Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Learn how to teach yoga to pregnant women. Besides being extremely grateful this can be an interesting way expand your customer base.
Lucia Seglie · January 28, 2020

What will you learn

You will learn what pregnancy yoga is and what the benefits are of doing yoga during pregnancy. The course covers an overview of the changing anatomy and hormonal changes and the effects on the psychology of the pregnant woman. It gives an insight in how yoga can help in this special time and focusses on the importance of accepting the changes and building awareness.

Learn important facts about the fundamentals of pregnancy anatomy so you can give proper alignment cues. The course teaches you how to confidently develop a class, what to teach and how to teach.

It covers common issues in pregnancy and trimester highlights and how to apply this in your classes, mentioning best asana’s and asana’s to avoid.

Find separate chapters on the importance of breath, the need of space, visualization, the importance of relaxation  including restorative yoga during pregnancy and yoga nidra.

Teach pregnant women how they can use visualizations, active yoga postures and special relaxation techniques during labor.

The course also includes partner yoga; it emphasizes the importance of the partner during pregnancy, teaches active yoga poses and sequences to do with partner and goes into the role of the partner right after birth.


  • experience with yoga and/or completed yoga teacher training
  • affinity with pregnancy
  • basic understanding of the English language
  • a device like a computer, laptop or smartphone, tv

This course is for

  • yoga teachers
  • midwives and maternity nurses
  • other healthcare professionals working with -or who want to start working with- pregnant women

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Course Includes

  • 26 Lessons
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Melina Ekic
Posted 2 weeks ago
Ready to start teaching

With this course, I feel like I have all the background that I would need to teach prenatal yoga. It gives a lot of background information, and very valuable information on how to get into poses and out of them. I also appreciate the variations given, and alternatives for poses.

Maria Jose Gomez
Posted 2 weeks ago

I am a yoga teacher and also currently pregnant and found this course to be so but so helpful. I am so grateful for Lucia who has taken the time to make such an elaborative, informative, and well-organized course. I will definitely be following her and all her courses. Thanks Lucia!

Nofar Mash
Posted 2 weeks ago
Best gift to give yourself during pregnancy

As a "feminine" yoga teacher and a pregnant woman, it was an amazing process for me, personally and professionally. Lucia is great, very pleasant, The explanations were very detailed, the manual is excellently written, the videos and photos as well. She was also available for any question. highly recommended. I continue with excitement to the postnatal course and mama&baby 🙂

Karin Elisabeth Pusca
Posted 3 weeks ago
Excellent Course

This has been a very interesting journey as I'm already a Yoga Teacher and one of my private client wanted me to guide her on the mat during her pregnancy. I'm a regular practitioner but I have never been a mum so this was an amazing deep dive into discovering so much more about women's body and mind during this particular time. It gave me the right confidence to be able to continue teaching her!

Vibha Pranam Abhyuday
Posted 4 weeks ago
Nice Course Structure

I Enjoyed this Course and as a student and also as a teacher. Further, I am happy to revisit this course content as many times as required. And I am ready to help other moms. It is much appreciated if I receive a Certificate as a hard copy also. Thank you Lucia for your kind and supportive lessons in the videos.

Nejra Cehic
Posted 1 month ago
Comprehensive and inspiring

As a yoga teacher who started the course 4 months' pregnant, I loved this course both as a student of yoga and a future prenatal teacher. It was well organised and presented, engaging and inspiring - covering a lot beyond the asanas. I really appreciated Lucia's gentle and supportive approach and the reminders about the philosophy of Hatha yoga. And Lucia was always available to answer questions!

Shriya Sridhara Maiya
Posted 1 month ago
Very comprehensive!

Loved the course! But as with many things, pros and cons(mostly pros tho) The good things - Lucia is FANTASTIC, very slow, thorough and gives the important info. Everything required is presented. Cons - There is no proper controlling. We are not asked to show or present anything, I think if we have to teach outside, that is important. Also, a printed certificate would be VERY MUCH appreciated.

Yolanda Roos
Posted 1 month ago

Tijdens een eerdere yoga-opleiding zwangerschapsyoga gehad, maar nooit zo uitgebreid als deze TT. Veel tips & trics waar je echt iets aan hebt. Vol vertrouwen ga ik nu aan de slag als docente zwangerschapsyoga!

Line Nordentoft
Posted 2 months ago
Great course

I learned so much about alternative yoga poses and caring for the mother to-be.

Shivantika Srivastava
Posted 2 months ago
Great knowledge and content

I really liked the course. very informative , clear and best version of online classes. Thank you so much .

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