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Hypnotherapy Techniques for Yoga Teachers

November 12, 2020

Last updated : February 6, 2023

Hypnotherapy Techniques for Holistic Professionals & Yoga Teachers

Hypnotherapy is a deep form of guided meditation that can be used to reduce stress, heal a variety of emotional and mental challenges, enhance creativity, and expand someone's spiritual experience of consciousness.

Next to being a form of transformative therapy in its own right, it can also be utilized in group settings and private yoga sessions. Unfortunately, many holistic practitioners don't realize they can use hypnotherapy (guided meditation) techniques to enhance their existing practice. The application of hypnotherapy techniques can add value and depth to professions such as yoga, massage, fitness and health programs, acupuncture, naturopathy, psychology, and any other professions that work in the realms of the body/mind connection.

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The following is a list of techniques I've been using for decades, with groups and individuals, with remarkable results.

Hypnotherapy techniques for insight & healing

Free Style

Possible uses: Exploration, discovery, fun

This can be great for first-time audiences who just want to check out a guided meditation. If someone is just experimenting with guided meditation, set the initial intention to be very pleasant, positive, or fun. This technique is also excellent for very experience audiences who can readily direct their own process. Anything can happen during these sessions.

Curious Mind

Possible uses: Detaching from thoughts and emotions, peace, a new perspective, grounding, centering

The Curious Mind naturally cultivates a certain level of necessary detachment between you and an emotion, thought, or belief. All of a sudden it’s not your anger, hurt, depression, etc.; it’s only an emotion you’re experiencing. In other words, your emotional charges are not you, they’re only something that’s happening to you. As you will experience, this creates a beneficial space between you and the emotion; a very helpful gap that enhances the release process.

The Flower Technique

Possible uses: Removing suppressed emotions, blocks, and resistance

The Flower Technique is one of the best techniques to use on first-time audiences. It’s symbolic and non-invasive. They don’t have to reveal anything to you about their personal life, which is a real bonus if they’re nervous in their first session. It’s also very effective. They should notice a shift within the week. However, it rarely nails the root cause, so it may only provide partial or temporary relief.

Age Regression

Possible uses: Root causes, deep emotional release, trauma

Age Regression is an excellent method to get to root causes associated with primary family (mostly parents). It’s especially good for all kinds of abuse and neglect that have created repeating behavior patterns. The idea is to discover the first time an event occurred and release it, thereby releasing all subsequent events.

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Possible uses: Forgive and accept Self

If someone comes for more than one session and is really intent on healing, don‘t skip this technique. It’s probably the most powerful and positive healing technique I’ve come across. It’s excellent to use after an Age Regression in the same session.

Forgiveness of Others

Possible uses: Forgive and emotionally disconnect from others

No one will ever be free without forgiving those who have caused them pain. It doesn’t mean that they have to condone past behavior. However, they don’t have to be emotionally connected to past events or people who have hurt them. The best way to disconnect is to see things from a different and honest perspective, which is what this technique facilitates.


Possible uses: Insight, internal conflict, indecisiveness, direction

Description: Each of us is made up of different subconscious parts. In meditation, we can isolate parts and get information, resolve inner conflict, or create transformation (i.e. finances, relationships, careers).

 Spiritual Guides and Angels

Possible uses: Help, assistance, security, comfort, protection

When I first started leading meditations, I thought the idea of Guides and Angels was sort of childish and cute. Now I know they are real. They can be tremendously helpful, transforming, and of enormous benefit. I’ve had more than one audience whose progress didn’t really take off until they discovered their guide. Some people have very intimate and real relationships with their guides.

Dialogue with the Condition

Possible uses: Facilitate physical healing, insight

I used this technique extensively with cancer patients. With this technique, your audience can actually talk to the illness or condition to gain insights and information on healing.

Cord Removal

Possible uses: Energy sucking relationships

This technique can be used if the audience feels emotionally drained, depleted of energy, or involved in a parasitic relationship.

Life Contract

Possible uses: Taking control of life’s circumstances, facilitate healthy change

This technique is best used for someone who wants to take control and initiate a life change. The idea is that the life contract they have been under since birth has come to its maturity date. In the session, the audience will review the contract, remove undesirable elements, and write a new contract adding elements of their choosing. Items in the old contract may include karmic events and relationships that have fulfilled their purpose.

Past Life Regression

Possible uses: Unexplained causes, intrigue

I usually turn to Past Life Regressions when I can’t figure what the hell else to try. I’ve always been a little skeptical toward this technique but it often produces amazing results. Some audiences will come in specifically for Past Life Regressions on an intrigue.

Entity Removal

Possible uses: Long-term out of context behavior, the unexplainable

First off, Entities seem to be fairly rare. However, you must be very careful if you decide to use this technique. Before you go messing around with Entities you must protect yourself with a brilliant blue or white light or whatever works best for you. Some of them can be a little on the angry side. Most of them are just lost and a little confused, usually due to their sudden physical death. They probably have just grabbed on to who was ever available at the time (i.e. your audience). If they are clinging on to your audience, it can make their life quite disruptive in a way that seems completely out of context with their life. Entities usually just want to go home. They may see the healing session as an open window and a way to get out. You could inadvertently be in the way.

Higher Self

Possible uses: Higher internal awareness, core self discovery

I must admit I haven’t used this one much because I’ve been more focused on emotional and physical healing and not on the realm of higher spiritual expansion. However, this technique can be used for self-awareness and the unfolding of spiritual gifts, especially in the psychic and intuitive areas.

Creating a new positive feeling

Possible uses: Replacing an unwanted emotion / thought

After your audience is relaxed, create a new, healthy feeling that they can take with them into the future.

Future progression & manifesting

Possible uses: Creating a desired future outcome

Have your audience imagine going into the future to ‘try out” their newly created feeling. Take them to a time and place in the future where they would normally experience an unpleasant situation with the charged emotion that they just released. This time, allow them to experience the same imagined situation with the newly created feeling. This is planting a very powerful post-hypnotic suggestion that they will live out in days to come.


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