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Feb 19

How to Practice Restorative Yoga – Complete Guide to the Practice & Benefits

By Arhanta Yoga | Yoga and physical / mental health , yoga styles explained , Yoga Teachers Training

The practice of Restorative Yoga can be defined as a yoga practice in which we support the body to such an extent that we feel safe enough to completely relax the body and mind. The postures are restful and are held for a long time in order to release mental and emotional tensions. Restorative Yoga allows us to truly stop. Thanks to the use of supports, we are able to completely relax every cell of our body and to nudge it into the state of parasympathetic nervous system arousal. Restorative Yoga provides precisely the right kind of physical and mental activation that allows us to enter a deeply relaxed state.

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Feb 02

Teaching Yin Yoga: 10 Tips for Teachers

By Arhanta Yoga | How to Teach , Yoga and physical / mental health , yoga styles explained , Yoga Teachers Training

Practicing and teaching Yin Yoga are two entirely different pairs of shoes. Sometimes people think that because Yin Yoga is a very slow-moving yoga style, it is easy to teach. Or they ask me that because they practice Yin Yoga themselves, maybe I can give them some tips on how to teach Yin Yoga? Even though Yin Yoga is a passive and slow style, it is important that as a teacher you follow a proper education. As a Yin Yoga teacher, you have an important role. In this blog I like to share with you 10 important tips:

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Jan 19

Yoga for Kids & Teens: A Guide to the Benefits of Teaching Yoga to Kids & Teenagers

By Arhanta Yoga | How to Teach , Yoga and physical / mental health , yoga styles explained , Yoga Teachers Training

Yoga can be an immensely powerful educational tool to help teenagers develop into healthy, confident, and conscious adults. Teaching yoga to teenagers is a rewarding task because it can make a great positive impact on a young person’s life. Teen Yoga supports teens and young adults in developing their attention span, emotional intelligence, awareness of their own body, and overall coordination and cognitive abilities. Just like in adults, yoga helps teenagers to reduce stress and anxiety and helps them experience more well-being, peace, harmony, and joy.

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Jan 15

How to Teach Vinyasa Yoga for All Levels: Essential Guide

By Arhanta Yoga | How to Teach , yoga styles explained , Yoga Teachers Training

Why is teaching Vinyasa Yoga challenging? Vinyasa Flow classes are dynamic practices in which we continuously move from pose to pose. Most postures are held for only a few breaths before we transition to the next pose. As a teacher, you must be fluent in your instruction while also being quick in detecting and verbally or manually adjusting any misalignments. There a six main challenges and therefore six valuable tips on how to teach Vinyasa Yoga for all levels. Read on to learn about how you can work on mastering them and becoming a skilled Vinyasa Yoga teacher.

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Dec 23

The Concept of Leisure in Light of Yoga Philosophy

By Arhanta Yoga | Philosophy

The concept of leisure does not easily invoke the association with yoga philosophy or spirituality. In my experience, however, it is an essential pillar for a joyful and fruitful life. We experience leisure by engaging in activities that help us unwind and relax. Leisure holds an important place in our lives during the householder stage. According to ancient Indian scriptures, human life should be divided into four stages.

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Dec 17

Relationships in Light of Yoga Philosophy

By Arhanta Yoga | Philosophy , Uncategorized , Yoga and physical / mental health

Humans are social beings.  Our relationships directly influence our happiness and health. There are numerous studies that show that people with a supportive network of loving relationships live longer and healthier. At the same time, most relationships also challenge us. Learn about the wisdom ancient yoga philosophy offers us for creating happy relationships.

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Dec 17

Life Hack: Follow These 5 Steps to Be More Present In Your Daily Life

By Arhanta Yoga | Inspiring Yoga Story , Philosophy , Yoga and physical / mental health

People are constantly seeking ways to better manage stress and feel more peace and happiness in their daily lives. The way we get there is to be more present. Meditation and mindfulness practices are beneficial for cultivating more presence in our daily lives. But before we even address these tools, we need to address the main obstacle holding us back from staying present: our thoughts.

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