200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India

Become an Internationally Certified Yoga Teacher in 26 Days

  •  5 Generations of Yoga Heritage
  • Over 18000 Yoga Teachers Certified Since 2008
  • Worldwide Accredited Certification
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training India

Yoga Teacher Training in India

Our 200-hour yoga teacher training in India is a life-changing experience that gives you in-depth insight into Classical Hatha Yoga. This comprehensive course is ideal for bringing depth into your yoga practice and learning to teach others using a professional structure. 

This 200-hour residential training is much more than yoga teacher training. It is a unique opportunity for self-discovery and personal development.

Because you stay in an ashram for 26 days, you get the chance to experience authentic yogic lifestyle. You will feel reborn and ready to take on the world after this unique, uplifting experience.

Dive Deep

Are you looking for a deeply profound yoga teaching, beyond the surface level yoga based only on physical postures?

Get Authentic Knowledge

Do you want to learn yoga from authentic Indian teachers with a rich heritage and deep wisdom?

Teach With Confidence

Do you want a professional yoga teacher training with in-depth knowledge and skills to teach others confidently?

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what Our Students are saying



"My yoga teacher told me Arhanta Yoga teacher training is a special gift I would give to myself. Today I can confirm it. Teachers are fantastic, very knowledgeable, and professional. It is an amazing experience. Don't miss this chance." 



"This 200-hour yoga training in India has taught me a lot about yoga and how to teach yoga. The program is full & gives the right amount of information you need to become a teacher. I developed a lot of qualities in this course. I’m very grateful for that."



"I am thrilled with the quality and depth of this yoga instructor certification program. It is well structured, every little thing is given attention. The course surpassed my expectations. It gave me more than I hoped for. I highly recommend this course."

Study at a Special Yoga School with 5 Generations of Yoga Heritage


I am Ram Jain, founder of Arhanta Yoga Ashrams and the lead teacher of this 200-hour yoga teacher training in India.

Ram Jain
  • I was born in India in a Jain family with rich traditions, where yoga has been a way of life for five generations.  
  • My formal yoga education started at eight years at a traditional Vedic school. Where I studied ancient scriptures, yoga, and Sanskrit.
  • I have been on the path of yoga for the last 34 years and teaching yoga for over 23 years
  • From 2009, more than 18000 yoga teachers have graduated from our yoga ashrams in India, the Netherlands, and our online academy. 
  • I am the author of an Amazon best seller, "Hatha Yoga for Teachers & Practitioners,” over 18,000 copies sold in four languages.
Ram Jain

Amazon Best Seller

by Ram Jain and Kalyani Hauswirth-Jain  | 13 November 2017


Ram and Kalyani have compiled a wonderful and comprehensive presentation honoring ancient principles of classical yoga, while also speaking in a language appropriate to the present day.      

 ~ David Swenson, author of Ashtanga Yoga—The Practice Manual

Is This Course For You?

Please view the checklist below to see if Arhanta is a good match for your goals


  • You desire yoga teacher certification
  • You are looking for an in-depth training
  • You want personal and spiritual transformation
  • You want to experience a yogic lifestyle at a yoga ashram in India 
  • You value authentic yoga teachers and lineage 


  • You don't desire a yoga teacher certification  
  • You don't need more than a basic level of yoga knowledge
  • You don't want personal and spiritual transformation at this point
  • You don't have time to spend four weeks at a yoga ashram
  • You are not interested in learning traditional yoga teachings

Our Yoga Ashrams

Arhanta Yoga Ashram India

Arhanta Yoga Ashram India

Arhanta Yoga teacher training takes place in India. The Arhanta yoga ashram spreads over 17 acres of land and is in a safe and peaceful environment near the ancient city of Khajuraho in Central India. The Khajuraho Airport is 14 km from the ashram, and the train station is 12 km away. Complementary pickup and drop off at the Khajuraho Airport and the train station are also available.

Arhanta Yoga Ashram The Netherlands

The Arhanta Yoga teacher training in Europe occurs at the Arhanta Yoga Ashram, Netherlands. The ashram is spread over four acres of lush green land near Arnhem in the beautiful province of Gelderland. Through public transport, the yoga ashram is well-connected to Amsterdam and other Dutch airports.

Arhanta Yoga Ashram Netherlands

What You will Learn

Here is an overview of what you will learn in this 200-hour yoga instructor certification in India

Yoga TTC

Over 170 Hatha Yoga Asanas

You will gain a deep understanding of the alignments, instructions, benefits, contraindications, physiology, and variations of the 170 Hatha Yoga poses. In addition, you will learn how to practice and teach these poses safely and efficiently for different body types. 

Ancient Yoga Philosophy

You will understand the ancient philosophy of Yoga in an analytical and non-sectarian way. You will learn essential concepts like prana, chakras, mind, karma, etc. Using stories & humor; Ram simplifies these complex concepts. 

Yoga Philosophy
Anatomy Physiology

Anatomy and Physiology

You will learn how yoga poses affect our physical and astral bodies. You will study how the systematized practice of Yoga asanas can help improve our health, flexibility, and overall function of our organs. You will understand the advanced principles of human anatomy and physiology, enabling you to avoid injuries in your own practice and your classes.

Teaching Techniques & Sequencing

You will learn expert teaching techniques, the art of instruction, correction, and modification. You will get daily 3-hour teaching practices that develop the skills and confidence to teach others. You will understand how and when to assist a student. You will also learn the principles of sequencing

Yoga School in India

What You Will Gain

  • Learn to practice yoga beyond the mat
  • Learn to practice & teach over 170 Hatha Yoga poses
  • Establish structure and habits for a healthy body and mind
  • Experience authentic yogic lifestyle with a like-minded community
  • Get a deep understanding of yoga philosophy and practice
  • Reach a new level in your personal yoga and meditation practice
  • Learn to teach others with professional standards 
  • Receive your worldwide Yoga Alliance accredited Yoga instructor certification
Yoga Teacher Training India
Jacqueline Jansen


The Netherlands

"I came here to Arhanta ashram with an open mind and no idea what to expect. It was four weeks of intensive emotional strengthening and a transformational experience within myself and the group, guided by our teachers. I am grateful and happy that I could learn from such excellent teachers in this wonderful ashram. Thanks to the teachers and their generous advice, I found my confidence and purposeand now I look forward to teaching my yoga classes."

Photo Gallery

See the beautiful memories of our past 200-hour yoga teacher training courses at our Yoga Ashram in India. Click on the button to view our photo gallery and get an idea of what this transformational experience holds in store for you.

Ready To Dive Deeper?

If you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand something, write about it. If you want to master something, teach it.

~Yogi Bhajan

Our 200-hour Yoga teacher training in India is designed to give you valuable tools and structures to develop and flourish in your yoga practice. You will build confidence and the expertise to teach and inspire others. With these authentic teachings, you will learn how to be grounded and connected with your inner self at all times. The course will give you routines and habits to live in abundant peace and well-being.

Yoga Teacher Training Course in India

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