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Holistic Health Coach Training

Holistic Health Coach Training

Learn a holistic approach with yoga and Ayurveda for improving hormonal health for women and resolving menstrual issues.

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of Ayurveda and how you can use yoga in a therapeutic way for women with hormonal imbalances, menstrual disorders, infertility, and menopausal symptoms. 

Online Holistic Health Coach Certification

Why Choose Arhanta?

Our online course gives you some unique benefits:

Living Yoga Since 5 Generations

Learn from authentic yoga teachers from India with long heritage of 5 generations

Established Yoga Ashrams

Two reputed yoga ashrams in India & The Netherlands

12000+ Yoga Teachers Certified

Providing internationally accredited yoga certifications since 2009 

Yoga Alliance
International Yoga Association
International Yoga Federation
NRTO Quality Mark

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The Netherlands

"WOW! This course was everything I needed. The lessons are beyond valuable and easy to understand and implement.

Thank you so much for this course Sarah!"



"I loved following the classes of Sarah. She is a dynamic and well rounded teacher that can really help you get to the core of the situation.  She is very well aware of the effects of yoga poses on different body and mind types. Her personalized approach effectively guides you towards an easy menstruation."



"Sarah is a wonderful teacher. She intuitively adjusts her classes to her students needs. She takes the time to listen and really guides you on your path towards self-knowledge and body awareness."

30-hour Holistic Health Coach Training

Some key features of our online training program:


Teach worldwide with accredited Holistic Health Coach certificate

Study at Your Own Schedule

100% online course. Finish the course at your own pace


We offer you a continuing relationship with advice and support after your course.

Is This Course for You?

Please check below if this course is suitable for you or not


  • If you are looking for an in-depth training
  • If you want to deepen your knowledge
  • If you can schedule at least 6 hours a week on the study
  • If you value a dedicated peer community


  • If you are looking for a quick online certification  
  • If you want to have only basic level knowledge
  • If you can not schedule even 6 hours a week on the study
  • If you don't need a peer community

What will you learn

Here is an overview of what you will learn in this Holistic Health Coach Training:

  • The history of women and menstruation
  • The cycles of a woman’s life
  • What a healthy menstruation looks like
  • Female anatomy
  • How hormones influence our menstrual health & overall health
  • The phases of the menstrual cycle
  • Women’s connection to the moon
  • The fundamentals of Ayurveda
  • The best diet and lifestyle according to Ayurveda
  • The Ayurvedic view on the menstrual cycle and menstrual difficulties
  • The connection between yoga and Ayurveda
  • What it means to practice yoga in a more feminine way
  • The best way to sequence a class
  • How yoga can support hormonal balance
  • Over 60 yoga poses, their effect on the doshas and their benefits
  • Pranayama practices and their effect on the doshas and their benefits
  • How you can design a yoga sequence for each phase of the menstrual cycle
  • How you can design a long-term trajectory for menstrual disorders
  • Yoga practices, food and lifestyle for amenorrhea
  • Yoga practices, food and lifestyle for irregular periods
  • Yoga practices, food and lifestyle for menorrhagia
  • Yoga practices, food and lifestyle for dysmenorrhea
  • Yoga practices, food and lifestyle for PMS
  • Yoga practices, food and lifestyle for uterine fibroids
  • Yoga practices, food and lifestyle for PCOS
  • Yoga practices, food and lifestyle for endometriosis
  • The causes of infertility
  • An Ayurvedic view on fertility and how you can optimize fertility
  • How yoga can help with fertility
  • How you can prepare for menopause
  • The most common menopausal symptoms and how you can reduce them with yoga, diet and lifestyle
  • The best diet, lifestyle and yoga practices after menopause
Menstrual Cycle

Improve your menstrual cycle with the help of yoga & Ayurveda

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Arhanta online trainings

In 2017 we decided to provide online version of our Yoga teacher training as we were getting requests from people who could not travel to our ashrams due to daily life responsibilities like job, family etc.

I was very curious how it will turn out so we decided to create this online version and see what happens. When we announced it on social media we got many negative comments, telling us how it is impossible to learn yoga online.

The result shocked all of us. With in next 6 months, 1000+ students had enrolled in our online training. Hundreds of the 5 star reviews gave us confidence and the regular feedback helped us to refine the online course even further to make it more useful and valuable for our students.

Arhanta Online Training Course

Benefits of Our Online Training


Added flexibility and self paced learning

With an online course you can learn at your own convenience. You can also make your own schedule. You can complete the course conveniently because there is no minimum or maximum time constraint.


Watch it as many times as you want

This is a unique benefit of online learning. You can re-watch the videos as many times you want that too at different speeds. This helps you to understand the concepts much better.


Unlimited personal support

Our online yoga teacher training comes with unlimited teacher support. So you can contact the teacher as frequently as you need and ask questions even after you have completed the course.


Lifelong access

It is natural to forget things with time. Online course provides lifelong access so you can always login back and review the concepts at anytime. All material is yours to keep forever.


Lower costs

You save a lot with an online course. Online course costs less than half of the onsite course. You also save money in travel, lodging and commuting.

Our Core Values

Our Philosophy - Authenticity

At Arhanta we bring you a rich heritage and authentic knowledge of five generations. You will learn from the teacher who has learned yoga since childhood at traditional Indian Vedic schools. We believe that actual yoga is practiced 20% on the mat and 80% off the mat in your daily life.

Our Knowledge - Excellence

We are traditional but we are not restricted by our traditions. We are constantly learning modern science based anatomy, physiology and new developments in field of fitness and exercise. So you can be assured of getting proven and accurate knowledge meeting highest standards.

Our Approach - Empowering

We  have learnt that "one alignment for all" does not work in reality. We believe that everyone is unique in their body, mind and abilities. Therefore we train you to understand your student as an individual and give personalized alignments and adjustments.

Our Commitment - Integrity

We are committed to the success of our students & community. We provide lifelong support, not only during the course but also anytime after you have completed the course. We go out of our way to help you to reach your goals.

Our Professionalism - Standards

We are passionate about doing our job to the best of our capabilities. At Arhanta you can be assured of highest professional standards in trainings, communication & support. We believe in win-win so all of our courses come with rock solid 30 days money back guarantee.

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