Yoga Teacher Certification Courses India and Europe

Since 2009 we have provided worldwide accredited, intensive yoga teacher training at our ashrams in India and Europe (The Netherlands)

Since 2009 we have provided worldwide accredited, intensive yoga teacher training at our ashrams in India and Europe (The Netherlands). During our training you will gain authentic knowledge of yoga from our expert Indian teachers, who will bridge the gap between the traditional and the modern scientific approaches. Whether your goal is to become a professional yoga teacher or to deepen your practice, our teacher training will give you a firm foundation and prepare you for your yogic journey. Our mission is to provide authentic knowledge of yoga in a non-sectarian way while giving personal attention, space to learn and grow, and understanding our student's limits and strengths.

Arhanta Yoga Ashram India

Arhanta Yoga Ashram India

Arhanta Yoga Ashram Netherlands

Arhanta Yoga Ashram Netherlands

Most of our yoga teacher training courses occur according to the ancient Indian education system, the Gurukulasystem at our yoga ashram in India or our yoga ashram in the Netherlands

 The Gurukula system is based on the philosophy that the student lives and studies with fellow students at the residential study center. This system helps to build a strong bond of trust and dedication between the teachers and the students and facilitates a smooth flow and proper understanding of the teachings. Staying at the ashram for four weeks helps you to take a step back from external distractions and allows you to focus and learn at your full potential. 

The residential nature of this set-up provides an immersive learning experience, which makes it possible to learn and grow beyond expectations.  

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How to Become a Yoga Teacher?

The first step toward becoming a yoga teacher is to follow 200 hours of Yoga teacher training. Then, you can broaden your knowledge and skills by taking additional short courses (usually one week and 50 hours) or with our 300-hour Advanced and Multi-Style Yoga teacher training.

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200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Our residential 200-hour course covers an extensive yoga teacher training curriculum with all the aspects of classical Hatha Yoga included, such as 170 Hatha Yoga asanas, proper alignments, and unique and very detailed correction techniques, as well as personal modifications and counter-indications of each asana. 

200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Europe

Our 26-day intensive immersion in yoga in the Netherlands is designed to help you become a professional and worldwide accredited yoga teacher. It is a proven and tested course developed and refined over the last 10 years. After this intensive course you will possess an international 200-hour yoga certification and be able to teach yoga with confidence and skill.

200-hour Yoga Teacher Training India

Our Yoga Alliance-accredited 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training certification course creates an important foundation for you to start your journey as a yoga teacher. In this course, you will learn all the skills to teach yoga professionally. This foundational course will give you complete skills for teaching yoga. You will learn how to instruct, adjust, correct, modify and structure a comprehensive yoga class. 

After successful completion of our200-hour Yoga teacher training in India  or 200-hour Yoga teacher training in Europe  you will receive a 200-hour Yoga teacher training certification which is recognized by Yoga Alliance, International Yoga Federation, International Yoga Association, CRKBO  and most of the Yoga associations/societies worldwide.

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50-hour Continued Education Courses

50-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Our six days/ 50-hour Yin Yoga teacher training follows the system of Paul Grilley. In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of teaching Yin Yoga. To understand the postures and their variations and modification, you will learn concepts of the various skeletal segments, the different muscle groups and the importance of the pose-specific target areas. The 50-hour Yin Yoga teacher training is a perfect fit for yoga teachers who want to teach Yin Yoga. The course also provides daily hands-on teaching practice to understand the methods and structures for effective teaching. The course is also accessible for anyone wanting to learn Yin Yoga to deepen their  own practice.

50-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Our six days/50-hour Vinyasa Yoga teacher training is specially designed for people who want to expand their knowledge and teaching skills to include Vinyasa Yoga. The Vinyasa Yoga teacher training is suitable for practitioners of all levels. Vinyasa Yoga (sometimes also called Power Vinyasa) is physically challenging, and you will often need to adapt and change certain class elements to make it more accessible to your students. During this week-long intensive course, you learn how to adapt the class to a simpler Vinyasa Flow Level and offer even more individual modifications whenever necessary.

50-hour Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

Our 50-hour Yoga Nidra Teacher Training course is designed for yoga teachers and holistic health professionals who want to include the powerful tool of yogic sleep in their classes and sessions. You will learn about the evidence-based benefits of Yoga Nidra and how to teach Yoga Nidra in individual and group settings. You will practice the way to instruct this deep relaxation technique, how to modulate your voice and choose your words.

50-hour Meditation Teacher Training

Become a certified and confident meditation teacher with our 50-hour comprehensive ashram training course. Learn to deepen your own practice and teach meditation to others in an orderly method. This course teaches you a wide range of meditation techniques for various levels. You will understand the proven effects of meditation on your brain waves and nervous system. Learn from specialist teacher Ram Jain (ERYT 500), with over 22 years of teaching experience. After completing the course, you will receive a certificate that allows you to teach meditation worldwide.

