Business Coaching for Pregnancy Yoga Teachers

One to One Coaching with Lucia Seglie

Become a Certified Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher

A specialized course for yoga practitioners aspiring to reach and teach yoga to pregnant women. Choose your 1:1 meeting at your own space with Lucia Seglie, certified Life/business/sports coach and NLP Practitioner with Italian Academy Milano, Richard Bandler Society California.

Business Coaching for Pregnancy Yoga Teachers
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Get Results Fast

Working with Lucia Seglie will make you achieve great results. You will learn how to be different from your competitors and how to schedule a successful Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Business, online, live or both.
The market is very demanding and you will learn how to be unique and successful in it. You will get 1:1 meeting every 14 days and she will keep you on track for 3 or 6 months, as per your choice. During the meeting you will set clear goals and map action plans to achieve them.

Are You Ready for It?

Whether you just finish your Prenatal Teacher Training or you are already teaching lots of classes, this opportunity will make you grow, avoid mistakes, maximize your performance and experience greater satisfaction from your job.

What if I’m pregnant myself?
Even better occasion for you to explore with Lucia. The big changes and the greater challenges the state of maternity will bring. If this is your case choose for the five meetings in order to dedicate time to yourself with a specific life coach session.

Do You Need Coaching?

Everyone has a coach, from athletes to any type of leaders. we all need a guide from time to time in our lives to help us to achieve our goals. With Lucia you will uncover any limitations that hold you to have a great result.

When you are choosing the business coach you will be able to:
1. Increase your revenue
2. Become more effective as a Prenatal and Postnatal Teacher
3. Avoid common mistakes
4. Thrive in difficult times

What Will You Learn?

  • Create specific strategies to have full Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga classes  
  • Identify and improve powerful resources for the growth of your yoga business  
  • Create a robust system for Prenatal Yoga marketing
  • Learn up-selling and cross-selling strategies specific for the Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Market
  • Successfully build a network of life-long customers 
  • Provide a life-long support for mums and  mums to be 

Faculty profile

Lucia Seglie

(ERYT 500, RPYT 500 & YACEP with 6000 hours of Teaching Experience)

Lucia Seglie is an experienced pregnancy yoga teacher and a successful yoga entrepreneur. She started her yoga journey in India with traditional teachers. During her 10-year teaching career, she has worked with various anatomy and physiology experts and has developed unique teaching, adjustment, and modification techniques.

Lucia runs successful yoga studios in Italy and guides many teams of yoga teachers. She has taught prenatal yoga for more than five years. Lucia will be available to answer your questions or doubts during and after the course.


 What You Will Get?

You will get exclusive course material that has been developed through years of experience. The coaching package gives you unlimited access to:

1:1 Meeting

You will get exclusive meeting 1:1 with your coach Lucia Seglie

organized material

You will get exclusive material ready to be used to manage your classes

unlimited support

You will get unlimited support from Lucia

Pricing Plan

Choose the package. If in doubt start small!




Best suited for a specific or follow up question

  • 60 minutes session
  • Regular assets




Best suited for quick boost & problem solving

  • 3 x 60 minutes sessions
  • Premium assets




Most effective for long term growth 

  • 5 x 60 minutes sessions
  • Premium assets

Read What Our Alumni Think About the Course


The Netherlands

"I started working with Lucia after I purchased a new studio. Her advice and expertise from years in the industry have been incredibly valuable as I bounce ideas off of her and figure out how to best grow my business.

I feel really lucky to have Lucia on my side and I am confident that my business will reach new heights with her guidance."



"I discovered Lucia’s courses on the Arhanta Online Academy and eventually I participated in all of them.

I discovered that Lucia was also offering a professional mentoring and it seemed rational and natural for me to proceed with her help, knowing how much I enjoyed her courses. I took the three sessions package. It was such a game changer. I’ve grown my revenue by 50% since starting to work with Lucia two months ago. It was a great help and a great discovery of how much more I was able to do with the right organization."



"I enrolled well before I was ready to launch my online business and initially wasn’t sure if the program was right for me. Wow, was I wrong? Lucia helped me to think far ahead and laid out a clear plan with many worksheets, videos and exercises. Lucia is the perfect teacher and coach for Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga teachers."



Easy 100% Money Back Guarantee

We want you to be satisfied. So if you don't like the coaching session you can get full refund for any unused sessions. No questions asked, our promise.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m already a successful yoga teacher, would I still benefit from a Prenatal and Postnatal life/business coach?

.Yes. We do not require the service of a life/ business coach only when we are in difficulty or facing crisis. Coaching was created to assist a wide range of people, from those who are already successful to those who are on their journey to discovering their full potential. You can always discover how to optimize your resources and make the best out your effort and energies. Get assistance in setting smarter objectives and dreaming big.

I’m pregnant and I want to adjust my carrier and my life, does this program help me with that?

Yes, Lucia will guide you with more than 10 years of experiences in running her Yoga schools and with the new found insights as a new mum. 

She knows what it's like to be self-employed woman, a mother, and a company owner at the same time, which is why she decided to study PNL and coaching at the Italian Academy of Milano when her son was only 3 months old.

 She realized she needed to modify her lifestyle after becoming a mother during her two-year studies and chose to become a coach for others. Now she decides to give back to the community that has benefited her so much: a structured coaching to adjust the mom’s life with a modern time life.

If I start a coaching, will I need to work with my coach for the rest of my life?

Every person is unique and every coach is different.
In the first sessions you will identify your goals and your limiting beliefs make a time line that suits you to reach your goals.
Lucia will help you to create those patterns that you will practice daily by your-self. After your package you will decide if you want to set up new goals or if it will be enough.

How long will I need to commit to working with life coaching?

The minimum to achieve your goals is three times meeting which is basic package.
After that it is a very personal decision, it depends on how many goals you want to work on and how fast you want to achieve them.
The best is the package of five meeting, but you can always add more after.

How do I know when the coaching is finished?

 When the coaching is enough for you, you will measure your results according to your goal. You will develop effective strategies and build trust in yourself, Lucia will guide you in this process too.

I feel lost, can the coaching program help me?

Yes, a coach is like a modern “guru”, the priority will be identify and spread the light on your goals and life vision.

Can the coaching program help me with the fear of teaching?

Yes, the coaching program will be tailor made for your needs and you will have practical tools to improve your daily working life.

When do I need a coach?

That’s a very common question and the one that deserves to be asked.
We can say we need a coach, when ever we are unsure, lost or wish to better the quality of our lives, careers, personal goals or financial condition. 
Lucia is recommended a life/business coach years in order to create the life of your dream, in order to get a full support and avoid common mistake which eventually are costing much more money than a life coach session.

I think I need a specific help for time management, how many meetings I do need?

That’s a very common common topic, Lucia is suggesting 3 meetings are enough to improve the time management.

I’m facing a major transition after my pregnancy in life and at work, will you be able to help me with that?

Yes, that’s one of the specializations Lucia is offering in the Prenatal and Postnatal Coaching program.

Every woman deserve the right support during and after pregnancy to adjust the life according to the new born family. When a baby is born a new mother is born too, she will need care and guidance in order to have a peaceful existence in her career, family and all other main aspects of life. 

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