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  • 12 Reasons Why Online Courses Are a Win-Win for Both Students and Course Creators

The online course market is big and getting bigger every day. Students profit from it and so do professionals who create high-quality courses. In fact, online learning is most likely the biggest revolution in today’s world of education.

In 2013, 45% of students took at least one online course, according to the 2013 College Explorer report. [1] This means that the students from then are the professionals now. Professionals in 2019 are used to learning online and even more; they expect to be able to follow high-quality courses that will lift their careers to a higher level. This development results in more and more online courses, providing a professional edge and specific skills to resumes. It is a win-win situation for both students and course creators. Think about how developing an online course is a great opportunity for professionals to create another financial standing leg. The benefits are ongoing, so we have made a list for you

6 Reasons to Follow an Online Course

1. Study at your own place and pace

Online courses can be enrolled anytime and at any place. Enjoy the comfort of your own home or the coffee shop nearby. Also, you’re not dependant on the amount of applications (min/max amount of students), waiting lists and there won’t be any travel issues. You can study at your own pace and easily combine learning with your job, family and social life.

2. Grow as a professional

By adding new skills and qualifications, without having to follow time-absorbing traditional studies, you can grow as a professional at a quick pace. By adding specific skills and trending topics to your resume, you stay of interest on the job market and you can positively influence your income or salary. And continuing to educate yourself (online), will open new opportunities to you. For example when applying for a new job.

3. Benefit from e-learning as well as traditional teaching methods

Why not have the best of both? Choose online courses with live recordings of inspiring teachers. This way you benefit from their teaching skills and enthusiasm without having to travel and attend a class.

4. Save money

You can save quite a lot of money by following a course online. Fewer books are needed because a lot of resources can be found online. Often, required course material such as textbooks are available online at no cost. You will have no traveling costs. There won’t be overnight expenses. This all adds up to a substantial saving.


5. Online courses are well organized

Using modern multimedia teaching techniques and tools, online courses are well organized compared to traditional courses. Searching for topics is easy and you can often test yourself by taking a quiz. And  as online courses are created constantly and updated constantly, you won’t be wasting your valuable time on studying outdated information.

6. Studying online is personal

This may sound controversial, but very often, online courses provide direct contact with the course creator. Think of submitting questions and assignments and receiving answers and feedback.

ram jain

Discover yoga philosophy principles to boost your happiness

Get free access to a life-changing series of 6 webinars with Arhanta Yoga founder Ram Jain

6 Reasons to Create an Online Course

1. More and more people learn online

As a result of digitization a huge amount of people learn online now days. This means there is a large target audience for you to create valuable online courses for. Education has become accessible to a broad audience. People from all over the world can profit from your expertise and teaching skills.

2. One-time effort, steady passive income

Do you often think about a way to generate extra income?  Creating online courses can be the solution! Creating a high-quality online course is a one-time effort and by repeatedly selling the course you ensure yourself of a steady passive income. This way turning your expertise into an extra income becomes easy. Did you know selling an online course is much more rewarding than selling a book for example?

3. Share your knowledge and field experience with other professionals

Why make the effort to share your knowledge? It is very fulfilling to be able to share your passion and field experience with other professionals and enthusiasts. It helps deepen your own knowledge and takes your understanding to a deeper level.

4. Become an authority in your field

Working with a professional online platform whom already has authority and an audience in your niche market, is the way to go. Launching your course on a platform like this, you will soon become an authority in your field of expertise. And once you are on this journey, it will motivate you to keep learning and developing as a professional, staying up to date on topic, like an authority does.

5. Contribute to a better world

Being a professional in the field of holistic health, fitness and well-being, you contribute to a better world. By sharing your knowledge online, so much more people can benefit.

6. Grow your business

By creating online courses and reaching millions of people worldwide, you have great opportunity to upscale your business. Think of growing your email list with subscribers, your list of followers, expanding your range of services and creating new products.


Being entrepreneurs in the yoga business, we explored the online course market ourselves in the beginning of 2016 and created several online yoga courses. Inspired by the overwhelming success of our online courses we have now created a meeting point for other healthcare professionals and experts to create and generate income from  professional e-learning courses in the field of holistic health and fitness.

HoliUni, the online meeting point for holistic education, is a venture of Arhanta Yoga Ashrams. We are a reputed international yoga teacher training school with yoga ashrams in India & The Netherlands. Since 2009, 4000+ yoga teachers have graduated from our schools.

Eager to jump in?

Have you read the facts? Have you become inspired by our journey? Do you have knowledge to share? Are you eager jump into this great upcoming market and create a course? Please get in touch with our Content Strategy Team to discuss options. We are looking forward to collaborating with professionals worldwide. Contact us at info@arhantayoga.org

[1] www.refuelnow.com

ram jain

Discover yoga philosophy principles to boost your happiness

Get free access to a life-changing series of 6 webinars with Arhanta Yoga founder Ram Jain

About the author

Ram Jain

Born into a Jain family where yoga has been the way of life for five generations, my formal yoga journey began at age of eight at a Vedic school in India. There I received a solid foundation in ancient scriptures, including Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, and Yoga Sutras (to name a few).

In 2009, I founded Arhanta Yoga Ashrams. I see yoga as a way to master the five senses, so I named our ashrams 'Arhanta Yoga,' the yoga to master the five senses!

In 2017, I also founded Arhanta Yoga Online Academy so that people who can not visit our ashrams can follow our courses remotely.

At Arhanta, we don't just teach yoga. We teach you how to reach your potential, deepen your knowledge, build your confidence, and take charge of your life.

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