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From 18 to 27 years old Lucia Ilaria Seglie traveled continuously looking for answers and herself. In Ireland she met her husband with whom she left to discover Asia. In India Lucia met her master Yogi Ram who changed their lives by putting them in contact with traditional yoga philosophy at Arhanta Yoga Ashram. Since then everything is clearer and Lucia experiences a more peaceful life:  she found answers and understood where she wanted to go. She wanted to feel good and to accomplish that, she needed to make others feel good.


Lucia became a yoga teacher in 2012 from that practical moment and she teaches this discipline to pass on the techniques and philosophy of life that she firmly believes can improve everyone’s life. For me it was the beginning of a new path, full of transformations and goals. Lucia’s husband accompanies her on this journey, taking care of and developing natural, vegetarian and vegan cuisine in their Zoi Health / Food / Drink restaurant.
Lucia’s mantra is: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Respecting each one’s different pace, she accompanies her students towards the achievement of their goals, whatever they might be”.


Lucia  is a young woman, careful, curious and with a great desire to accomplish new things; she is passionate about her work as a teacher and devoted to people, at the same time she is a capable and successful entrepreneur. Her business vision is modern, ethical and aimed at creating a humanly and ecologically sustainable environment.



Founder of Zoi Project; a life project dedicated to creating psycho-physical well-being for people, and which is currently divided into:
Zoi Health/Food/Drink Restaurant
Zoi Yoga Studio


Director of Studies at Zoi Yoga Studio


Yoga teacher with over 10 years of experience and over 800 hours of training between India and Europe.
Certified by Arhanta Yoga Ashram India
Hatha Yoga
Pregnacy Yoga
Yin Yoga
Certified by Live With Yoga Center India
Hatha Yoga
Therapeutic Yoga


Founder of the method Zoi Care Europe


Life Business and Sport Coach certificate at Accademia Italiana PNL Society of NLP by Doctor Richard Bandler.

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