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200 Hour, Four Week Yoga Teacher Training


4000+ teachers certified since 2009

Become A Certified Teacher

Get an internationally accredited Yoga teacher certificate


Affordable price, high quality training


Comprehensive training with 105+ asanas

What You Will Get?

Worldwide Accredited Certification

With our internationally accredited certificate you can teach anywhere in the world as a qualified yoga teacher.

 Confidence in Your Teaching Skills

You will practice hands on teaching for 3 hours daily to gain confidence and skill in teaching others. This is a unique aspect of our course.

 Skills for Safe Teaching

You will learn the techniques of efficient instruction, modification and adjustment.

Skills to Sequence and Structure Yoga Classes

You will learn to sequence classes for different goals and themes, as well as various time slots like 90 min, 75 min & 60 min.

Knowledge to Teach 105+ Hatha Yoga Asanas

You will learn techniques, alignments, benefits and contradictions of more than 105 yoga postures in detail.

Knowledge of Yoga Anatomy  and Physiology

You will gain a comprehensive understanding of yoga anatomy and its application to prevent any possible injuries in your class and your own practice.

Understanding of Yogic Philosophy

You will understand the true non-sectarian essence of yoga philosophy.

Improved Personal Practice

You will develop and improve your practice of yoga, pranayama and meditation practice under the direct supervision of our experienced teachers.

International Certification

Teach worldwide with our certification. After completion of the course you will receive an internationally accredited Yoga teacher certification.

Why Choose Arhanta?

Some key features

Reputed School
6000+ Yoga teachers graduated since 2009

Worldwide Accredited
Accredited with Yoga Alliance and many others

High Ratings
Top ratings on Facebook, Tripadvisor, Google+

Well Rounded & Hands On
Extensive curriculum with daily 3 hours teaching practice

Post Course Support
Post course support available to every graduate

Work and learn opportunities after completion

Expert Teachers
Teachers with combined teaching experience of 40+ years

Own Ashrams
Two beautiful ashrams in India & The Netherlands

Our Yoga Ashrams

Arhanta Yoga Ashram India

Arhanta Yoga Ashram India

The Arhanta Yoga teacher training in India takes place at the Arhanta Yoga Ashram India. The yoga ashram is spread over 17 acres of green land and located in a safe and peaceful environment near the ancient city of Khajuraho in Central India. The Khajuraho airport is situated at 14 km from the ashram and the train station is at 12 km. Complementary pickup and drop off at the Khajuraho airport and train station is available.

Arhanta Yoga Ashram The Netherlands

The Arhanta Yoga teacher training in Europe takes place at the Arhanta Yoga Ashram, Netherlands. The ashram is spread over four acres of green land and located near the city of Arnhem in the beautiful province of Gelderland. The Yoga ashram is well-connected to Amsterdam (Schiphol) and other Dutch Airports through public transport.


Profile- The Course Director

Ram Jain

(ERYT-500 and YACEP with 40,000 hours of Teaching Experience)

Ram Jain (ERYT-500, YACEP) is a master teacher with over 40000 hours of teaching experience. Ram has served for more than 22 years in the field of yoga and philosophy teaching.

Ram was born in India, in a spiritual Jain Hindu family. His yoga and Vedic philosophy education started at the age of eight years as he was sent to a Vedic school for his formal education. Ram has trained and practiced under traditional Indian teachers such as Guru Ramananda (from the Swami Sivananda lineage), as well as modern day teachers like Paul Grilley (developer of Yin Yoga). 

In 2007, Ram came to the Netherlands.He was unable to find work for a year due to language barriers and lack of contacts. Struggling to survive, he started teaching yoga to few students in his living room. In last 12 years, his small class has developed into two large yoga ashrams: Arhanta Yoga Ashram India, spread over 17 acres, and Arhanta Yoga Ashram Netherlands, spread over 4 acres of land.

During his 22 years of teaching career, Ram has worked with various anatomy and physiology experts and has developed unique teaching, adjustment, and modification techniques.

Often called 'the storyteller' by his students, Ram is loved for his ability to explain complex concepts in simple words with the help of humorous stories. His mission is to help people realize their potential and live a more conscious & prosperous life.

Ram will be available to answer your questions or doubts during and after the course.


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Read What Our Alumni Say About the Course


My yoga teacher told me one day that going to Arhanta Yoga ashram teacher training is a special gift I would give to myself, today I can confirm it. This is a very special place. Teachers are really good, very knowledgeable and professional.  It is an amazing experience. Don't miss this chance.

Jaqueline The Netherlands


This TTC fulfilled all my expectations. I want to emphasize specially the high quality of both content and methods of the teachers. None of the courses I have done before meet the high standards in terms of content, methods and organization the Arhanta team provided. I am really impressed! I recommend it very much.

Gianni Italy


This course was recommended to me by a friend who did the same course here in 2016.  The setup of the course is incredible, the teachers are fantastic. You can see and feel yourself progressively improve. The teachers are fully tuned into the group giving it all they need. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is ready to dive into yoga or is ready to look at him- or herself.

