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Study Yoga in India

You want to learn yoga and you struggle to choose where to learn it as there are so many options to choose from. You can now find yoga schools in  every street of a major city and in every center of a smaller town. But whenever you hear the word yoga it reminds you of India.

India is the birth place of yoga. There is no better place to study yoga if you want to learn authentic yoga. Imagine practicing yoga in a yoga ashram in India where you hear bells of the temple, sounds of the cows and chants of prayers by locals. You can not ever get that in any other place on the world.

Why should you study yoga in India?

It is authentic

There is a big difference in the method, style and intention of the yoga in west and yoga in India. In India you will learn authentic yoga as it was taught and practiced centuries ago. In India you will understand the right intention and philosophy of practice of yoga.

In ancient times the Indian sages practiced yoga for self realization through hard practice and renunciation of material things.  But in west very often we see that the yoga has become too flowery and a new age practice with more emphasis on outward appearance and social popularity. In a joke an American student said, ” Earlier to practice yoga you needed a teacher, a langot and clean ground, now you need an online subscription, lululemon clothing, manduka mat, smartphone and an instagram account.

It is a lifestyle

Yoga is not a physical practice, it is a lifestyle where you embody the yoga philosophy with conscious exercise, conscious breathing, conscious diet, conscious relaxation and meditation. In India you will not only practice asana, you will also immerse in the above practices.

It is cheaper

So many people come to India because the cost of studying in India is much cheaper than in their home country. For example our one month 200 hour yoga teacher training in Europe costs about Euros 2800 while the same one month yoga teacher training in India costs Euros 1750 in India. The costs are much less in India because of lower salaries, lower taxes and overall lower costs.  Which means you can have a vacation in India and your teacher training altogether for the same price.

Where to learn yoga in India

Traditionally yoga was practiced in a yoga ashram in India. Since few decades the yoga could also be learnt in temples and yoga schools. If you want to study yoga in India then yoga ashram is a best bet as in a yoga a ashram they are made for the sole purpose of learning and practicing yoga. The only challenge is that many of the ashrams here are not professionally managed. As you may have heard that the cleanliness standards are different in India and west, some studetns dont find these ashrams clean and hygienic.

Our ashram in India is well suited for western students as we also have yoga ashram in Europe we are professional but still authentic. Arhanta Yoga ashram is a professionally managed yoga school where you can get internationally accredited yoga teacher certification. Our teachers are paid as per European standards and we are properly registered as a yoga school. The facilities in our ashram are clean, hygienic and well maintained.

Is it expensive?

As mention earlier, the courses in our ashram in India are very reasonable and excellent value for money.

All prices include tuition, accommodation, 3 vegetarian meals, course manual, pickup and drop from airport / train station.

Double Shared Room – Euros 1750

Single Room – Euros 1950

Is it safe?

India is overall a safe country if you follow basic safety rules. Our ashram is located in a safe countryside of central India. There are no diseases like malaria or dengue so you don’t need to have any vaccination for these before coming.

Is the certification valid?

Yes all of our yoga teacher training courses are accredited worldwide with all major yoga federations like Yoga Alliance, International Yoga Federation, CRKBO, International Yoga Association etc. After completing the course with us you can register yourselves with any yoga federation and get yoga teacher insurance.

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