Tree Pose – Vrkshasana

Tree Pose or Vrksasana is a very beneficial pose to improve balance, focus and concentration.

How to come into the pose

  1. Stand straight, with your feet together.
  2. Raise your hands above your head and place your palms together, keeping them in line with your forehead.
  3. Inhale, and raise your right foot and place it against your left, inner thigh.
  4. Keep your focus on a point slightly above eye level (approximately 2 meters away) and breathe evenly.

Coming out of the pose

Gently bring your hands down. Release your right foot to the floor and repeat to the other side.

200 hour hatha yoga teacher training
200 hr hatha yoga teacher training


Regular practice in a steady and comfortable manner within a balanced yoga asana program

  • stimulates the Root Chakra and therefore balances the functions of the large intestines and adrenals;
  • strengthens your spine and improves balance and poise;
  • helps in neuro-muscular coordination;
  • strengthens and tones you ankles, knees, leg
  • strengthens the tendons and the ligaments of your feet (helps to reduce the effects of flat feet);
  • loosens the hip joints, groin, and inner thighs;
  • has a grounding and calming effect as it improves physical and mental balance; and
  • improves concentration and the mental faculties.