Arjan The Netherlands


I really enjoyed the method of teaching of the course. I saw my development and growth day by day. It is an intense experience and at the same time with pleasure and good moments and laughter. The teachers are one of the strongest points of the course, they know how to transmit the content in an easy and clear way. Now I am confident to start my classes, highly recommended if you want to learn to teach yoga! 

Amanda Brazil


I am very grateful to my friend Laura who recommended me this school. Arhanta Yoga provided everything I was looking for. After many years practicing yoga I finally got the deep knowledge that I was looking for. The teachers are more than professional and the ashram is really peaceful. I highly recommend this life changing experience". 

Debbie Switzerland

What You Will Learn?

Our course curriculum has been developed and refined over 12 years of teacher training experience. It is designed to provide you with well-rounded knowledge and skills which will guarantee success in your journey as a yoga teacher.

Yoga Asanas: Practice and Teaching

170+ classical Hatha yoga poses

How to teach 84 classical poses and 21 foundational classical Hatha yoga poses in precise detail?

Understanding and teaching Sun salutation

How to create a proper class environment?

Important pointers on teaching a Yoga class

Basic structure of a Yoga class

Basic structure of the Beginner’s course

Yoga asana variations for beginners and elementary levels

Yoga asana modifications for elderly people and people with limited movements

Yoga for pregnant women

How and when to modify asanas?

Learn to teach Kids yoga, Pregnancy yoga, Chair yoga

Guided deep relaxation / Yoga Nidra

Daily 2 hours asana practice under personal supervision

Yoga Philosophy

Aim and meaning of yoga

5 Principles of yogic practice

4 Paths of yoga: Karma, Bhakti, Jnana, Raja yoga

8 Limbs of Raja yoga

7 Stages of awareness

3 Gunas – Sattva, Rajas, Tamas

Maya, Prakriti, Brhaman, Avidya, Ahamkara

Atman, Parmataman, Jiva

3 Bodies; physical, astral, spiritual

4 Inner instruments; mind, intellect, subconscious, ego

Working and limitations of the mind

5 Major and 5 minor pranas

Kundalini yoga

Awakening of the Kundalini shakti

3 Main nadis: Ida, Pingla, Sushumna

Seven Chakras

Karma and Reincarnation


What is meditation?

Meditation vs Concentration

Why to meditate?

Guide to proper meditation

Different methods and steps to meditation

What are mantras?

Mantra initiation and chanting

Daily practice of meditation


Five primary elements

Properties of each element

3 Doshas: Vata, Pitta, Kapha

Nutrition for Doshas

Teaching Methodology and Practice

Psychology of a teacher

Psychology of a student

Setup of a classroom

Art of effective instruction

Art of safe adjustments

Voice tone and modulation

Correction and guidance techniques

Motivation techniques

Communication techniques

Structuring and planning the classes and workshops

Ethical guidelines for a yoga teacher

Daily three hours hands on teaching practice


Understanding abdominal breathing

Understanding full Yogic breath

Understanding Ujjayi breath

Preparatory Pranayamas

3 Bandhas: Jalandhara, Moola, Uddiyana

Daily practice of eight Pranayamas

Yoga Anatomy and Physiology

Anatomy of musculoskeletal system

Spine and its common disorders

Physiology of main muscles

Asanas and  their target muscle groups

Difference between yoga and other physical exercises

Injury prevention and cures

Alignments, adjustments and modifications using anatomy

Yoga as career

How to set up your yoga business or yoga studio?

How to: find location, advertise and promote, get renewals?

Common fallback and mistakes and how to avoid them

Practical tips for the smooth running of a yoga school / studio

How to find a yoga teacher job?

Guidance and tips

Upcoming Courses


200-Hour Hatha Yoga

Date Seats Left Location
4 Apr - 29 Apr Waiting list NL
13 Jun - 8 Jul 12 Last seats NL
12 Sep - 7 Oct Available NL

Course Fees - Netherlands 


Fees in Euros  (Inc. Taxes)


€ 2640

Double Shared

€ 2840

Single Room

€ 2980

The course fees include all tuition, accommodation, three vegetarian meals per day, two pairs of uniform, Arhanta Yoga teacher training course manual and all taxes. The fees can be paid in one go or in installments, please contact us for more details.


200-Hour Hatha Yoga

Date Seats Left Location
29 Oct - 23 Nov Available IND
27 Nov - 22 Dec Available IND

Course Fees  - India


Fees in Euros  (Inc. Taxes)

Double Shared

€ 1750

Single Room

€ 1950

The course fees include all tuition, accommodation, three vegetarian meals per day, two pairs of uniforms, Arhanta yoga teacher training course manual and all taxes. The fees can be paid in one go or in installments, please contact us for more details.

*Complementary group pickup and drop is provided to Khajuraho airport / train station on first and last day of the course.

