having no time (thanks to Covid19 now I am having more than enough of it!), and because I am not an English native speaker. I assure you: Forget these excuses! In the comfort of my own home I could really study whenever I wanted to, and the Units were well structured. The lectures were fun, and Ram isnt a native English speaker too, so that means he is speaking slowly and easy English, I am really grateful for this. He is a great teacher, I loved his funny examples, and he always is coming to the point. This is an art - I appreciate it. I learned (hopefully) a lot and feel prepared to teach yinyoga. Thanks!

by Monika

This Course Was Very Helpful

This course was very helpful for me since I already have YTT 500H Yoga Alliance. It can be a good start for beginners but I don't agree someone being qualified to be a Yoga teacher only by on line courses. The presential course should be a requirement.

by Cristiane

Very Good Teacher

Very good teacher, very clear instructions. It helped me a lot having a Yin Yoga TTC online version during Corona Time. Thank you Ram. I will recommend your academy and maybe I will be back for a Prenatal TTC. Kind regards Josiane from Luxembourg

by Josiane

Very Good Course

It's a very complet course, the material is very good. Exactly what I was looking for.

by Alejandra

This Was A Very Enjoyable Course

This was a very enjoyable course with a range of diverse content. I felt it was very comprehensive and the practice and teaching required embedded the postures very well.

by Rachel

Great Option To Learn From Home

I liked this course because it offers a lot of interesting information related to the practice and teaching of yin yoga. I liked the sections of anatomy and philosophy, the course showed me how to apply this concepts to the practice. All the yin poses are nicely explained and offer many options to modify them according each body situation. I understand that the way to teach a new style is challenging and it needs time and discipline, the course is confortable in the sense you have all the tools to start practicing teaching. The next step is practice practice practice and I know I can ask Ram if I have any doubt.

by Karen

An Excellent Course

An excellent course - very thorough and logical to follow. Would enjoy more teachings from Ram. Am delighted with the experience. Regular updates and support available at all times. Thank you.

by Annalisa

This Course Was Well Build

In times of covid 19 it was a really good chance for me, to study yin yoga online. This course was well build, had a lot of information and had a large share of practice. afterwards i felt well able to teach yin yoga Thank you!

by Kirsten

I Have Enjoyed Learning Yin Yoga

I have enjoyed learning Yin Yoga through Arhanta Yoga. It suited me perfectly to do it from the comfort of my home and at times it suited me. I am looking forward in starting to teach in 2020. Thanks Karin

by Karin Hagberg

Highly Qualitative Information

I’m glad i started this training! Highly qualitative information and the live classes with Ram are a big source of knowledge. If you want to start teaching yin yoga and cannot travel to be trained this is an amazing opportunity.

by Alexandra Sesen

Clear Explanation

Clear explanation, much info about adjustments and when & why to make which adjustments (very important!), basic explanation of chakra's, meridians and body-skeleton. Ram is a very good and patient teacher. Very happy I took this course! Thank you!!

by Ankie De Wert

This Is My Very First Experience To Online Course

This is my very first experience to online course. And that too 3 yrs after my Hatha ttc. Lots of learning from ram sir's adjustment and how to teach class. Meridian concept is still hard to understand in deep. My overall experience was good with the online ttc. It will be beneficial for me if you can send some of the video present in online or share link in mail. Thanks for wonderful teaching.

by Gayatri Kamat

Well Organized And Structured

Well organized and structured. Simple to follow but complete. The course is very exciting. I would participate in other online courses from Ram. Namastè

by Francesca Maurigi

I'm So Glad I Found This Course

I'm so glad I found this course. The material is easy to understand and to remember with the quizzes that are following after each text or video of theory. Highly recommended!

by Nadzeya Yenot-Sinitskaya

I'm Very Satisfied

I'm very satisfied with all the information I've learned with this course. Well explained and easy to understand. I was not sure about the online method, but I really liked it. Thank you!

by Marina Masó Buxeda

Very Good Content

Very good content and clear concise notes. Easy to follow and very useful to have access to information afterwards.

by Doreen Smith

I Feel Blessed For This Opportunity

I feel blessed for this opportunity. Arhanta Yoga provided this course for someone like me whom could not make time for travel and sitters. I had gotten my 200 hours in Buffalo, Ny 2017. I had hoped to continue learning and advance as a teacher and student. Gratitude to Arhanta, All the lovely people who came together to create this course. Blessings to All.

by Nicole Corso

Amazing Teacher Training

Thank you for this amazing online teacher training! I really liked the structure, the material and also the videos. Namaste!

by Gergo Aradi