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    Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training Courses

    Become a certified Yoga teacher with our 200 hours residential Yoga Alliance accredited teacher trainings...

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    Study at Yoga Ashram in India

    Learn & experience true yogic lifestyle at traditional Yoga ashram in India, the birth place of Yoga...

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    Open Your Own Yoga School

    With our Yoga franchise program you can realize your dream of having your own yoga studio...

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    Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Europe

    Become a yoga teacher in Europe with our internationally accredited Yoga instructor certification...

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    Yoga Alliance Accredited Yoga Certification

    Our courses are accredited by Yoga Alliance & all major Yoga federations. The certification enables you to teach worldwide...

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"In this yoga teacher training course the focus on teaching methodology is excellent.....
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"I learnt and grew beyond my expectations from Arhanta Yoga teacher training.....
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"Arhanta yoga teacher training course has a really pure and serene environment .....
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About Arhanta Yoga International

Arhanta Yoga ® is an international Yoga institute which started to give internationally accredited professional yoga courses and training in 2009. We are a registered Yoga school  (RYS) with Yoga Alliance and International Yoga Federation.

Our Mission

We believe in the ancient principles and strength of Classical Yoga and our mission is to share our knowledge and passion for Yoga and authentic Vedic philosophy.

With traditional yoga ashram in India and in the Netherland and affiliated centers worldwide we spread the authentic teachings of Classical Yoga with altering them. Our goal is to guide people into practice of Yam and Niyams as a way of the life.

We want to help people to increase their spiritual awareness and want to encourage all our students to spread their knowledge of Yoga and their understanding of love, compassion and peace.

We conduct Yoga Teacher Training Courses few times a year at the Arhanta Yoga Ashram in India and at the Arhanta Yoga Ashram in the Netherlands. Furthermore we organize Yoga vacations and Yoga retreats. Our teachers are internationally well respected and highly experienced and they teach workshops and courses all over the world.

We strongly believe in personal attention, guidance and support and a high teacher-student ratio. We follow and recommend a yogic lifestyle, pure vegetarian food and spiritual practice for attaining higher spiritual levels and personal growth.We aim at building a network of Arhanta certified teachers and Arhanta affiliated centers all around the world. We are committed to our graduates and offer them  full support after the end of their training.The Arhanta Yoga Teachers Association is a constant source of learning, coaching and mentoring for our students throughout their life.

See for yourself what it is like.

Welcome to Arhanta Yoga Teacher Training course. See what our students have to say about us.

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The self abides in his own true nature, which is peace.

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