How to get to the Arhanta Yoga Ashram India

There are direct flights and a daily train from Delhi to Khajuraho. In case you don’t find a ticket for a direct flight or train, there are many other routes to get to the ashram easily. We can help you find the best alternate route, if necessary. For more information and assistance please contact us.

We also provide pickup & drop from Delhi Airport to the Ashram for only 30 Euros each way. For more information please Contact us.

How to Register?

  • To register online please fill press "Reserve Online" to continue to the online application form, you will have to pay the deposit only after you have been accepted.
  • Or you can download the Application Form and send it by email at
  • If you have any further questions please email us at
Should your training be cancelled due to COVID-19, Arhanta Yoga’s standard cancellation policy and charges shall NOT apply.  Instead, Arhanta Yoga will work with you to arrange an alternative provision, which may include rescheduling the session and/or providing a digital session and/or providing a full refund of all paid fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course right for me?

I want to become a yoga teacher.

Yes definitely! Our daily three hour teaching practice sessions under direct supervision of our teachers will help you develop skills and confidence to teach others, guaranteed! More than 4000 students have graduated and are teaching successfully.

I don't want to become a yoga teacher

No problem,our course is perfect for you as it will help you develop a solid foundation for an effective self practice. You will learn and practice 170 traditional Hatha Yoga asanas, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra and much more under the guidance of a team of expert teachers. 

I am an experienced yoga practitioner

Your experience will help you understands the teachings better and develop your practice and teaching skills further. In our experience most of the students are surprised after realizing the fact that how different is authentic Indian yoga from western yoga.

I am new to yoga.

You will learn and built up everything from beginning so you will have a solid foundation to start your yoga and teaching journey. 

I am not very flexible.

A flexible mind is more important than a flexible body. No one can do every posture, everyone has their own limitations. It is not necessary to be able to do all fancy postures, but much more important to understand the concepts and teachings.

May be I am too old.

We define 'Old' as the state of fitness level of the body. There is no age to be old. Sometimes a student of 60+ is more fit and willing to work hard than a student of 30 years. If you are fit and willing to work hard than you are fit for this course.

I have / had an injury.

The course is meant to help you gain knowledge and skills about yoga and how to teach it. If an injury stops you from doing certain asanas, it is not a problem. If you are willing to accept your challenges and limitation you will be successful with this course.

I am pregnant.

We generally recommend caution to pregnant women as this course is physically and mentally demanding. But in the past we have had many pregnant women who finished the course successfully. So if your doctor allows you to do the course and you take complete responsibility of your well being, we can accept you to the course. 

My English is not very good.

As most of the students are from different countries the course is taught in simple English, if you can read and understand an English newspaper then your English level is sufficient to follow the course.

Why should I study at a yoga ashram?

What is the benefit of studying at a yoga ashram?

A yoga ashram will provide you a distraction-free space to focus only on learning and practicing yoga. A study of one month at a yoga ashram is more fruitful than a study of three years at a yoga studio. 

How are the accommodations at a yoga ashram?

Our yoga ashrams have single, double shared and dormitory accommodations. Accommodations are simple but sufficient and clean.

How are the meals at the ashram?

Daily three meals are provided in buffet style. The meals are organic and vegan, prepared with love and compassion.

Are there any free days during the course?

One day a week you get a free day to rest,relax or visit nearby places. There are total of three free days in the 26 day course.

How a typical day looks like?

6:00 - 7:00

Pranayama & Meditation / Morning walk

7:15 - 7:45


8:15 - 11:15

How to teach 

11:30 - 12:00


12:00 - 12:45

Karma Yoga

13:00 - 14:45

Theory class

15:15 - 17:15


17:30 - 18:00


18:00 - 19:00

Free time

19:00 - 19:30

Chanting / Yoga Nidra / Discussion

Will I get any post course support?

For any questions and doubts.

We provide a top notch post course support to all of our students. Our teachers can be easily contacted via phone, email and instant messaging for any queries about teaching or self practice etc. 

For teaching / assisting opportunities.

We provide two kinds of intern opportunities to all of our students. You can come as a volunteer to work in our team for a period of 1-3 months, or you can come as a trainee for period of 3-6 months. Both opportunities will help you develop you teaching skills and confidence even further.

For starting my teaching career.

Every student is provided guidance in finding a yoga teacher job or starting up their own yoga studio. Our years of experience in running yoga schools and centers is available to all the graduates. We help them with advice ranging from market research to website setup to renewal systems.

Who are the teachers?

The courses are lead by Yogi Ram (ERYT 500, 40,000 hours teaching experience). Other main teachers include Omkar Jain (ERYT 500), Kalyani (ERYT 500) and some guest teachers. All of the teachers are experts and have minimum of eight years of teacher training experience.

How many people have graduated from Arhanta?

Since 2009 more than 4000 yoga teachers from more than 76 countries have graduated from our yoga teacher training courses. You can have a look at their reviews to read their experiences. You can also contact many of them via our Facebook page.

Have a Question?

If you have any questions regarding our training, please contact us. 

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