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May 11

How to Avoid Knee Pain & Injury in Yoga for Sensitive Knees

By Arhanta Yoga | Asana Tutorial , How to Teach , Yoga and physical / mental health

In the West, we are used to sitting on chairs, and we hardly ever squat down for anything. So, when yoga was brought to the West it, unfortunately, led to suffering knees. It doesn’t mean that we all can never do lotus. It just means that not everyone should try and if you have the possibility to safely try, it may take a long time until you get to a Full Lotus Pose.

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Apr 01

How to Teach Restorative Yoga

By Arhanta Yoga | How to Teach , Yoga and physical / mental health , yoga styles explained , Yoga Teachers Training

Our goal as Restorative Yoga teachers is to teach our students how to be present in the now, in the present. I recommend you bring the students’ attention to the breath because breathing consciously stimulates the lymphatic system, helps to relax the muscles and the internal organs, and keeps the students in the present. Bringing attention to the breath means keeping the mind on a leash. The importance of slowing down even for a short time is a principle that you should point out from the very beginning. This goes hand in hand with re-educating your students to the art of doing nothing.  

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Mar 29

What is Fascia & Why Every Yoga Teacher and Practitioner Should Know About it

By Arhanta Yoga | How to Teach , Yoga and physical / mental health , yoga styles explained , Yoga Teachers Training

When we begin to study how the body is originally formed, we tend to veer away from whole embodiment. We usually examine the detail of how the body can be separated or broken down into its component parts and different systems. We turn to various works based on long-held knowledge in the fields of classical anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics. From a yoga perspective, studying what we could call “fascial anatomy” makes complete sense of yoga and brings the art of yoga into a powerful contemporary focus and relevance to health and wellbeing on every level.

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Mar 10

Hypnotherapy for Healing and Prosperity

By Arhanta Yoga | Energies/ Pranayama/ Chakras / Ayurveda , Philosophy , Uncategorized , Yoga and physical / mental health

Emotions are born to be experienced. When they are, they dissipate. When they aren’t, they get trapped in the body and the subconscious mind. There they will live, like little creatures, desperately wanting to complete their life cycle. If we continue to ignore our emotions and stuff them into the subconscious, the emotions will start to create scenarios where they can be experienced. It won’t take long for us to see repeating patterns of the same pain over and over again.

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