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Yoga Alliance Teacher Training

Are you looking for a Yoga alliance teacher training course? Follow our yoga teacher training course in India or Europe and receive a Yoga Alliance accredited certificate. Our courses are registered with Yoga Alliance and meet the criteria for the standards of 200, 300 and 500 hour teacher training courses.

The Arhanta Yoga Ashrams are Yoga Alliance registered yoga schools (RYS), dedicated to provide high-quality yoga teacher training courses for various styles and levels. Our 200 hour foundational Hatha Yoga teacher training course creates a strong basis to become a yoga teacher. During this 26-day intensive course, you stay at either the Arhanta Yoga Ashram in India or the Arhanta Yoga Ashram in Netherlands and you get fully immersed into the teachings of yoga, meditation and philosophy, while also learning to teach yoga. During our daily 3-hour classes of teaching methodology you will understand the benefits of yoga asanas and important alignment cues. You will also learn and practice how to instruct, how to modify and to assist and correct.

For graduates of 200 hour Yoga Alliance accredited yoga teacher trainings we offer the opportunity to further develop their skills and knowledge during our 300 hour Advanced yoga teacher training. Our 300 hour Yoga Alliance accredited course is a multi-style course, taking your skills as a yoga teacher to whole new level. You will learn to teach Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Advanced Hatha Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama. This intensive course also takes place at one of our ashrams for a duration of 29 days. After successful completion of both the 200 and 300 hour courses, you can register yourself as an RYT500 with Yoga Alliance.

Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Hours Breakup

200 hours course

Below is the break up of the minimum hours for each category. Out of 200 hours there should be at least 180 contact hours.

Techniques, Training & Practice: 100 hours

Teaching Methodology : 25 hours

Anatomy & Physiology : 20 hours

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle, Ethics : 30 hours

Practicum : 10 hours

300 hours course

Below is the break up of the minimum hours for each category. Out of 300 hours there should be at least 270 contact hours.

Techniques, Training & Practice: 50 hours

Teaching Methodology : 5 hours

Anatomy & Physiology : 15 hours

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle, Ethics : 30 hours

Practicum : 30 hours

Why chose for a Yoga Alliance Teacher Training?

Yoga Alliance is world-wide the largest and most well-known association for yoga teachers.  Yoga Alliance has become the standard requirement to register with local and national yoga associations. Being registered with them gives you the credibility and authority as a yoga teacher.  Following an accredited teacher training ensures that you are going to get a balanced course. However you should carefully look the curriculum of the course when choosing a school because many times schools dont actually follow these guidelines or standards in reality.

Our 200 our yoga teacher training course exceeds the minimum standards of Yoga Alliance. It will give you 40 hours of hands on teaching experience and 40 hours of practicum. This will help you to develop teaching skills and improve your personal practice.

How long does it take to become a Yoga Alliance yoga teacher?

A 200 hour yoga alliance accredited course requires at least 180 contact hours. The duration of a course is not defined by Yoga Alliance. Often schools offer their 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified training courses spread out over a short period of three weeks to a long term of three years.  Short courses are intensive and have daily classes and long term courses have weekly classes. At Arhanta Yoga we offer the training in an intensive period of one month.

When choosing for a Yoga Alliance Certification teacher training you have to consider which option is practically possible to combine with your live. Sometimes we get the question, how it can be possible to become a yoga teacher in such a short period a one month. Our answer to this is very simple: It matters infinitely more what and how you do something than how long take to do it. Without a proper system, proper guidance and information it would have taken most of us much much longer to learn to drive a car than the common 25 lessons. Anyone learning to drive with an inexperienced teacher can confirm this!

Our Yoga Alliance accredited certification course is spread over four weeks of intensive yoga training covering 240 hours in total. As we only have limited time, we make sure to spend our time and energy on the information and skills that matter and that help you become a skilled and confident teacher. And it works! Not only because of what we do, what we teach. But also because of how: Full and intensive immersion with no outside distractions.  During our many years of experience in which we have conducted course spread out over a few months and intensive 4-weeks we have seen that the results in teaching skills and confidence of students are much higher when they followed our training at our ashram, in a condensed period of 26 days, in stead of spread out over a longer period.

Our course locations

You can follow our  200 hour yoga teacher training in India or 200 hour yoga teacher training in Europe at our yoga ashrams. Our ashrams are in central India & east Netherlands.

Upcoming Courses

200 Hour Hatha Yoga

Date Seats Left Location
23 Mar - 17 Apr Closed NL
4 May - 29 May Closed NL
8 Jun - 3 Jul Closed NL
10 Aug - 4 Sep Available NL
14 Sep - 9 Oct Available NL
28 Oct - 22 Nov Available IND
27 Nov - 22 Dec Available IND
6 Jan - 31 Jan Available IND
5 Feb - 2 Mar Available IND
22 Mar - 16 Apr Available NL
14 Jun - 9 Jul Available NL
13 Sep - 8 Oct Available NL
28 Oct - 22 Nov Available IND
27 Nov - 22 Dec Available IND

300 Hour Advanced Yoga

Date Seats Left Location
10 May - 7 Jun 5 Seats Left NL

How to Register

To apply and register for the Yoga teacher training Europe please fill out the application form and send it to us by email to (Download here:  DOC / PDF ).