200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

in Milan, Italy

Become a Certified Yoga Teacher with 21 Days of Intensive Training with Arhanta Yoga

  • 5 Generation of Yoga Heritage
  • 12000+ Yoga Teachers Certified Since 2009
  • Worldwide Accredited Certification

Yoga Teacher Training in Milan

Our 200-hour yoga teacher training in Milan, Italy is a life-changing experience that gives you an in-depth knowledge of Classical Hatha Yoga. This comprehensive course is ideal for you if  you wish to bring depth to your yoga practice and learn how to teach others in a structured and professional manner.

This 200-hour intensive training is much more than yoga teacher training. It is a unique opportunity for self-discovery and personal development. You will get the chance to experience authentic yoga under personal supervision. You will feel reborn and self-confident at the end of this unique experience.

Yoga Teacher Training Milan

Deep & Profound

Are you looking for deeper and profound yoga teachings, beyond the surface level yoga based only on physical postures?

5 Generations of Heritage

Would you like to learn yoga from authentic school with 5 generations of heritage and knowledge?

Professional Training

Do you want a professional yoga teacher training for deep knowledge and skills to teach others with confidence?

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International Yoga Association
International Yoga Federation
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what Students are saying



"My yoga teacher told me Arhanta Yoga teacher training is a special gift I would give to myself, today I can confirm it. Teachers are really good, very knowledgeable, and professional It is an amazing experience. Don't miss this chance." 



"This 200-hour yoga training has taught me a lot about yoga and how to teach yoga. The program is full & gives the right amount of information you need to become a teacher. developed a lot of qualities in this course.  I’m very grateful for that."



"I am very happy with the quality and depth of the this yoga instructor certification program. It is very well structured, every little thing is given attention. The course surpassed my expectations, it gave me more than I hoped for. I highly recommend this course."

Learn From a Unique Indian Yoga School with 5 Generations of Heritage, Now in Milan!


I am Ram Jain, founder of Arhanta Yoga Ashrams and the director of our 200 hour yoga teacher training course. Quick introduction about me:

Ram Jain
  • I was born & raised in India in a Jain family with rich traditions where yoga has been a way of life since 5 generations.  
  • My formal yoga education started at the age of 8 years at a Vedic School. 
  • I have been on the path of yoga for the last 34 years and teaching yoga for 23+ years. 
  • Since 2009 more than 12000 yoga teachers have graduated from our yoga ashrams in India & the Netherlands, and our online academy. 
  • I am the author of an Amazon best seller "Hatha Yoga for Teachers & Practitioners" (published in 4 languages).
Ram Jain

Is This Course For You

Please check below if this course is suitable for you or not


  • If you are looking for an in-depth yoga teacher training
  • If you want to deepen your yoga knowledge
  • If you want to experience personal transformation
  • If you value authentic yoga teachers and lineage


  • If you are looking for a yoga retreat with a certification  
  • If you want to have only basic level yoga knowledge
  • If you don't need transformational experience
  • If you don't need to learn from authentic yoga teachers

Our Yoga Ashrams & Centers

Arhanta Yoga Ashram India

Arhanta Yoga Ashram India

The Arhanta Yoga teacher training in India takes place at the Arhanta Yoga Ashram India. The yoga ashram is spread over 17 acres of green land and located in a safe and peaceful environment near the ancient city of Khajuraho in Central India. The Khajuraho airport is situated at 14 km from the ashram and the train station is at 12 km. Complementary pickup and drop off at the Khajuraho airport and train station is available.

Arhanta Yoga Ashram The Netherlands

The Arhanta Yoga teacher training in Europe takes place at the Arhanta Yoga Ashram, Netherlands. The ashram is spread over four acres of green land and located near the city of Arnhem in the beautiful province of Gelderland. The Yoga ashram is well-connected to Amsterdam (Schiphol) and other Dutch Airports through public transport.

What Will You Learn

Here is a brief overview of what you will learn in this 200 hour Yoga instructor certification in Milan, Italy

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Milan

170+ Hatha Yoga Asanas

You will gain deep understanding of the alignments, instructions, benefits, contraindications, physiology and variations of the 170+ Hatha Yoga poses. You will learn how to practice and teach these poses safely and efficiently for different body types.

