Mountain Pose – Tadasana

Tadasana is a beneficial pose to improve balance and posture

How to come into the pose

  1. Stand straight, with the toes and heels of your feet together.
  2. Extend your arms to the ceiling, palms together, keeping your hands in line with your forehead.
  3. Look up in between your palms and close your eyes.

Coming out of the pose

Gently bring your palms in front of your chest and open your eyes.

200 hour hatha yoga teacher training
200 hr hatha yoga teacher training


Regular practice in a steady and comfortable manner within a balanced yoga asana program

  • stimulates Muladhara Chakra and therefore balances the functions of your large intestines and adrenals;
  • strengthens your spine and improves balance and poise;
  • helps in neuro-muscular coordination;
  • increases strength, power, and mobility in your feet, ankles, thighs, and hips;
  • strengthens the tendons and the ligaments of the feet (helping to reduce the effects of flat feet);
  • improves overall posture;
  • improves the harmony between your right and left sides of your body;
  • activates and rejuvenates your entire body;
  • harmonizes your body and mind; and
  • improves concentration and mental faculties.