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Tridosha Explainer Video and Quiz: Understand the Three Doshas

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Jul 02

A Comprehensive Overview of the Three Doshas (Tridosha) & Dosha Quiz

Whenever you interest yourself in Ayurveda you will learn about the Tridosha, the therm Tridosha is can be split in ‘Tri’ which means three, and ‘dosha’ which means “fault”. In this article you will find a video to understand the three doshas: In a healthy body all elements must renew on regular basis. However, when an element starts to accumulate and rot in the body it is called a dosha. Now, everybody depending on its constitution has a tendency to accumulate a certain element.

Whenever there is accumulation of an element in the body tissues, the body wastes, organs and channels are getting disturbed and this results in physical and mental disease. A dosha therefore affects the bodily functions and body properties.

The three doshas are

  1. Vata – dosha of air and space element
  2. Pitta – dosha of fire element
  3. Kapha – dosha of water and earth element

Understand The Three doshas

Watch a comprehensive overview:

This explainer video will tell you what the doshas exactly are and will help you to understand the three doshas. It will explain the properties, location in the body, influence on mental state of all three doshas.

And, find out more about your dosha by completing the tridosha quiz

Dosha Quiz

Complete this short quiz and gain insight into which dosha is close to you. By asking you a few questions about your body type, illness patterns and preferences, it is possible to get an idea of which element is more dominant in your body, which element is accumulated and can cause a “fault”. We all have at least on, and often two doshas.

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