Ancient Yoga Philosophy

You will understand the ancient philosophy of Yoga in an analytical and non-sectarian way. You will learn the important concepts like prana, chakras, mind, karma etc. Ram uses stories & humor to simplify these complex concepts.

Anatomy Physiology

Anatomy and Physiology

You will learn how the yoga poses affect our physical and astral body. You will learn how the systematized practice of Yoga asanas can help to improve our health, flexibility and overall functioning of the organs. You will learn the important principles of human anatomy and physiology so that you will be able to avoid injuries in your personal practice and your teaching classes.

Teaching Techniques & Sequencing

You will learn the expert teaching techniques, the art of instruction, correction and modification.  You will get daily 3 hour teaching practice to develop the skills and confidence to teach others. You will understand how and when to assist a student. You will also learn principles of sequencing.


What Will You Gain

  • Learn to experience yoga beyond the mat. You will learn to be more connected to yourself.
  • Learn to practice & teach 170+ Hatha Yoga poses.  
  • Experience authentic yogic lifestyle in distraction free environment. 
  • Deep understanding of yoga philosophy and practice.
  • New level in your personal yoga and meditation practice.
  • Learn how to teach others how to use Yoga for health, happiness, and peace of mind. 
  • Receive your worldwide and Yoga Alliance accredited Yoga instructor certification.
what will you gain

"I came here to Arhanta, with an open mind and no idea what will come. It was four weeks full of intensive, hard, emotional, great, strengthening and fantastic work with the group, with the teachers, and with myself. I am thankful and happy that I was allowed to learn from such good teachers in this wonderful place. Now I am looking forward to teaching my yoga class. Thank you very much to the entire Arhanta team. I wish you all the best."


The Netherlands

Our Core Values

Our Philosophy - Authenticity

At Arhanta, we bring you a rich heritage of five generations. You will learn from a teacher who has studied intense yoga from childhood at traditional Indian Vedic schools. We believe that true yoga is applied 20% on the mat and 80% off the mat in your everyday life.

Our Knowledge - Excellence

We are traditional, but our traditions do not restrict us. We regularly research and apply modern science-based anatomy, physiology, and new developments in the fitness and exercise field. This means you are guaranteed proven and accurate knowledge of the best standard.

Our Approach - Empowering

In reality, the concept of “one alignment for all” can turn up empty results. We believe everyone is unique in their body, mind, and capabilities. Therefore, we teach you how to understand your students individually and provide personalized alignments and adjustments.

Our Commitment - Integrity

We are devoted to the success of our students & community. We provide lifelong support, not only during the course but also after. Our highest priority is helping you reach your goals.

Our Professionalism - High Standards

We are passionately committed in doing the best we can for you. At Arhanta, you can be assured of the highest professional standard in training, communication & support. 

Why Choose Arhanta

Living Yoga Since 5 Generations

At Arhanta you will learn directly from experienced yoga teachers from India with long heritage of 5 generations. You will receive accurate and authentic teachings learned directly from the study of the original scriptures in Sanskrit.

Established Yoga Ashrams

Arhanta Yoga is a well established school providing yoga education in traditional system with modern approach Since 2009. We have two reputed yoga ashrams in India & The Netherlands which serve more than 1000 yoga students every year.

12000+ Yoga Teachers Certified

At Arhanta we are providing internationally accredited yoga teacher certifications in India & The Netherlands. More more than 12000 yoga teachers from over 94 countries have been certified at our yoga ashrams. Our vast teacher training experience has helped us to create best of the class trainings.


I have the highest regard for Arhanta, they stand by their values. I am so glad I cam across their website. Every teacher has a great teaching style. Lucia is a very talented teacher.  Her teachings are to the point and very clear. She helped me to go deep with my yoga asanas and teaching skills. I learned more with this course in one month than I learned in the two years long teacher training I completed earlier. I highly recommend Arhanta!