Ram Jain

Ram Jain is the Founder Director of the Arhanta Yoga Ashrams (India and The Netherlands). Since 2009, the Arhanta Yoga Ashrams have shown a rapidly growing presence internationally for their professional yoga teacher training courses, and trained over 6000+ yoga teachers from all over the world.

Born in New Delhi, India, in a traditional and spiritual Jain family, his yoga and Vedic philosophy education started at the age of eight years as a part of his primary school education. He has in-depth knowledge of Classical Hatha Yoga and is also well versed in ancient Indian scriptures. During his 21 years of teaching career, he has worked with various anatomy and physiology experts and has developed unique teaching, adjustment, and modification techniques. 

Presently, he is the lead teacher for various teacher training programs, ranging from Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, to Meditation and Yoga Nidra. He teaches for several months a year in India and the rest of the year in the Netherlands, where he also lives with his wife and two children. 

Ram is known for his creative and disciplined teaching style and unique asana correction and modification techniques. He believes in individual attention and personal supervision. According to him “The role of a teacher is to help his students to meet their goal“. His teachings come from his personal experience and his way of explaining complex vedic philosophies in a modern and simple way has made him one of the leading yoga and vedic philosophy teachers of today. 

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