50-hour Yoga Teacher Hands-On Immersion Course

The 50-hour refresher course is designed for our 200-hour graduates. This week-long residential course refreshes the knowledge and skills learned during the Arhanta Yoga  200-hour Yoga teacher training. The course also allows students to share their experiences and ask for advice concerning any questions or difficulties they might have encountered while teaching.

Become an Advanced Yoga Teacher

300-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

For graduates of any 200-hour training we offer a 300-hour Advanced Yoga teacher training. This multi-style training helps you take your practice to the next level and develop more advanced teaching skills. After this course you can teach your students Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Advanced Hatha Yoga, and Meditation. This 29-day intensive program also covers advanced Pranayama practice and in-depth sequencing. After completing this 300-hour teacher training, you can register as a 500-hour yoga teacher with local and international yoga teachers associations, like Yoga Alliance, International Yoga Federation and many more.

500-hour Yoga Teacher Training

The Arhanta Yoga 500-hour teacher training consists of two courses: the 200-hour training and the 300-hour training. During the first level (200-hour training), you will learn 170 classical Hatha Yoga asanas , 20 asanas are in great detail. During the second level (300-hour advanced training), you will be trained in multi-style yoga teaching: Advanced Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga. The curriculum is designed to help you become a well-rounded and skilled yoga teacher. The two courses complement each other as the 300-hour course builds upon the knowledge and skills gained during the foundational 200-hour course.

General Information–Yoga Teacher Training

Criteria for Admission to any Arhanta Yoga Teacher Training Course

Our yoga teacher courses are open to all without age limits. We accept students from all backgrounds and levels who meet the following criteria: 

  • You should be able to understand basic English as the course is entirely conducted in simple English. However, it is not a problem if English is not your first or second language. If you can read an English newspaper, you can follow the course. 
  • You should be physically and mentally well to follow the long days of training. 
  • You should be mentally ready and prepared to adapt to the ashram environment, food, and intensive schedule of the program.
  • We accept pregnant women but only on individual assessment. For more information, please contact us. 

Please note that our yoga teacher training courses are not suitable for people who are looking for a relaxing or rejuvenating yoga experience. To them, we suggest considering our Yoga Retreat programs.

Post Course Support

After completing your yoga teacher training with us, we understand you will have many practical questions once you start your practice or your yoga studio. Keeping this in mind, we provide you with continual support and advice for your yoga teacher career even after the Yoga teacher training. You can seek guidance from our teachers, Ram Jain, Kalyani Hauswirth-Jain and Omkar Jain. As an Arhanta Yoga graduate, you will also get a complimentary membership to the Arhanta Yoga Teachers Directory.

Ram Jain

Yogi Ram (ERYT 500, MSc. Yoga)

 Teaching since 1998, teaching experience of over 40,000 hours

Kalyani Hauswirth Jain

Kalyani (ERYT 200)

Teaching since 2008, teaching experience of 11,000 hours

Omkar Jain

Omkar (ERYT 200)

Teaching since 2009, teaching experience of over 9,000 hours

Internationally Accredited Certifications

Our Yoga teacher training in India is accredited by Yoga Alliance, Yoga Alliance Professionals UK, International Yoga Association, International Yoga Federation and CRKBO (Netherlands).

Yoga Alliance
International Yoga Association
International Yoga Federation
NRTO Quality Mark

How to Apply?

Please note that our yoga courses fill up well in advance. Please apply in time to secure your seat.

To register, please download the relevant application form, complete it and send it by e-mail to

See What People Think of Us!


"I really enjoyed my time here. This 200-hour Yoga teacher training was amazing. The teachers are all so knowledgeable and have great patience. You can tell they genuinely love to teach and have extensive knowledge of yoga and philosophy. The teachers are very approachable and caring. They go above and beyond for every student. The time here has been intense, but I have enjoyed the entire experience. I have grown as a person and I feel ready and confident to teach yoga."

Natasha - ENGLAND


"Coming to Arhanta was a unique experience. I’ve learned so much in so little time. It was hard, it was beautiful, it was terrifying, and I wouldn’t have wanted to miss it. With the guidance of the teachers, you can do so much more than you have ever imagined. All the teachers were outstanding, inspiring, and very competent. The ashram is so beautiful, very clean and peaceful. If anyone wants to become a yoga teacher, definitely this is the place to be. Thanks to the entire staff, I will never forget this."

Martine - BELGIUM


"This 200-hour Yoga instructor training was a challenging experience for me. Thanks to its intensity and complexity, my personal learning and development curve has increased significantly in only one month. The teachers provide a perfect balance of professionalism and humor which helps to stay motivated."



"I enjoyed the flow of this Yoga teacher training very much! Day by day you feel more experienced and growing step by step. The staff helps you in every way they can, always feel free to ask! My purpose was to feel ready and confident to teach back home. Thanks to Arhanta I feel this way!"

Ilona - The Netherlands


"A very professional and complete course. Loads of practical information about yoga and everything that is involved. Giving you the right tools to start on your own. A very confident and steady base. Great location, good nutritious food, clean and comfortable environment. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. I loved the whole discourse. Sometimes hard, and lots of information to take. But I know I will get there. I will remember it with warmth in my heart."

Rodger - The Netherlands